Betterworks: Towards Inspiring Employees to Improve their Performance

In human resources, continuous performance management takes place throughout the year. It’s an ongoing holistic process that feels natural not only for the employees but the managers too. The procedure enhances a healthy workplace relationship. Betterworks helps employees to align and develop their workforce for the growth of a business. Through the easy-to-use software, the company helps organizations to replace outdated yearly review processes with the powerful performance management systems that assist management in improving their conversations, coaching, as well as development. Betterworks focuses on inspiring and motivating the workforce to meet its objectives and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Recently, Betterworks announced that it had secured a contract worth $27 million that extends to the firm’s Series B investment. The rounds were spearheaded by Emergence Capital as well as Kleiner Perkins. Other investors joined the event too. The funds will be channeled to the administration department to enhance product innovation while capitalizing on the accelerated sales momentum. 

Betterworks has loyal customers who rely on their system to manage programs powered by Betterworks. The programs also fuel critical business results while helping to maintain innovation in the past years. Betterworks has assisted its clients in registering a 100 percent increase in its key activities such as goal creation and performance conversations. As such, customers at Betterworks have seen corresponding improvements in their businesses. 

Over the years, Betterworks has launched Program Insights that give HR teams a powerful and intuitive visualization that offers actionable insights into the performance management programs. It also has extended product localization to include over 20 global languages. 

Getting Used to Using Securus Systems

With the holiday season upon us, it is more important than ever for you to consider different types of communication options that are available to you as a present family. A lot of prison families have a difficult time adjusting to the holiday season because they cannot be with their loved one as they would normally be in the past. Having to be away from your loved one during the holidays can be an especially difficult time for anyone who might be involved and this is why it is a good idea to look into a good quality communication system like Securus.


Securus has been a system that I have used in the past with amazing success and can continually recommend to prison families no matter what their communication needs happen today. The holiday season is especially beneficial when using Securus because you can finally utilize this amazing system to your advantage and begin to use its video visitation Services no matter where you happen to be located. You can use a computer or laptop and just download a software program so that you can begin using it right away.


The most important thing for you to consider this holiday season is to use video visitation Services provided to you by Securis. Securus has totally taken the prison system by storm because of the fact that it allows for good quality video visitation services that you can actually trust and begin using no matter where you are located. One of the most important things for you to consider when using Securus is how beneficial it can be for you and your loved ones and how cost-effective it can also be because you are no longer having to make regular trips to the prison to be able to see your loved ones face to face each day.


This is a great option for anyone involved and can completely change your life and give you the freedom that you have always dreamed of having when it comes to communicating with your loved one. This is definitely something that will be beneficial in your own life and can be used no matter where you happen to be so it is something that you will want to take a look at for yourself and your loved ones benefit all of the time when you are trying to have better communication with them while they are behind bars.


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How to make learning more interactive and interesting


ClassDojo is a communication platform, which helps in improving the teachers, parents, and student’s connection. This platform has been helping the parents and educators to discuss about the progress of students easily. It also reduces the number of times a parent has to go to school to check on their children or make calls to the school.


The development of the second series of the app has taken up $21 million. Most of this money was used in research. There was the need to know what the students required in order to come up with a relevant app. Information on the best way parents and teachers could also use the app was also required.


Through the app, the parents know how the students are doing in school. This way, they can provide the relevant help and guidance at home. The app has helped in creating community interactions. This way, parents, teachers, and students are finding it easier to deal with each other.


ClassDojo also gives students some empowerment. By being able to express themselves freely, they can be understood better. Proper communication makes the students better academically and socially. In addition, the app facilitates ground-up change by focusing on students.

Other companies such as Kickboard and FreshGrade among others also provide such services. ClassDojo has managed to stay ahead of competitors. It is the preferred app as every 2 in 3 schools in the United States. It is also being used in other countries.


The app has been having a positive impact on students. Initially, Class Dojo was mostly used as a platform for students only. With the involvement of parents and teachers, it is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.


The investors of ClassDojo also see a lot of potential in the app. The app will continue focusing on the needs of the students. After some improvements, ClassDojo can be used by parents in making various payments to the school.


ClassDojo was founded in 2011. The founders were Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It has its headquarters in San Francisco. The app has eased learning and made it more enjoyable. It has interesting ways of teaching such as using videos and diagrams.


Students who have been using the app have shown great improvement in performance. The app also encourages students to participate in class as this earns them points. ClassDojo has great reviews from its users. This has made it even more popular, and more people will be using it.