Move Over Aston Martin: Why Elite Special Forces Choose the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban SUVs

When people think of the SUV, soccer moms and family road trips could quickly come to mind. Instead, try to picture The Chevy Event, held in a North Carolina military tactical facility called The Range Complex. The Chevy Event shatters all those Hollywood film myths of how top-notch military operatives conduct missions with a hard cold splash of reality of what it truly takes to be successful in military operations. The exercises at TCE are comprised of experiencing first-hand training rescue simulations that push one’s mental and physical endurance to the limit. Unlike an action-packed movie, patience and maintaining calm are critical during high-stress conditions while still performing at an optimal level is what separates the wheat from the chaff. This is where the Cherovelt’s Tahoe Suburban SUVs come in.

Special Forces like Delta Force prefer the Tahoe and Suburban during rescue missions because of the cars’ reliability to still perform at a top-notch level. They have the capability of handling punishing off-road terrain due to their one of a kind suspension system and protective hardware to protect the underbelly of the vehicle from damage. Like Special Forces operatives, the Tahoe and Suburban can adapt to any changing situation with stealth without slowing down and compromising its performance.

Tigerswan, James Reese

Jim Reese, one of the co-founders of The Range Complex, explains the Tahoe and Suburban are chosen because they can withstand bullets and bodies. Reese would know, as a former Delta Force Lt. Colonel with 25 years of military service, who later went on to start his own successful Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business called TigerSwan, he has led the best of the best soldiers into the most dangerous situations known to man. His passion to serve and to listen is what motivated him to create TigerSwan – a company that would hire other disabled veterans and civilians that would contribute to making the world a better place. Sounds a bit corny? Well, Reese has made that core tenet of TigerSwan a reality. TigerSwan offers risk assessment, security, and construction logistical support domestic and abroad.

“The mission is bigger than the individual.”

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Hooray for Teach to One

Teach to One is a personalized math learning program with several different concepts. There is no set curriculum so a student is able to keep moving up to the next concept after one is learned. In reality, Teach to One is just a team of curriculum advisors and monitors working hard and exclusively on helping a student reach their learning goals. And of course, making sure that they achieve these goals is one of their top priorities.

The main focus here is growth. Teach to One program gives its students the ability to progress and learn new material that may be needed in everyday life. A student will put more effort into learning when they notice how much another person cares. Teach to One helps its students thrive harder to learn. This program also help build bonds and close relationships for those who need an extra push.

According to Crunchbase, not only does Teach to One provide multiple ways to learn, but the curriculum is personalized and students get to learn at their own pace. In a way, that kind of put a student’s mind at ease so that way they aren’t scared to approach the different types of challenges they have to offer. There are several resources for a student to choose from so at any given time, help is there and handy.

Teach to One builds social and emotional development in students. This is important because social and emotional development gives students a better understanding of their feelings, and their peers’ feelings, which is expressed in a healthy manner, all while receiving guidance from their teachers. Social and emotional development is just as important as academic development; They all play a big part in a student’s success.

Nitin Khanna Had A Strong Belief In His Entrepreneurial Instincts And This Has Paid Off

The career of Nitin Khanna has had several outstanding highlights including work in fields such as the tech industry as well as many major investments. Nitin Khanna is also notable for the outstanding work he did during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer at Mergertech. The journey that he took to finally become the CEO at Mergertech is an interesting story that provides an example of hard work and perseverance. It is a professional story that began in India where Nitin Khanna was born and grew up. The family that he was born into was one where entrepreneurship was stressed. He also showed a strong interest in learning. His interest in academics was apparent from early on. The diligence that he put into his schoolwork paid off when he reached college age as he was able to attend Purdue University in the United States.

While at the school he pursued industrial engineering as he felt it would be a field where there would always be a good opportunity for work. For this reason, he also went through post-graduate school in the same discipline. By the time he graduated, Nitin Khanna was ready to get some real-world experience. He would find it at a large paper company.

International Paper was happy to give Nitin Khanna a job once he completed his studies. He worked as a manufacturing engineer and gained a great deal of real-world experience. Though he enjoyed the work, he always knew that eventually, the call to entrepreneurship would take hold. He had another stop along the way with the Oracle company but soon, Nitin Khanna was determined to start creating businesses and carving out his place in the world of business. Nitin got the opportunity to do this in the late 90s when he co-founded a software firm with his brother.

