Defection And Difficulties Discussed By Yeonmi Park

The hardships and difficulties of life in North Korea were left behind by Yeonmi Park and detailed in her new memoir, Amazon best selling, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom”. Park has refused to forget her past and seeks to explain how her childhood and teenage years in North Korea have affected her life, along with the journey she took to find freedom in South Korea that forms the basis of her book detailing the difficult life she led.
Yeonmi Park is now one of the best known human rights activists in the world after she made appearances at some of the top seminars and forums on the planet, which has led to her providing expert opinion on the refugee crisis and Norrth Korean life for respected news organizations. Now one of the most popular speakers on the planet Yeonmi Park has appeared on TV shows and many different news organizations like New York Times to discuss her life in North Korea and beyond before the public.

One of the main aims of Park has been to keep the plight of those who remain trapped in North Korea in the public eye, which her new book looks set to do in a shocking way. Yeonmi Park uses her memoir to discuss the reasons why she feels she and her family attempted their escape from North Korea after her father was imprisoned by government officials in the Communist country; she goes on to explain the everyday difficulties the people of North Korea face in their daily battle for survival. The journey undertaken by Yeonmi and her family to find freedom brings is as harrowing and brutal as life in North Korea, and has shaped her life as an activist and campaigner for the people of her home nation.