The Contributions Of Kenneth Goodgame At True Value Company

According to, SVP CMO at the True Value Company, Kenneth Goodgame is persuasive and highly experienced Operations Manager. He studied Marketing, at the University of Tennessee.

John is into creating OEM excellence worth millions and billion dollars, in conjunction with innovative merchandising and marketing, a streamlined financial administration, and crafty business strategy.

Kenneth’s work experience include; Senior Deputy President at True Value from 2013 to 2015 and General Merchandising Manager at the Ace Hardware from 2010 to 2013.

True Value Company announced the reorient of its logistics, supply chain, and worldwide distribution network, as well as the process of adding three more executives to the leadership team. This decision was prompted by the strategic goals of the company to boost profitability for current retailers and allure new retail operant who will create new stores for the company.

Kenneth Goodgame was hired to take over the place of retiring chief deputy president and senior officer for marketing Mike Clark. Kenneth focused in delivering an equilibrium in employee engagement, corporate alignment, high-quality systems of assurance and key performance barometer that aimed at improving performance as well as profitability.

Kenneth Goodgame benefited from his capacity to promote advancement via leadership, cost analysis, quality improvements, productivity enhancement, and composed negotiations.

His comprehensive experience made Kenneth have a veteran’s eye that helped him navigate shifts in the market and be able to avoid expensive mistakes.

Also during the changes, True Value hired Abhinav Shukla as the deputy president and senior operating officer. Previously, Shukla worked as a business consultant and has adequate experience in bettering operational and financial performance and management of the global chain of supply.

The company assigned the position of growth chief vice president to Tim Mills. Mills is a strategic development, hardware sales, and operations professional.

The “Destination True Value” guides the strategic goals of the co-operative. With over 4,000 self-ruling retailers worldwide. The company has promised financial support to help expand the model of DTV.

John Hartmann, the CEO and president of True Value said that he is focusing on making the organization an independent hardware retailer in future, and ensure that its viability is long-lasting.