Saber Software is the name of the software firm that was formed by Nitin Khanna and his brother. One of the specific types of software developed by the Saber Software team was intended to be utilized in the management of an election process. The quality of this software brought it to the attention of election officials in Oregon that were looking to bring their election process up to date. This turned out to be the ideal springboard for getting the software into a total of 21 states. This helped to really get things going at Saber Software and it put Nitin Khanna in a strong position. He was eventually able to make a strong profit when he sold the company in 2008 and used the capital to launch Mergertech.

The unique business model employed by Mergertech is very much the creation of the mind of Nitin Khanna. The company experienced impressive growth during his time serving as its CEO. Mergertech is a company that is notable for providing valuable client services to organizations in the world of technology. Nitin Khanna created a business model that saw tech organizations matched up with the ideal partnerships in an M&A setting. With the experiences he had built up prior to this point, it is no surprise that he was able to create a success story with this business.

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Nitin Khanna gets Involved with the Cannabis Industry

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who is known for his dealings with tech business acquisitions and mergers. He is an entrepreneur that was born in India but now lives in the states. Since he has been to the U.S., Khanna has been involved with various companies throughout the years. One of his most profitable startups was a voting platform system organization that was known as Saber. It serviced over 21 states by handling their voting operations in terms of software tracking and hardware.

Nitin Khanna has always had a good knack for selecting the best tech startups.

Throughout the years, he has invested in many of these companies and even matched them up with businesses that were capable of making them prosper. Another great business that Nitin Khanna had helped to form was MergerTech. This business is an acquisitions organization that specializes in tech startups. Nitin Khanna is such a success at discovering great startups that he got involved in an organization called Cura Cannabis.

Cura Cannabis is Portland’s largest medicinal marijuana supplier. This company provides medicinal marijuana solutions for clients within the state of Oregon and in a few other marijuana states as well. This company specializes in cannabis oil and edibles. Nitin Khanna realizes that medical marijuana is an important substance for people to have. It’s primarily used for pain sufferers and for people who are suffering from depression or some other type of mental health condition.

The medical marijuana industry is a valid part of society within many states. While the federal government does not legalize marijuana – states were given the choice to legalize this drug as they saw fit. Some states support the use of medical marijuana while others do not. There are also strict terms for the use of this product. States have to outline laws and protocols for the legal sale of marijuana within their district.

Nitin Khanna has involved within this organization since 2015. His contribution to Cura Cannabis has been helpful. He knows that the company’s success will be beneficial to millions of people. Cura Cannabis provides products such as drops and disposable vape pens. These different ingredients are frequently purchased by medicinal marijuana users.

The cannabis industry continues to expand and grow. It is worth billions today. Nitin Khanna got in the ground floor of Cura Cannabis and the company is doing well. He wants to continue pushing the company and helping it to be profitable. Since he really loves the Portland area, he knows that Cura cannabis is a perfect business to help various people who are suffering from pain. Nitin Khanna also knows that Cura Cannabis is a good investment to help Portland’s economy to remain strong and vibrant.

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Aaron Lupuloff Provides Support to Georgia School District

The educational system in the United States has been regarded as one of the most underachieving in the modern world. Compared to other developed nations, the United States educational system has received some of the lowest scores. Many attribute these low scores to a lack of student engagement. Many studies have proven that students who are involved in engaging activities as well as given encouragement are often the ones who perform the best. As a result, many experts in the educational sector have suggested that students are given a sense of purpose so that they can reach their full potential.

According to, the Gwinnett County Public High Schools is among the top educational institutions in the nation. It currently ranks 13th in the United States in terms of public high schools. Its school of mathematics, science and technology has established itself as one of the premier institutions in the state of Georgia. When it comes to being a successful educational institution, Gwinnet County Public High Schools provides a lot of encouragement and support. The teachers and staff work very hard to provide students with a fulfilling educational experience. There are also a number of resources that the school provides to help students as well. Many of these resources are offered through its Public Schools Foundation.

Aaron Lupuloff has been heavily involved in helping Gwinnet County Public Schools over the past several years. He has sent his children to this school system over the years and is therefore very familiar with the quality of the schools. As a result, he has been very devoted to helping the school system remain as one of the best in the nation. Along with providing resources through his foundation to help the schools, he has also said that its programs in both academics and athletics have been factors that have allowed the school system to remain as one of the most successful.

