The Pittsburgh Steelers Implement New Fashion Choices For Fans

The Pittsburgh Steelers recently launched their new fashion line, along with a brand new facebook website, which will allow fans to connect with each other as well as members of the team. The new line will reportedly feature items that are catered toward a variety of styles and personalities. Even big fashion names, including Nike and Victoria’s Secret, will be partnering with the team to create new and exciting fashion options for Steelers fans. Susan McGalla of wikinvest, who is the brain behind the operation, recently joined the team as the director of strategic planning. Prior to joining the Steelers, McGalla served as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and the CEO of Wet Seal. In her new position, she aims to use her experience in retail to create new branding and merchandising practices for the team. McGalla said that she feels sport fashion options should be able to be combined with street fashion, and the clothing choices available to fans should be versatile. She has also started obtaining feedback from the fans who purchase the products by bringing in focus groups to discuss how the team’s fans can be more involved in the organization. McGalla also said that many fans have sent letters asking where they can find the fashion options they see team members wear, and she said the team’s new website has made this request a bit easier. The new website will reportedly feature a “Wear What We Wear” tab for fans to find the clothing worn by players on the sidelines or before the game. Additionally, the team has launched a new campaign, which they are calling “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday.” As part of the campaign, the team is asking fans to wear black and gold every Friday before game day. Then, fans can send in pictures of themselves wearing these colors in order to be entered for a chance to win a Steelers wardrobe.

DeVos Family Releases Financial Information About Charitable Donations

In Michigan, social clout doesn’t come from material possessions, it comes from how much you donate, and the DeVos family has plenty of social clout along with a newly released report that shows their lifetime donations to be almost $1.2 billion. Their newly released figures put them on Forbes Top 50 givers list with a whopping $94 million for 2014 alone. The magazine tried to get the information for years, and the information was finally released by the family in the hopes that it will encourage others to be generous.

The DeVos family is very upfront in stating that the driving factor that motivates them to donate and to be so generous is their faith. It is a central factor in who they are and everything they do. They also have outlined their model for what their charitable goals are, cultivating leadership, speeding up the process of change, and garnering support in what they consider to be five key areas. The five areas are education, community, arts, justice, and leadership.

Dick DeVos, the oldest of the Amway founders children, is among the most prominent of the family. He has been at the forefront of such endeavors as the Windquest Group, he was the CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and he spent time as the president of Amway as well. His career has been an impressive measure of success by any standards, which has afforded him his generosity. To learn more about Dick’s work experience, check out his LinkedIn.

They strongly believe that by being a driving force behind positive change in education as well as making access to higher education easier, uplifting the community and making it a more positive place, integrating arts programs to expand education, striving to protect and uphold human rights, and developing leaders within the community will all result in overall positive changes not only to Michigan but to the country as a whole.

Each year, the family receives around 500 requests for their charitably foundation to support. The foundation has created allegiances with some big partners in their community to help further the outreach, including ArtPrize, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and The Potter’s House. Through their partners they are able to work throughout the community to bring forth the positive change they are hoping to spread around the country. Information about the family’s charitable foundation can be found at DBDV Family Foundation

Kyle Bass Life In The Business World

Bass is the famous founder of the Dallas hedge fund named Hayman Capital Management, which he initiated in 2006. He is also known well for predicting the 2008 mortgage crisis which came true making him more famous. That was when Bass made his fortune after what he predicted came true. He has since then been viewed as a genius in all matters concerning investments with the numerous interviews he goes to in various media channels more so the television shows. He was even nominated in the year 2001 for his scripts and his direction in the sixth sense.

However after making the prediction in those early years, Bass has been gambling over with comments about investments which have not been true at all. His trend has not been a true line at all with lots of views about the market which have not materialized at any point. Then in 2008 Bass investments were like 30% annually but have been dropping year by year to being devalued even in his fund performance to a -2. All this can be related to the kind of alliances that Kyle Bass has been having over the years. For instance, he is known to associate with the president of Argentina Christina Kirchner. Many business investors have been seen how she has lots of aspects of illiteracy that have in some way been transferred to Bass.

Bass recently discussed the current market situation, and he thinks that by the end of the year 2016, the will be a huge downturn of between 10%- 20%. He blames the crisis present to what Chinas economy is undergoing. That any change altered in the Chinese market will affect the economy of the United States in a very harsh way. Bass thinks that the cause of Chinas slowdown is its banking system, not the peaked profits as many other investors think. However, Bass opinions seem not totally with his made judgments earlier on about Argentina being in debts with the sovereign. Rather he reasoned like a financial minister of the country. His decisions are somewhat biased by his association with Christina more to even judging financial investments.

