Fabletics: An Athleisure Empire

Fabletics’ Expansion
Fabletics is one brand of athleisure that is continuously expanding in many ways. Their collections are always changing, they are always offering incentives to their customers, and they’re always looking to be the unique brand that no one can compare to. What started out as an exclusively online shopping experience, Fabletics turned into a much larger empire than they expected. Since last year they have introduced some Fabletics retail stores in the United States so that consumers can try things on for themselves before deciding to subscribe online. Since the athleisure trend has remained strong, its no surprise that Fabletics has been the company on top and one that is more desired from consumers worldwide.

Expanding The Empire
Athleisure is simply athletic clothing that is versatile in combining with other styles, such as yoga pants. This lifestyle trend has been around for a few years now, and remains one that is still seen on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that Fabletics has been one of the brands that people are really drawn to. With the introduction of their retail stores, they have opened a whole new world to athleisure lovers. Soon, they will add even more stores so that more customers can feel materials, try clothes on, and fall in love with their 2016 Instagram collection even more. In 2016, Fabletics is set to make about two hundred and fifty million dollars, which is a huge success. Their plans to expand include adding lines of dresses and swimwear-something that most other athleisure brands do not offer.

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Where To Subscribe
The unique factor that Fabletics has is the way that they offer their clothing. You can subscribe to Fabletics and they will send new outfits to your door each and every month. There are no other established specialized athleisure companies that will send such beautiful clothing at reasonable, fixed rates. This is the perfect opportunity to add to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Each piece is exclusive to the Fabletics line and is available at a limited time and quantity. It is important to sign up now so you don’t miss out on anything. This growing empire is going even more places and will find even more success, thanks to its incentives, uniqueness and large customer base.

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