Betsy DeVos: Educating America

If you haven’t heard about Betsy DeVos yet, you are one of the few people yet to be inspired. Betsy Devos is an incredibly successful woman who inspires us all.Philanthropic is the word we all use to describe her work, and with every reason.She is an American businesswoman, Activist and even politician.Betsy as in-school mentor for 15 years,so hence she developed the love for helping children. She is known for her support to the school choice, school volunteer program. She is married to Dick Devos, the former CEO of AMWAY, and is the daughter-in-law of the multi-billionaire Richard DeVos. She has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Her brother Eric Prince served in the navy seals, and is the founder of Blackwater USA, and the DeVos family is the 88th richest family in the USA.Betsy is an activist, who actively takes to the towns and cities of America trying to effect change in the broken education system for the future of the country. She also fights to remove barriers creates environments for people to change for the better.DeVos has been an advocate for the Detroit Charter School System, and she is a member of the board of the foundation of excellence in children.Her philanthropic works have been already been seen all around the country and recognized and appreciated by the public in general.

Whatever your political views are, some of the positive ways she has impacted the educational system have been by being a Voice for better education and change in this country are undeniably true and genuine. DeVos also is an entrepreneur and donates regularly to charities.She has recently formed new educational opportunities in Michigan. Her and her husband founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, and she also serves on the board of Foundation for Excellence in Education, and has actively mentored children through Kids Hope USA.So Betsy DeVos has a very busy schedule with all her political, educational and philanthropic work being done. But it looks like she’s really just getting started.What’s next for Betsy DeVos? Only time will tell.

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