Doe Deere Asks For U.S. Citizens To Have Faith In Immigrants

Doe Deere, the founder of the cruelty-free cosmetics company, LimeCrime believes the future of the U.S. will be shaped by many Americans who were not born in the country but moved from their birth nation. Deere herself is an immigrant who moved to the U.S. as a 17-year-old in 1998 from her home city of Izhevsk, Russia to seek out a better life. Deere is at pains to point out the success she and her family has achieved in the U.S. can be credited to the assistance received by experienced U.S. citizens.

The entrepreneur now sits at the head of two successful companies, the vegan cosmetics brand, LimeCrime, and the Poppy Angeloff jewelry line employing over 30 people. Despite the success she has achieved in her chosen retail sector, Doe Deere is quick to explain the problems and difficulties her family struggled with when they first arrived in the U.S. Doe Deere believes the faith shown in her family by social workers and members of the Sanctuary for Families charity who believed they could achieve great things.

Faith in the belief in the people arriving in the U.S in the coming days, weeks, and years is something Doe Deere believes strongly in because of her own amazing story. Although her family was headed by an accountant who had achieved success in Russia, problems verifying her mother’s qualifications meant the job she planned to take was out of reach upon the family’s arrival in 1998. Despite working any job available, the family found themselves destitute and homeless without the ability to keep their home or feed themselves.

It was at their lowest point that Doe Deere and her family found themselves partnered with the people who would have an instant impact on their lives. A kind-hearted social worker put the family in touch with the Sanctuary for Families group who set about changing the lives of Doe Deere, her mother, and sister. Doe Deere set out on a journey to the Fashion Institute of Technology with the encouragement of Sanctuary for Families founder Dorchen Leidholdt, who remains a mentor to the members of the family.

Art University Majors Participate in Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University, which used to be called The Academy of Art College, is a private art school that is based in San Francisco. It was founded over 80 years ago and today has more than 15,000 students. It is also one of the largest privately owned design and art schools in the entire country. The university is well known for developing some of the best artists in the world. These include people who are involved in design, graphic design, music production, and fashion. Over the past few weeks, the academy has received a significant amount of interest due to its impact on the New York Fashion Week.


New York Fashion Week is well regarded as one of the most influential and important fashion events every year. It is an extremely rare kind in which fashion lovers, industry professionals, and young Talent get to collaborate and come together. This year, the School of Fashion that is part of the Academy of Art University was able to hold its 21st consecutive showcase by holding its own runway event.


The big event took place on September 9th 2017 at the Skylight Clarkson Square. This is the primary residence for a majority of major style and fashion industry participants. This year, the university debuted 10 recent graduates of their school that collaborated on putting together seven different collections of clothing for both men and women. All of these new collaborations and outfits are likely to be award winning and have a major impact on the fashion industry for years to come.


After finishing their education and participating in this Fashion Week event, those that are a member and graduate of the university will likely have many different employment opportunities afterwards. The Fashion Week brought in some of the top industry professionals from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, and other major markets across the globe. Those that have gone through this process and graduated from the school have often gone on to have very influential careers and make a big impact on the overall future of the global fashion industry.


A Cleansing Conditioner Experiment

Emily McClure is a self-proclaimed “die-hard haircare fanatic.” She has seen many infomercials about WEN by Chaz and decided to give it a try. She used Wen for a week and then took to her blog to document the results.

On Day 1, Emily took her before picture. Then she showered. She used the recommended amount of product that the directions called for and rinsed as well. Emily said that her hair immediately felt thicker and she noticed that there were fewer hairs falling out in the shower.

On the final day of the experiment, Emily showered in the morning and styled her hair as she normally would have. Overall, it was a good hair day.

In her final thoughts, Emily stated that there was learning curve to using Wen and she was adjusting to that.  Overall, it was a good product and she loved the extra shine.

Wen by Chaz is a product that was developed by Chaz Dean ( He is a celebrity stylist with many A-list clients. His cleansing conditioner is a five-in-one product that makes hair washing easier as it eliminates the need for extra products. The cleansing conditioner is great for all hair types and does not use any harsh products or chemicals. It also will not strip the hair of it natural oils. People all over the globe are using Wen by Chaz and are changing the way they approach hair care and hair maintenance.