Bass thinks that the current status is not as bad as other investors think and they do not seem to do anything to help in the situation. He himself talks about this in the Halftime Report traders. This could be no different with his support of biased economic policies in Argentina which many think that they are irresponsible. He gives more talks about financial crisis and investment even when his foundation is on the verge of collapsing. Many people allegedly he has partnered with in investments report his cruelty and some are not well behaved for example he has at one point collided with Erich Spangenberg, a renowned guy for his naughtiness.

It is wise to give out ideas but disappointing if those ideas do not seem to make sense or even reflect the reality. Bass need to change his path in the business world.

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Loves Brazilian Football


Brazil is the largest economy in South America. The country has more natural resources and more white-sand beaches than any other country in South America. Brazil also has more banks and more lawyers that most countries, but the main asset that Brazilians like to flaunt is their love of football. Football is more than a sport in Brazil. It is a passion and a birthright, and every Brazilian honors that birthright and passion in some way.

Ricardo Guimarães, the President of BMG Bank, decided to honor his passion for football by sponsoring football teams. It’s no secret Guimarães loves football, but he also loves the banking business. Mr. Guimarães, decided to combine his love of football with his love of banking, and the result is a marriage that has been beneficial for football and for BMG Bank. BMG Bank is the proud sponsor of teams like Atletico Mineiro, and the bank also sponsors players that are well-known in Brazil.

On game days, football fans can’t help but see the orange BMG Bank logo on the jerseys of the top players in Brazil. Brazilians stop what they are doing on football days. They turn on the TV and watch football. Nothing else matters when games are being played, and thanks to that narrow focus BMG Bank is getting an enormous amount of exposure. BMG Bank quietly promotes bank products during matches, and that subtle marketing approach has paid off. BMG Bank is known as the football bank, and that title carries a lot of weight with Brazilians.

Thanks to football, BMG Bank is known as the bank that will give Brazilians payroll loans. Payroll loans are profit-producers for banks. BMG Bank has an 18 percent market share in the payroll loan business. That 18 percent market share gives BMG Bank more than $63R billion in revenue every year. In fact, the demand for BMG Bank’s payroll loans is so big that Guimarães decided to buy two other banks to meet the demand, according to an article published by

Ricardo Guimarães is one of the masterminds behind payroll loans in Brazil. He is known as a banker’s banker because he was born into the banking business. His family started BMG Bank in 1930, and he took over as president in 1998. Ricardo is the main reason BMG Bank is where it is today. Ricardo is an astute businessman, leader and football lover.

Innovative Cosmetics By Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Born in Russia then raised in New York City, she wants to promote cosmetics as a form of self expression and freedom, not just make-up to cover imperfections. Her line of cosmetics gives women a freedom to enjoy the moment. It allows you to express yourself and your individuality. Her mission is to change the public’s perception that make-up makes everyone look perfect. Her line includes bold colors. She encourages women to be rule breakers. Rules are not suppose to bind us but guide us. She believes that the rules of fashion are generic. Everyone should not look the same because being unique and whimsical shows individuality. She also thinks that her line is stylish even with her carefree line of bold colors for hair, lips, and face. Every women should try to break at least some of the outdated rules of fashion such as “Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip” or “Don’t mix too many patterns”. “You have to dress your age” and “Don’t wear socks with open toed shoes or heels”. These restrictions are out dated and limit women’s creativity. Gone are the days where we all had to look and be alike. Be you and love it!

As an entrepreneur and business woman, she occasionally speaks to groups about achieving your goals and dreams. She has first hand knowledge as she started out small and then later achieved her own success in her own way. She mentors and sponsors other female entrepreneurs so she can share her knowledge and strategies with others. She promotes positive attitudes and intuition. She is also a huge advocate for treating colleagues and employees with respect and kindness. She feels the old way of demanding respect from employees is out of date and wrong. She wants people to want to work for her and her company. She feels they will be more productive and vested if they are happy to be working there.

She is very excited about the shift in consumers from stores to internet. Focusing on her line of cosmetics as they are placed on a website has led to huge growths in sales. This trend enables small businesses to reach customers without a physical address or building. This is exciting news for businesses and consumers alike. No more are we tied to the old ways of shopping. It opens the door for new businesses to share produces that otherwise couldn’t be available to the general public. E-commerce is the direction shopping is heading.

Kyle Bass Sees Big Changes On The Horizon

China has become an economic juggernaut today, and Argentine Kyle Bass thinks it is only a matter of time before that state of affairs changes. According to Kyle Bass, the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, of China doesn’t match the loans it has collectively taken out. Furthermore, since surrounding countries are “aggressively”, as Bass put it, lending to China, when the big country collapses it could spell an economic implosion for the entire Asian economy. While Bass anticipates that this collapse will not be the kind to send stock brokers jumping out of buildings, it is definitely going to cause upset and lead to a lessening of purchasing power for China.

