Believe in Your Dreams and They Will Become You

The Queen of Unicorns aspires to help you look as luscious as you may feel within. Whats natural or even what may look appropriate doesn’t actually clarify beauty, it’s what captivates your mood at that very moment.

Once upon a time, in the far away land of Russia, there lived a beautiful young princess named Xenia Vorotova. At birth, her given name had captivated not only her unique grace, but represented the hospitable and mysterious woman she was destined to become. As a young girl she believed very much in the capacity of her vivid imagination. She longed to someday become a true mermaid and to fall in love with her very own handsome prince charming. Her upbringing was strong with values and culture and greatly encouraged her self-confidence, and as time passed her determination had evolved and her 3D imagination had advanced.
During the year of 1999, as a young woman at the age of 17, Xenia had moved to the great city of New York. In the vast Big Apple is where she had fallen in love with Mark, her true prince had swept her off her feet. She pursued the American dream and began her college studies of design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, her time had become occupied with college studies. Xenia decided to discontinue her classes and pursue her energized passion to start her own clothing line. Designing and making her clothes she chose the business name of Lime Crime. Her fairy tail dreams were beginning to become reality.
Her clothing business was just the first step of many, She then started making her own makeup for the photos posting to her clothing line. Her first attempt at business was launched online. The business still hadn’t met her destined fulfillment, she was determined and knew she was capable of much more creatively.
In 2002 her and her husband started a rock band named Sky Salt. Together they traveled the country performing at club venues with two other band members. Xenia and Mark were devoted to their rock star dreams for 4 years. Unfortunately, in 2006 the band had broken apart; it was bitter sweet.
Xenia, inspired and driven by her passion to pursue her path continued writing and recording music. She had adopted the name of Doe Deere and it suited her perfectly. Using the internet media, she tried her hardest to solely endorse her music career.
Miss Doe Deere always gives with all of her heart and energy, but unfortunately after a year she had to obtain an office job. For only about a year she worked to make ends meet at a bank in New York city.
Finally, in 2008 she pursued her daydream and embraced her genuine entity as the Queen of Unicorns. Inspired by her passion for fairy tails and story telling she created her original makeup line she had been making herself for the past years. Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s founded business of the past had bounced back and this time with no boundaries. Doe Deere graces her packaging with the mystical unicorn symbolizing freedom of creativity. Her cosmetic line is vegan as well, expressing her love and compassion for animals. Her products reflect Doe’s positive and magical energy, empowering the fantasy within those who wear it.
Doe Deere and her husband now live in Los Angeles. Her cosmetic line develops more and more everyday. Miss Doe speaks out and encourages others to, “Don’t quit your daydream. Being you is possibly the best business you can be in.”