Lupuloff is involved with the Gwinnett County Public School district through his foundation. He leads the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation which is responsible for providing support and resources for the school district. Through his foundation, he provides things such as scholarships and leadership programs to help students get the best possible education available. Along with helping students, Lupuloff’s foundation is also involved in helping teachers by providing them with ongoing support.  To see more about Lupuloff you can visit

TJ Maloney Brings Investment Gurus who are set to Change the Game for Lincolnshire Management

Anyone who knows a thing or two about business and the corporate world most definitely knows about Lincolnshire Management, a company that has been dominating the investment scene for decades. The company specializes in acquiring a variety of middle-market firms and making investments. Recently, the company made considerable steps in its operations by bringing in top-notch individuals in the investment world who are set to play a vital role in the growth and expansion of the firm. The four professionals that joined the team at Lincolnshire are; Mathew Nacier, Nicolas Vega, Yashna Ginodia and George Stolt-Nielsen.

These four individuals are people who know their way around the industry and have proven that they can deliver results no matter the place or situation. Matthew Nacier, for instance, graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics and Philosophy. While at school, he was the Student Body President, this clearly shows that he has the ability to lead masses. Leading two or three people comes in handy when you need to take on a project as a group, and you are supposed to guide them and ensure the team produces results. He once served at Lincolnshire as an intern, and in 2014, he was employed as an analyst. He comes back to the team with a lot of experience. This is because he had launched a crypto index fund for Iconic Holdings, where he was a Director.

The man responsible for overseeing the operations of Lincolnshire Management is TJ Maloney.TJ Maloney is a world-class investor with exceptional skills in leading organizations and interpreting the law. TJ Maloney pursued law at the Fordham Law School. He currently holds a Juris Doctor following his fantastic performance while in law school. After graduation, TJ Maloney was able to work in firms that dealt with acquisitions. The combination of his entrepreneurial skills and vast knowledge and experience have helped TJ Maloney to occupy the Chief Executive Officer position. TJ Maloney has in the past been awarded for setting the bar high for other executives in the corporate world. In 2007, TJ Maloney received the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award for his outstanding performance at Lincolnshire Management.

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Nitin Khanna, “Portrait” of a Leader in Value

You may have heard it said that all successful people MAKE DECISIONS FAST and CHANGE THEIR DECISION SLOWLY IF EVER AT ALL. Portland’s prominent Entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna has built multiple multi-million-dollar organizations making the hard decisions quickly. Following his intrinsic belief that ‘business sense is like a sixth sense, not necessarily extra sensory perception but more like that power to smell what business enterprises would succeed,” Mr. Khanna has demonstrated the power of his abilities time and time again. Known by his employees as a leader who deeply-inspires, passionately-creates, and effectively-organizes, one is left considering who really is Nitin Khanna?

Born into an Army family, Nitin Khanna knows very well the power of focused effort and planning. In fact, all his key employees, those from administration to upper management, daily plan out an actionable to-do list for the workday. Mr. Khanna has been quoted using the adage, plan your work and work your plan almost religiously.

As a true visionary, Khanna does not rely on tradition thought patterns to influence his life or businesses. When asked about work-life balance, Nitin Khanna simply replied, “I believe that there is no such thing as work and life balance. Success doesn’t happen between 9 to 5 which means it is impossible to achieve work-life balance as an entrepreneur doing what you love.” Khanna prescribes to a work-life integration, rather than a balance.

As a master of strategy, Nitin Khanna has utilized word of mouth and organic growth to own the entrepreneur stage he occupies. He says, “Maintaining strong relationships with the past and present clients is the best way to get your name out there and meet the right people.” As one examines the organizations Khanna has both built and is building, along with the characteristics he demonstrates continually as an entrepreneur and thought leader, the word inspirational comes to mind.

To keep up to date with Mr. Khanna, Follow him on Twitter:

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Hyland’s Teething tablets, not an abundance of choices on Amazon

Hyland’s Teething Tablets do appear as first in the result list, when searched. However, I only see two variations of Hyland’s Teething Tablets listed on the first page of search results, which appear only to be available from two different sellers. Available are nighttime and regular versions of the Hyland’s Teething Tablets. The bad part is, these can only be ordered as an add on item, so if you don’t need to order anything in addition, you are out of luck on this site.