Kyle Bass jumped on the scene in 2008 when he successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis which lead to the economic collapse of America in 2008. Bass is a hedge fund manager who is currently centered in Texas, but he has ties internationally; most notably to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a known Argentinian socialist. But then, her socialist angle is hardly a measure of Bass’ acumen as a hedge fund manager.

Kyle Bass was also able to successfully predict an economic implosion in the Japanese economy which resulted in provision of stimulus packages.

Kyle Bass remains controversial as his rapier wit and astute observation has resulted in utilization of a number of previously unconsidered loopholes in the American segment of the economy. One notable example of this is Kyle’s organization The Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This coalition was able to decrease the cost of drugs among some big-ticket pharmaceuticals, subsequently lowering their stock. Knowing that a stock-lowering would take place, Kyle then used his knowledge to make some substantial money from the market itself. The net result of this is that congressmen on both sides of the political fence were knocked into a scramble to cover that loophole. Is it ironic that money is the only thing which has facilitated American bipartisanship, or just par for the course?

Well, whatever the case, Kyle now has his sights set on China, and if his track record is anything to be considerate of, some substantial change is about to take place in that country. Such change is the kind which many in the right position could stand to profit from. The question is: are Bass’s tactics above the board, or is this another method he’s gambling will push the market one way or another, and allow him to capitalize? Market manipulation is something that many have valid, strong feelings against.

In the end, the only thing that makes sense regarding Kyle Bass is observation of his predictions, and whether or not they come true. The future isn’t set in stone, after all.

Steve Murray, a philanthropist and the former president of CCMP Capital

As a global private equity firm, CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC is a private equity company and since 1984, it has invested more than $16 billion in growth and buyout of equity transactions. CCMP Capital uses the strengths of its industry expertise and resources of proprietary operating in order to invest in four sectors that are targeted – industrial, energy, consumer/ retail and healthcare. The company’s team has gained a reputation of one of the best investment planners in the world through its competent management and strong model for value creation.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital specializes in growth and buyout of equity investments in Europe and North America in four of the targeted industries mentioned above. The name of the firm is an acronym that stands for its heritage organizations – Chemical ventures, Chase capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/ J.P. Morgan, Partners. CCMP Capital started to operate as an independent company in August 2006, and the team of investment experts continues with managing of J.P. Morgan Partners’ equity portfolio.

Steve Murray  on nypost who was the CEO and the former director of this firm has recently passed away, aged 52. He was a philanthropist and a private equity investor. Last month, he decided to leave CCMP because of, how the firm formulated it, health reasons. He had worked in CCMP and firms that preceded it ever since 1989. It was known at one point under the name Chase Capital Partners, and later it became JPMorgan Partners, as the J.P. Morgan bought Chase Capital. For some time after that, it became one of the biggest private equity firms in the whole world. The firm gained its independence in the year 2006 and, and the next year, 2007, Steve Murray became the CEO, taking the place of the founder of the firm, Jeff Walker.

Murray was also a philanthropist and was a supporter of New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he was a part of the chairman’s council, the Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank, Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum and Boston College, where he was the board of trustees’ vice chairman. His most recent involvement on board was on Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Octagon Credit Investors and Strongwood Insurance Holdings.

Greg Brenneman, the chairman of CCMP and the new CEO and president of the company, who took Steve Murray’s place, announced that the whole team is greatly saddened to know their former partner and friend passed away. He was one of the CCMP Capital’s founding partners and a great deal maker and an outstanding investor who spent most of his career as a private equity investor and the team is very grateful for his numerous contributions to the success of the firm.

Susan McGalla Is Redefining People’s Expectations

People usually look at the world with quite a few expectations. There’s a strong tendency to see people first and foremost by the labels popular media attaches to them. For example, consider the case of a high powered executive. Tell someone to imagine a person in that position and they’ll usually conjure up an image of an older man with grey hair and a stiff suit. But when people actually meet each other those expectations are often shattered. And this can be tremendously important when it comes to encouraging people to pursue their dreams.

This is one of the messages which Susan McGalla wants to spread to the world. McGalla is chief merchandising officer and president of the American Eagle Outfitters brand. And as such she’s carrying a lot of responsibilities. Quite a few are to the company itself. But there’s also a certain responsibility to show the world that one can do anything based on talent, not by labels.

When McGalla first began working with American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 the corporate atmosphere there was quite different. There were some women but it was still fairly rare. But Susan McGalla quickly rose in the ranks within that corporate structure. This has led a lot of people to wonder just how McGalla did it. In a world where so many people are talking about the glass ceiling, how did Susan McGalla make it when so many other women were finding it impossible.

