Love It, Don’t List It with Siteline Cabinetry

There is a growing trend with today’s homeowners: Love it, don’t list it. In other words, homeowner’s are opting to take the time and effort to remodel their homes instead of putting them up for sale and moving into a different home. A savvy homeowner is aware that remodelling the kitchen or bathroom has the most bang for their buck in terms of investment goes. And just like clothing, remodeling your kitchen cycles through trends. Here are some of the most current trends from Siteline Cabinetry’s recent blog:

  1. Personalized Cabinets at Siteline Cabinetry

Homeowners are making sure their cabinets fit their needs, desires, and personal style.

  1. Clean Lines

Clean lines and simple design help ensure easy future renovation.

  1. Shaker Style

Simple squares may seem a bit out of date, but there are many new shaker designs that are simple, yet elegant at Siteline.

  1. Gray, White, and Neutrals

White, along with clean lines, is still the most popular, but grays and neutrals are beginning to be in more demand.

5.Functional Design

Homeowners want a pleasing blend of function and design in their cabinetry.

  1. Horizontal Orientation

Though most cabinets are stacked vertically, horizontal cabinets offer better use of space without stacking, and a more refined look.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, Siteline Cabinetry is a good place to start. They offer information and consultations at Siteline Cabinetry about the many different options for your cabinets from their many distributors. Their orientation, what material the cabinets will be made out of, what color, and tips for planning the project.

Though Siteline Cabinetry custom makes all their orders, their delivery time is less than that of the typical custom cabinet maker. Siteline Cabinetry knows that it is very difficult for a family to live in a remodeling zone, and has made it their mission to assist homeowners to complete their remodeling project as quickly as possible.

Siteline Cabinetry is ready to assist you through your remodeling project. Siteline Cabinetry offers online tips and remodeling ideas on Pinterest, but it is recommended you meet with a certified Siteline Cabinetry dealer to help you make the perfect decision. By personally advising you they can reduce the stress and time for your kitchen remodeling project.