Amazon does give quite a good description of the product, listing that it is homeopathic and is manufactured in FDA regulated facilities. The description also includes age specific use instructions. This is great in letting you know if it is a form you can use with your child before you buy the product.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, according to 93 customer reviews. As a parent, this is definitely pertinent information I would consider when researching a product for my children. It appears as if all package writing is listed in the description, including warning and the list of ingredients, which is helpful if you are looking for a specific ingredient or your child is allergic to an ingredient.

Amazon also lists a Q & A section for Hyland’s Teething Tablets. This is super helpful in getting answers to questions others have also asked or asking questions and receiving feedback.

It appears as if Amazon thought of everything with its listing of Hyland’s Teething Tablets, except listing the item as a stand alone product which you can buy without having to purchase additional items. It seems as if this may be one of those items that you need when you need it and may not need an entire order. Otherwise, Amazon has all information one would need regarding these teething tablets.

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Aaron Lupuloff: Molding the Future Leaders through Education

There is a huge connection between education and progress in the world, and due to this connection; there are many foundations in the educational world. Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation (GCPS) — one of the most progressive and well-managed foundations — is on a journey to make education accessible to thousands of students. In the last 13 years, the foundation has assisted people in accessing education and one of the beneficiaries is — David Saville. During the famous and the most anticipated events in this county — GCPS Hall of Fame Induction — the beneficiary pointed out that the entity believed in his dream and foundation’s view changed his life direction.

Aaron Lupuloff — one of the senior-most members of the foundation and the foundation’s director — is one of the reasons why the foundation is one of the best-run foundations in the USA. The director understands the importance of resources in such a sensitive foundation. In the last 12 years, Lupuloff has assisted the entity in getting funds — and therefore making dreams of people like David Saville a reality. In such a short time, he has redefined educational funding in this country by becoming the first director in decades to sponsor a high number of students in public schools in this county. Aaron Lupuloff success in this niche is a product of his extensive career in the world of management — which he has over two decades of experience.

Aaron Lupuloff understands the importance of equal chances in education, especially to students from low-income families. Under this foundation, he has assisted different students. For example, Lupuloff is passionate about giving students with passion and talents in sports a chance to realize their dreams. He is also passionate about giving bright students a chance to realize their dreams and get the right mentorship in leadership. Thanks to his belief and his leadership approach, the foundation has made dreams of hundreds of young people to be a reality.

In a recent report by an authoritative news outlet, Aaron Lupuloff was in the list of other people that are molding new leaders through sports and education. In the last 36 months, he has also redefined ways in which foundations raise money — by making the process effective and more results-oriented. You can visit for more details.

Betsy DeVos is a Champion of School Choice

There are many things in life that Betsy DeVos is passionate about. These would include the usual things such as her family, her community and helping those in need. However, when people read this woman’s final epitaph, it will probably read with something to the effect of “Champion of School Choice.” For several decades now, Betsy DeVos has been heavily involved in the fight to help less-fortunate parents have the ability to send their students to the school of their choice. This is especially important in some areas of Michigan such as Detroit, where the public school system is chaotic, and that’s putting it nicely. How did Betsy get started on this journey? What are some things that she wants to see improve now that she is the Trump Administration Education Secretary? These are questions that should receive an answer, and they will.


When Betsy and her husband Dick first visited The Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids in the 1980’s, they were impressed by just how hard the parents affiliated with the school were working to make sure that their children received a quality education. The lesson was not lost on Betsy and it definitely made an immediate impression on both of them. From that moment on, they were both dedicated to ensuring that all parents could send their students to a better school than just the typical public school system. In a word: options.


Now of course Betsy DeVos is definitely not without her share of critics. Opponents of school choice have always believed that the main focus of proponents is simply just to undermine the public school system, and Betsy DeVos is definitely considered to be “public enemy number one” when it comes to their grievances. Part of the reason for this would be because Mrs. DeVos has actually taken the school choice issue much further than many other supporters have.


For three decades, Betsy DeVos has taken on the status quo, fighting to allot for tax dollar to be spent on charter schools instead of public schools. The reason she has done this is because she believes that the middle class and the lower class can often get a better education at these schools. DeVos has also been known for seeking public funds for vouchers so that parents can send their students to religious private schools if they wish. While some feel that vouchers for private and charter schools present a threat to public schools, supporters of Betsy DeVos’ plan believe that these vouchers foster competition and force public schools to continue to improve. Everyone working to improve? That’s always a good thing in the playbook.


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