Check out the product’s Facebook page and Twitter account to learn more.

Beauty Blogger Chooses No Lather WEN By Chaz For Bigger Better Hair

Did you ever dream of perfect hair, the kind we see on the red carpet?

Celebrities always seem to look so polished with gorgeous glossy hair and volume with a style that actually holds.

Beauty blogger Emily McClure has fine, thin hair that doesn’t like to stay put, and no matter how hard she tries, her limp locks have a life of their own. That is why she chose the Wen by Chaz no lather shampoo system to see if the brand could make a difference. Emily kept a hair diary and took hair selfies for

Famous LA stylist to the stars Chaz Dean is the genius behind the no lather shampoo concept. His unique cleansing conditioners are luxurious, pure formulas with nourishing botanical ingredients. His brand leaves out the harsh sulfates and other chemicals present in regular shampoos and conditioners. These formulas add body, strength and uber shine to any hair type, not matter what condition it is in.

WEN (see, by Chaz feels good on the hair and scalp, and Chaz Dean’s standards are very high. That’s why his star clientele remain faithful to the brand.

Emily chose the FIG for extra body and moisture and loved how the product soothed her scalp and hair. Her mane seemed to double in volume, and as she blow-dried and later styled, her hair achieved the wow factor. Emily was impressed but so were her friends who immediately noticed her shiny, strong hair. Even her selfies show off a fab head of hair.

Emily’s advice for best WEN by Chaz results are simple:

1. Use WEN every morning, and don’t skip a wash.

2. WEN works wonders when you put in the time and effort.

3. Always blow-dry, and use your favorite styling tools.

That’s it; enjoy your goddess hair. For more info check out the Wen official YouTube channel and “WENsite:”


Doe Deere and her Successful Business

Doe Deere is an individual with a sharp mind for business as well as a creative mind that has enabled her and her makeup products to become a well respected company name that has even been considered one of the leading makeup products for the innovation and for the beautiful colors that the makeup that she designs provides to the face. As a businesswoman, Doe Deere has always had a duty to provide her customers with the best quality product that will not break the bank and that will accentuate the beauty on not just the outside, but also on the inside.

Doe Deere’s company is known as Lime Crime and is a company that encourages both men and women to express themselves with bright colors that have been proven to bring out the confidence in anyone. With bright colors that range from pinks and purples to even blues and greens, Lime Crime gives a chance for individuals to express their freedom through the use of bright colors and bright patterns. Doe Deere and her company are famous on social media sites such as on Instagram for the photos that she posts that shows how stunning her products can make each customer.

Lime Crime was officially founded in 2008 with Doe Deere as the founder and as the current CEO of the company. To provide the best of quality to her customers, Ms. Deere has been involved with every single process in making her products that she sells to the public. The first product that Ms. Deere launched for the first time was a product that was known as Unicorn Lipstick, the first of many radical color lipsticks that have become a part of the makeup market and a major item within the makeup industry that is continuously sought after by customers.

In recent news, Ms. Deere sat down with a magazine known as Galore magazine that not only wanted to commend her on her many contributions to female entrepreneurship, but also wanted to learn about her future plans for her company and the reason for her love of makeup. During this interview, Ms. Deere stated that she has had a passion for makeup ever since she was a little girl and that this passion slowly grew to become an obsession by the time she reached adulthood. Ms. Deere even remarked that she often feels that she cheated with her career due to the fact that she is having too much fun with what she does.

Ms. Deere is a female entrepreneur who has shown countless times that she is a businesswoman who wants to customers of her company to have direct input to what the products should be and what they should look like. This business decision was made to make her company truly show that it is a company for the people. This model for business as kept Ms. Deere humble and has also improved her products on a continuous basis with critiques and complaints always a part of a business.