When asked about it, McGalla usually answers by showing that it’s only an issue if one makes it so. To clarify, McGalla was raised in a very positive environment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was raised by a father who was a football coach, along with two brothers. One might expect that gender issues might come up fairly often in an environment like that. But it was actually the exact opposite. McGalla was raised in an environment where nobody was just a girl or just a boy. Rather she and her siblings were constantly shown that people were just that, people. This might not seem like such a revolutionary concept on . But it’s far more common in theory than in practice.

But that’s also the secret to her rise to the top. She pushed through the glass ceiling by refusing to admit it was even there. When she was being raised she wasn’t seen as a girl, and her brothers weren’t seen as boys. They were just kids, people, and a family. McGalla never tries to label herself as “just” anything. She’s a person and she knows it’s up to her to cultivate the tools and abilities which can push her to the top of the corporate ladder. And so far that attitude seems to be working out amazingly well for her. She’s not only shattering many people’s expectations based on the fact that she’s a woman and a high powered executive. She’s also surprising them by coming to a position of such power and authority at a fairly young age. One of the main lessons that McGalla teaches people is that they should never place limits on themselves. And it’s quite obvious from the success she’s found that she’s ensuring there’s no limits within her own life.

Female Leadership In The 21st Century

There is no limit to ways in which being a woman in leadership is difficult. As far as we have come towards equality in the 21st Century, there is no doubt that there is still an enormously long road still to be traveled. Many of the obstacles for women are in fact external factors, such as male superiors who legitimately believe that women have no place in business and leadership, but perhaps the greatest number of obstacles are both internal and, sadly, from other women.

Women themselves are, at times, their own worst enemies. Women were often taught as girls that the most important quality they can possess is to be “nice” – which often means to not take any action that could potentially cause them to be thought of as “not nice” by someone else. This means that when placed in a situation where to accomplish or achieve something would require an action that may or may not be “nice” – such as having to fire an employee who was underperforming, women will often overwork themselves to pick up the slack from the underperforming employee, rather than take an action that would cause them to be viewed as “not nice.”

According to, our own internal mechanisms are also not the only problem. As every leader knows, leadership can be a hard, lonely business. Decisions have to made that are not always popular, and plans have to be executed that will sometimes cause discomfort and even outright distress to those involved, but it needs to be done. But not all women are always comfortable in this position, and in fact many women fear it. It is misguided to believe that leadership is in reality any more comfortable for men, but it is also often expected from them at a far younger age, so many men may not feel like leadership is a choice, where for many women it may seem like it is. And there are many women who many not want that particular status quo to change. Therefore, they may actually protest and hinder the advancement of other women as a means of ensuring they themselves are never called on to step into a public and very vulnerable leadership role.

One woman who understands these dynamics very well is Pennsylvania resident Susan McGalla. Susan is an executive consultant located in Pittsburgh that is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters and former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, she is the sister of two brothers and the daughter of a football coach whose expectations of her were not any less because she was a girl. She was brought up to work hard and encouraged to always present her ideas with confidence regardless of who she was speaking to. This gives her a rather rare and unique perspective that allows her to mentor women who don’t know how to break out of the box of being labelled as a “woman” to merely being viewed as a professional or peer.

A Writer Named Jaime Garcia Dias

On his Facebook it says that Jaime Garcia Dias is a Brazilian author and educator who, at the age of 45, has already had 20 books published. What’s even more impressive than his output, however, is that Dias’ work is collecting accolades form the literary and publishing world. As well as critical acclaim, Dias was recently given the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Award. It’s an award of which he is rightly proud, and which has come after years of dedication and effort.

Dias is a Brazilian who was born in Rio De Janeiro. His mother, a writer, and his father, a notable architect in the region, were highly educated people who instilled a love of higher learning in him. Dias has had a life long love affair with literature, which manifested itself in his career as an educator. He taught for five years at the Carioca Literary School in Brazil. The school is a prep school for students who wish to pursue careers in literature,and Dias was obviously a great fit for the school.

Early Influences

Dias credits his study of great authors as a key to his success. One of the writers who greatly influenced him is Jorge Amado (1912-2001). Amado is a widely celebrated author whose comedic style and whimsical depiction of daily life in Brazil brought him a huge international audience. His book “Dona Flor and her Two Husbands” (1966) was made into a critically acclaimed film that won wide recognition.

Dias has often cited the brilliant humor of Amado’s writing as an inspiration to him, and often credits the inspiring writers of an earlier era as a key to his ongoing dedication to his own career.

There’s no question that Dias himself has much promise ahead for him. Even at this relatively early stage in his career, he has clearly made a mark for himself as a notable Brazilian author.