An Insight of the Way Clinton and Trump are Likely to Change the US Economy with Brad Reifler


American is often referred to as the land of the opportunity where people have equal chances of succeeding. Talk of serial entrepreneurship, the name Brad Reifler comes into mind. Brad was the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Founder of a company called Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler founded this company in the year 2009. He has also established other companies such as Pali Capital where he was the founder and the chief executive officer.


His other ventures before Forefront Capital and Pali Capital were Refco and Genesis Securities where he was a director. He also holds a position at Mercury Company. Brad also has interests in European American Investment Bank as well as Foresight Research Solutions. Recently, this serial entrepreneur had the chance to express his thoughts about how the two American Presidential candidates are likely to influence the US economy. Regarding the matter of tax, the two candidates have devised plans on how they will make the process better and transparent. However, there exists a difference in the way by which the two aims at achieving their targets. Hillary Clinton plan targets the normal American who files tax returns that is less than one million. These are plans that will affect the normal American very greatly. On the other hand, Donald trump’s ideas will reduce the complexities involved in the calculation of taxes. His plans will also affect the married and the single people as his plan consists of changing the tax limits for these two groups.


Despite these two leaders disagreeing on many areas, they have agreed on the area of child-care tax breaks as it will likely help increase the living standards of children across the United States of America. The two, however, cannot see eye to eye on the issue of real estate taxes. While Trump wants to repeal the whole real estate tax which will most likely increase capital gains, Clinton wants to reduce the amount of tax required for estate taxes. The two, however, does not disagree completely on the issue as they have agreed on eliminating some parts of the estate tax. It’s important to note that this part they agree on is the one that touches the capital gains.  Learn more from Brad on his official website.