Follow their blog:

Doe Deere Expresses Creativity On Her Own Terms

Doe Deere is the painter, businesswoman, singer and makeup artist behind the cosmetics line Lime Crime. While most magazines come out with a September issue to let consumers know what’s in fashion for the upcoming year, Deere is busy making her own rules and encouraging her customers to be themselves.

One of the fashion rules that Doe makes sure she doesn’t follow is wearing neutral or black clothing with brightly colored hair. Deere often wears her hair in stunning pink and vivid blue shades, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing colorful clothing as well. Doe Deere has also been known to wear socks with open-toe shoes, which is another fashion “faux pas.” She also stated that she hates the fact that her mother looks at clothing and wonders if it’s age-appropriate. Doe states that her mom is a “babe” and should wear clothes that make her feel good, regardless of society’s conventions.

Lime Crime features an array of brightly colored lipsticks and eye shadows, as well as products that add shimmer to any makeup look. Doe wants her products to inspire others to be their best selves, and believes that bold and whimsical hues are just one way to do this. It’s also been said that people shouldn’t wear a bold lip and bold eye at the same time, but Deere doesn’t believe in that either. She feels that people should add as much color to their look as they want, since colors have the ability to be inspirational and uplifting.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and was named for Deere’s favorite color, lime green. Doe wanted to create a line of makeup that would immediately stand out, and it was also important to her that the products were cruelty-free. In addition to being a makeup mogul, Doe Deere is also an inspirational speaker who often shares her story and with listener to motivate them to achieve important life goals.

Doe Deere Serves Lime Shade At Stuffy Beauty and Fashion Rules

Doe Deere, trend-creating founder of Lime Crime and godmother to unicorns everywhere, cites rules of fashion and beauty just to break them. “Beauty is what feels right at the moment,” Deere explains.

A precursory glance at Deere’s Instagram indicates what feels right to her as the moments go by: Think anime, “The Little Mermaid,” the land of Oz and a touch of carnival filtered through the lens of a consummate color-smith, entrepreneur and artist.

No electric hues are off limits, which is right to the point. Lime Crime, described as “makeup for unicorns,” showcases rich, bright, vibrant and almost theatrical makeup that is entirely cruelty-free.

Ruby slippers and the Emerald City are but child’s play to Deere, who advocates bold eyes paired with bold lips, different prints in the same outfit and socks — preferably colorful — worn with open-toed heels or shoes. Deere believes that a simple eye with bold lips is no fun. “I like to break this rule on the daily,” she confesses.

While Deere advocates wearing multiple colors and clashing prints together, she clarifies the potential pitfalls and offers tips for pulling off the feat properly. The trick is to color-coordinate hair, makeup and outfits. For those just beginning to venture into wearing multiple prints, this rule also applies. Deere keeps her pattern-pairing to a single color scheme, for example.

Experimenting with color and expressing herself through fashion and beauty is nothing new to Deere. Born in Russia and reared in America, Deere was a budding artist as a child. In 2004, she began selling a DIY fashion line on under the handle “LimeCrime.” The unique handle referred to her favorite color and the seeming illegality of having so much fun while working.

Deere modeled all her own clothing and simultaneously experimented with hair and makeup. She soon acquired a following that quickly multiplied. Deere’s confidence grew, and she debuted bolder palettes within her various looks, and the looks quickly became her signature.

Deere’s aesthetic breaks fashion and beauty rules as well. Deere pairs unnatural hair colors with clothes of similar hues. She also scoffs at age-appropriate clothing, citing Betsy Johnson as an inspiration. She believes that wearing what makes her happy trumps the need for occasion-specific dressing. “Everyone should wear whatever makes us feel like our most expressive selves,” she says.

New Year New You with Doe Deere Lime Crime Looks

Anybody who is a Fashion and make-up enthusiast is familiar with make-up artist and entrepreneur Doe Deere. For those who are not so familiar with all things trending in the beauty/cosmetic world, Doe Deere is the founder of the ever so enamored Lime Crime cosmetic brand.

Since the launching of Lime Crime in 2008, Doe Deere has been keeping herself busy with her ever inventive techniques of creating new cosmetics, as well as promoting her newest projects for the delight of her fans.

