Healthy Hair using Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz offers customers healthy hair and the hair they always desired. The natural ingredients and fragrant aromas give the user a pleasant experience. I recently tried one product from this line of products and fell in love! Spring orange blossom cleansing conditioner seem to be just like any old conditioner. My hair is already thick, but after I cut it short, it wouldn’t grow back quickly. A couple washes later I saw immediate growth. The formula that high quality line of products uses gives hair the essential nutrients needed to leave it healthy and shiny. I can’t wait to try the nourishing mousse to replenish the damage from hair dye.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a line of hair care products on Sephora designed by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He has operates the Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood where he cuts and styles to perfect. He started his career in photography but his love of hair moved him to study cosmetology. He trained and worked diligently to study his craft. Under another study, he worked and learned how to create products. He opened his own studio and started his own line of products. His goal is to give clients the hair they always wanted.

Doe Deere | Guilty of Lime Crime

Lime Crime, the makeup and style company that is as revolutionary as the owner. Doe Deere is Lime Crime’s CEO, a young entrepreneur who is very into breaking fashion rules. In fact, she’ll tell you as she did in Bustle magazine as she has in many interviews that she outwardly encourages breaking the rules.

Rules Doe Deere Openly Encourages Breaking

Bold Bold Bold

This young lady is not afraid of bold! That tired old rule of not wearing bold eye with bold lips is out the door and out of gas with her. You can see from her pictures when you Google the name Doe Deer you’ll see those big eyes and thick pouting lips on that Russian Born NYC raised face. She wants every lady or guy who is into it to express their inner sexiness this way. If you have it, flaunt it and do it with color!

She is also a great advocate of color and patterns. That old rule about not mixing color and patterns is poo poo’d from the get go. Google images for Doe Deere and see what she wears on a daily basis. And hell yeah, she’s got the hair to match.

Do Deere and Lime Crime

The Lime Crime empire founded and run by miss Doe Deere is the one stop shop for gals that love to show off their face and personal style. Her Unicorn line is where a lot of it started and the story behind why she stared it all is so simple it’s amazing. Doe Deere is a very creative lady and mixed with her innovation and passion for her dream business, there is no stopping her.
One day, while she was creating a wardrobe by designing and sewing it herself. Well, knowing her color habit she needed makeup that wasn’t too subdued for her wardrobe. So, did she find it out there in the shops? Nope! And, what did our star entrepreneur do? She said oh well, “I guess I’ll have to create one myself” and she did. Now, she sells from her website and she is carried by select chains like, Urban Outfitters.

The point to her living her dream and coming out about it in a no judgment sort of day and age is to push and propel other young girls to dream, and not just big but really big!

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Fabletics Gets Exposure Through Marie Claire

Their Facebook page has become one of the athletic brands that is easy to recognize because the brand is an echelon above the other sports gear that is out there. Women that are looking for an opportunity to work out will be thrilled to discover that Kate Hudson is concerned about gym gear and comfort for women.

She spoke with Marie Claire about her Fabletics clothing line, and she seems to be quite confident in the power of stylish and comfortable clothes. That is why she has put forth so much time into creating a brand that is affordable, comfortable and stylish. This is a rare trio of elements, and Hudson is well aware of this. That is why she has taken the time to actually endorse the product herself.

JustFab has it that many customers that visit the website will be able to see Hudson in place in her new activewear line. They will be able to see her in commercials for Fabletics stores. It is a labor of love, and many people are thrilled by what Fabletics is bringing to the consumers that are in need of these clothes.

The brand is something that represents a new day in the fashion world. She has managed to get the word out about the brand by talking about this new line every chance that she gets. There are also a lot of commercials that are coming into focus for those customers that will be seeing new stores soon. A hundred stores are going to be opening in the next five years, and people have become interested in seeing what this brand offers.

This is the type of company that is bound to attract a lot of people that may have never considered working out before. Kate knows this, and she is prepared to provide customers with insight. More people are impressed with how this brand has managed to thrive in the last several months as it gets more promotion. There are more commercials and more interviews for this brand. The excitement is in the air, and people are talking about what Fabletics represents. is a magazine that lots of females read. It is the type of magazine that highlights a lot of current trends, and the interview will certainly help Kate move forward with the brand.

