Beauty Blogger Chooses No Lather WEN By Chaz For Bigger Better Hair

Did you ever dream of perfect hair, the kind we see on the red carpet?

Celebrities always seem to look so polished with gorgeous glossy hair and volume with a style that actually holds.

Beauty blogger Emily McClure has fine, thin hair that doesn’t like to stay put, and no matter how hard she tries, her limp locks have a life of their own. That is why she chose the Wen by Chaz no lather shampoo system to see if the brand could make a difference. Emily kept a hair diary and took hair selfies for

Famous LA stylist to the stars Chaz Dean is the genius behind the no lather shampoo concept. His unique cleansing conditioners are luxurious, pure formulas with nourishing botanical ingredients. His brand leaves out the harsh sulfates and other chemicals present in regular shampoos and conditioners. These formulas add body, strength and uber shine to any hair type, not matter what condition it is in.

WEN (see, by Chaz feels good on the hair and scalp, and Chaz Dean’s standards are very high. That’s why his star clientele remain faithful to the brand.

Emily chose the FIG for extra body and moisture and loved how the product soothed her scalp and hair. Her mane seemed to double in volume, and as she blow-dried and later styled, her hair achieved the wow factor. Emily was impressed but so were her friends who immediately noticed her shiny, strong hair. Even her selfies show off a fab head of hair.

Emily’s advice for best WEN by Chaz results are simple:

1. Use WEN every morning, and don’t skip a wash.

2. WEN works wonders when you put in the time and effort.

3. Always blow-dry, and use your favorite styling tools.

That’s it; enjoy your goddess hair. For more info check out the Wen official YouTube channel and “WENsite:”


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