One look at it Doe Deere, and her image says it all. No need to put anything into words, Her likeness radiates inspiration and positivity. The femininity and divine touch of womanhood is an essence that undeniably shines through Doe Deere’s creative makeup line, as her fertile, imaginative, mind continues to give birth to some of the most intriguing color schemes for her make-up.

The start of the new year means the start of a new you, so why not begin it with a new look to top it off? Lime Crime cosmetics, brought to you by Doe Deere, is an excellent way to transform your look while conveying a brand new you! To assist you in this feat, Doe Deere has provided several discounts on Lime Crime make-up, up to 85% off The normal pricing! Customers are paying as little as 5 to 8 dollars for the insatiable and luxury Lime Crime products typically priced between 13-40 dollars a pop! Matt lipsticks, glosses, and glamorous nail polishes are among these unbeatable savings, and can be obtained simply by visiting

Unsure of what to purchase? Start the new year off with a bang by trying Doe Deere’s “Limited edition Velvetines Trio, A distinctive and sophisticated color combo for your lips, designed to make a killer impression. The trio lipstick collection designed by Doe includes “Buffy”, A flesh pale hue, “Beet it”, A lovely elegant wine color, and “Peacock”, a bold, rich, blue-green sure to have your lips looking edible!

As gratitude to her fans for the support of the latest collection, Doe Deere announced via social media that this highly popular (Velvetine Trio) makeup collection no longer had to be purchased as a set, and that each could be bought separately. If you need more persuasion, don’t hesitate to visit the official Lime Crime website for high resolution photos! Doe Deere provides a large array of array of cosmetic items in every color imaginable, so you are sure to sign something that you like. Also keep in mind that transforming your style for the new year requires a little experimentation. Don’t be shy to step out the box with requires a little experimentation, so take advantage of the sales to do such. Don’t be shy to step out the box with a flashy neon carousel or dramatic Serpentine!

So what can we expect this year from Doe Deere? There are various new works already on the horizon, and the year has just begun! Doe Deere is currently in the development of various new make up releases, as well as some special surprises for her fans. Such new makeup creations include the upcoming “Polly”, Which will be added to the Lime Crime Velvetines Collection sometime early to mid 2016. Stay updated by subscribing to Lime Crime updates for all things new regarding Doe Deere and her latest make up releases to stay in style all year long and beyond!

Famous YouTubers

Marques K. Brownlee, Wengie, and Ray William Johnson are all near the top of the list of famous YouTubers. And while all of them have their unique niche, they all provide many YouTube fans with a regular dose of content to please their followers.

Marques is a technology guru. At 20 years old, he has managed to become the go-to guy for all things technology. Marques had a knack for technology at an early age. If there’s any truth to the saying that “the branch doesn’t fall far from the tree”, the fact that Marques’ father worked as an information systems programmer may have had something to do with his infatuation. What started out as a hobby has paid off tremendously, as Marques now has over 1.5 million subscribers and 130 million viewers. It is safe to say that when it comes to questions about technology if you need answers he has them.

If you have dabbled in the world of fashion, you have almost certainly come across one of Youtube’s most famous sensations. Wendy Huang, also known as, Wengie, didn’t come from a line of fashion gurus; Might I say it was quite the contrary. Coming from a home where her mother never wore makeup or indulged in any modern fashion, Wengie took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about the fashion world.

Fast forward a few years later, Wengie has etched her name amongst the greats in the fashion industry. Her brand known as The Wonderful World of Wengie has taken the internet world by storm. This young entrepreneur from Australia has taken over Youtube with her tutorials and expertise on everything beauty and fashion. To date, Wengie’s Youtube page has over 800,000 subscribers, and her list of followers is growing more and more every day. With a healthy boost of momentum pushing her business to unexpected limits, there appears to be no turning back for this fashion phenomenon.

And last but not least on this list of famous Youtubers is Ray William Johnson. If you like to laugh, and you haven’t checked out Ray’s page, I advise you to put it on your to-do list soon. You might want to think about adding yourself to Ray’s list of 4.7 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, also named after him. So check it out if you’re in the mood for a laugh or two.