More people are discovering this brand through print media, and the success of the company is shown through all the praise that magazines are giving this brand. Kate Hudson still has a lot ground to cover, but she has built a strong foundation. This has given her the ability to secure a brand that will continue to flourish as more people get the opportunity to put this workout gear.

Doe Deere Serves Lime Shade At Stuffy Beauty and Fashion Rules

Doe Deere, trend-creating founder of Lime Crime and godmother to unicorns everywhere, cites rules of fashion and beauty just to break them. “Beauty is what feels right at the moment,” Deere explains.

A precursory glance at Deere’s Instagram indicates what feels right to her as the moments go by: Think anime, “The Little Mermaid,” the land of Oz and a touch of carnival filtered through the lens of a consummate color-smith, entrepreneur and artist.

No electric hues are off limits, which is right to the point. Lime Crime, described as “makeup for unicorns,” showcases rich, bright, vibrant and almost theatrical makeup that is entirely cruelty-free.

Ruby slippers and the Emerald City are but child’s play to Deere, who advocates bold eyes paired with bold lips, different prints in the same outfit and socks — preferably colorful — worn with open-toed heels or shoes. Deere believes that a simple eye with bold lips is no fun. “I like to break this rule on the daily,” she confesses.

While Deere advocates wearing multiple colors and clashing prints together, she clarifies the potential pitfalls and offers tips for pulling off the feat properly. The trick is to color-coordinate hair, makeup and outfits. For those just beginning to venture into wearing multiple prints, this rule also applies. Deere keeps her pattern-pairing to a single color scheme, for example.

Experimenting with color and expressing herself through fashion and beauty is nothing new to Deere. Born in Russia and reared in America, Deere was a budding artist as a child. In 2004, she began selling a DIY fashion line on under the handle “LimeCrime.” The unique handle referred to her favorite color and the seeming illegality of having so much fun while working.

Deere modeled all her own clothing and simultaneously experimented with hair and makeup. She soon acquired a following that quickly multiplied. Deere’s confidence grew, and she debuted bolder palettes within her various looks, and the looks quickly became her signature.

Deere’s aesthetic breaks fashion and beauty rules as well. Deere pairs unnatural hair colors with clothes of similar hues. She also scoffs at age-appropriate clothing, citing Betsy Johnson as an inspiration. She believes that wearing what makes her happy trumps the need for occasion-specific dressing. “Everyone should wear whatever makes us feel like our most expressive selves,” she says.

Innovative Cosmetics By Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Born in Russia then raised in New York City, she wants to promote cosmetics as a form of self expression and freedom, not just make-up to cover imperfections. Her line of cosmetics gives women a freedom to enjoy the moment. It allows you to express yourself and your individuality. Her mission is to change the public’s perception that make-up makes everyone look perfect. Her line includes bold colors. She encourages women to be rule breakers. Rules are not suppose to bind us but guide us. She believes that the rules of fashion are generic. Everyone should not look the same because being unique and whimsical shows individuality. She also thinks that her line is stylish even with her carefree line of bold colors for hair, lips, and face. Every women should try to break at least some of the outdated rules of fashion such as “Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip” or “Don’t mix too many patterns”. “You have to dress your age” and “Don’t wear socks with open toed shoes or heels”. These restrictions are out dated and limit women’s creativity. Gone are the days where we all had to look and be alike. Be you and love it!

As an entrepreneur and business woman, she occasionally speaks to groups about achieving your goals and dreams. She has first hand knowledge as she started out small and then later achieved her own success in her own way. She mentors and sponsors other female entrepreneurs so she can share her knowledge and strategies with others. She promotes positive attitudes and intuition. She is also a huge advocate for treating colleagues and employees with respect and kindness. She feels the old way of demanding respect from employees is out of date and wrong. She wants people to want to work for her and her company. She feels they will be more productive and vested if they are happy to be working there.

She is very excited about the shift in consumers from stores to internet. Focusing on her line of cosmetics as they are placed on a website has led to huge growths in sales. This trend enables small businesses to reach customers without a physical address or building. This is exciting news for businesses and consumers alike. No more are we tied to the old ways of shopping. It opens the door for new businesses to share produces that otherwise couldn’t be available to the general public. E-commerce is the direction shopping is heading.