Betsy DeVos is a Champion of School Choice

There are many things in life that Betsy DeVos is passionate about. These would include the usual things such as her family, her community and helping those in need. However, when people read this woman’s final epitaph, it will probably read with something to the effect of “Champion of School Choice.” For several decades now, Betsy DeVos has been heavily involved in the fight to help less-fortunate parents have the ability to send their students to the school of their choice. This is especially important in some areas of Michigan such as Detroit, where the public school system is chaotic, and that’s putting it nicely. How did Betsy get started on this journey? What are some things that she wants to see improve now that she is the Trump Administration Education Secretary? These are questions that should receive an answer, and they will.


When Betsy and her husband Dick first visited The Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids in the 1980’s, they were impressed by just how hard the parents affiliated with the school were working to make sure that their children received a quality education. The lesson was not lost on Betsy and it definitely made an immediate impression on both of them. From that moment on, they were both dedicated to ensuring that all parents could send their students to a better school than just the typical public school system. In a word: options.


Now of course Betsy DeVos is definitely not without her share of critics. Opponents of school choice have always believed that the main focus of proponents is simply just to undermine the public school system, and Betsy DeVos is definitely considered to be “public enemy number one” when it comes to their grievances. Part of the reason for this would be because Mrs. DeVos has actually taken the school choice issue much further than many other supporters have.


For three decades, Betsy DeVos has taken on the status quo, fighting to allot for tax dollar to be spent on charter schools instead of public schools. The reason she has done this is because she believes that the middle class and the lower class can often get a better education at these schools. DeVos has also been known for seeking public funds for vouchers so that parents can send their students to religious private schools if they wish. While some feel that vouchers for private and charter schools present a threat to public schools, supporters of Betsy DeVos’ plan believe that these vouchers foster competition and force public schools to continue to improve. Everyone working to improve? That’s always a good thing in the playbook.


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George Soros — Master Philanthropist

George Soros is among the best philanthropists in the world. He’s given his time, energy, and cash to numerous people in need of philanthropic effort. How does he do so much? George Soros is the founder of Open Society Foundation. They do amazing work around the world in their own efforts to boost private equality and rights. The base serves as George Soros’s most important branch of philanthropy; he and the other creators have done excellent work since the beginning. George Soros has also launched the Central European University at Budapest. This college is the pioneer in regional research of social sciences; they function with advice on enhancing citizen’s wellbeing.

The Open Society Foundation works hard to make sure people throughout the globe receive equal rights. They struggle for causes such as freedom of speech, freedom of spiritual expression, holding authorities responsible and preventing corruption, and equality and justice throughout the world. As a superb bonus, the base has supplied thousands of needy students with money and resources to cover tuition. They’ve funded the education of thousands of students looking to enhance their lives through going to college. George Soros is a supplier of chances for those who may never have been given a chance. He doesn’t think anyone ought to be denied the right to a quality education by virtue of where they reside or where they grew up; he thinks they ought to take pride in their individuality.

George Soros has committed his life to battling the ills of discrimination. He fights for several awesome causes across Europe.

However, what made him so dedicated to his harsh and constant struggle for revolution? His family had been seized by Nazis. Born in 1930, this is the dreadful world that he was introduced into. He observed the brutal murder and slaughter of over 500,000 Jews. This dreadful act sparked a profound sense of compassion within him and he vowed never to let everyone to benefit from some other group. His family escaped the Nazi lifestyle of constant fear terror by obtaining false documents and escaping the nation. He looks back on this challenging time and wonders how his family stayed powerful enough to prevail. He’s proud to have dwelt in this era and tells his story to give others hope. After escaping, they had been fortunate enough to have the ability to help others succeed in escaping too. This is perhaps where his profound sense of social righteousness comes from.

George had the wisdom and startup money to finance his effort towards social justice after years of perseverance. He made his initial fortune in his career in financial markets. As fate would have it, he used his first fortune to create Open Society Foundations. He spread his philanthropic community across over 100 countries. His philanthropic efforts were motivated and driven by the Philosophies of Karl Popper (whom he heard about in a college faculty discussion). Today, he supplies the world with the means to become better. Because of George Soros, many communities have the help and resources to improve healthcare and education and Follow him