Wes Edens: Career, Sports and Philanthropy

Wes Edens is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist in the United States. He is the co-founder of a leading investment management company, Fortress. With a great interest in Sports, Wes Edens is also a co-founder of Milwaukee Bucks sports team. Wes Edens, like his co-founders, have since founding Fortress Investment Group, positioned himself as a tested and artistic investor. He has used his expertise skills to impact the company and people all over the world through occupational and benevolent activities. The efforts of Edens have grown the company to a $42 Million worth of assets it manages for investors all over the world. They have also made the company among the leading investment managers.

The private equity segment under Edens has led to the acquisition of various companies from health, media and real estate. At Fortress Investment Group, Wes also leads the management of the successful investment fund. Its through the investment fund that the company that partnered with Virgin Group to fund the now Virgin Trains USA. The train will see the expansion of the train from Florida to Orlando. Edens have also initiated the creation of New Fortress Energy. This is a company that advocates and provides clean, reliable and renewable energy service. Edens was determined to ensure the use of clean energy by the rail hence the natural gas production plant in Miami.

Wes is enthusiastic about taking Milwaukee Bucks to thee international arena. He has since negotiated for a controlling stake in most of soccer teams in England to achieve this. He has a stake in the Aston Villa Football club. This would fetch him a good return on investment as it’s a major player in the premier league. Entrepreneur Wes Edens together with his wife Lynn are also great supporters of education. They established a professorship worth $2M with the Macalester college that mainly focuses on global health. It has supported and led to eradication of healthcare access and quality and challenges worldwide. Organizations such as Autism Speaks and Cancer Research Foundation are great beneficiaries of his charitable activities.

NeuroCore Helps Build Fitness and Muscle

Many people who workout feel that they just aren’t reaching their optimal potential and wonder how they could improve their workouts. Using the right supplement can make all the difference. NeuroCore is a supplement that can really enhance and boost workout results.

Going to the gym when lacking energy means that working out is a chore, and often this results in fewer days spent exercising. If, on the other hand, NeuroCore is used to boost energy and therefore enjoyment of workouts you will get the most out of gym sessions and increase health and fitness.

NeuroCore also works to help focus which means that you can be really aware of body movements and go through routines in the best possible form, making injuries far less likely.

As with any supplements it is essential to follow the directions for use of NeuroCore so that you get the most out of using it.

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Richard Liu Steps Up To Talk About Changing Economic Conditions At The 2018 World Economic Forum

The 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was an event that people all over the world were eagerly waiting for, especially with the impressive line up of entrepreneurs and business people who were set to share their thoughts on this platform. One of the people invited to this forum was Richard Liu, the founder of JD.com. At the forum, Richard Liu used the platform to inspire others who were looking to get into the world of e-commerce. As someone who has been a major part of this medium, he stated the importance of e-commerce and the potential growth that it will be seeing over the next few years.

In this interview, he spoke about the changing global standings and the impact that different developments were having across sectors. He emphasized the growth of this industry and the need for economic prosperity in this matter. He also stated how changing political scenarios across the world are having an impact on global economies and industries that are looking to set up. Richard Liu, also known as Lui Liu Qiangdong is someone who has had an inspiring story that led him to the prominent position that he is in. When in university, Richard Liu decided to teach himself to code, even though it was not something related to the subject of sociology, which was what he chooses as his major.

After working with notable companies after college, he decided to start up his own business. Back then, the Chinese market was filled with stores offering fakes of products that were in demand. Richard Liu decided that he would set up a store that sold only genuine products, and nothing else. The SARS Epidemic of 2004 was what caused Richard Liu to change his business model. During this time, he and his employees had to work from home, thereby giving him the idea for an e-commerce platform that would do what his store was already doing. Within a short span of time, Richard Liu was up building JD.com, which stands as one of the most notable names within the Chinese e-commerce industry.

Rick Cofer: He’s Fighting For People’s Rights

In today’s day and age, the world needs people that are fighters and people that are going to fight for what is right. The individual that is doing that, day in and day out, is Rick Cofer in Austin, Texas. They are lucky to have someone like him in their corner. At times, the world can be incredibly selfish and it can be every man, woman, and child for themselves. As a matter of fact, a lot of people come to Austin, Texas because they feel like they can be themselves and they will be supported.

One of his Rick Cofer’s main beliefs is kindness. It is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but it is an important word and it is a word that stands for something and really means something. A lot of people today are making the choice to be unkind. Rick Cofer is always going to go the route of being kind to anyone that crosses his path. He is a big supporter of the LGBTQ community and they are glad to have his backing along with the support of the Kind Clinic in Austin. Rick Cofer’s law office is also behind this cause, as they threw a Halloween ball together.

He is making sure that when it comes to their health, they have what they need and they are taken care of in the proper way. Cofer wants them to feel comfortable in their own skin and feel safe. He is not going to judge them, and he is not going to allow anyone else to judge them either. He wants them to be understood, appreciated, and loved for exactly who they are, as these are wonderful individuals. It takes a lot of courage and strength to stand out in a positive way. There will be people that will look at you and be turned off by it. However, there are just as many people that will embrace you and wrap their arms around you.

According to Chronicleweek, people in the LGBTQ for not always given equal rights and they don’t always have access to the things they need like the proper housing and the proper jobs. In many cases, people will look the other way, as they think it will cause a stir. With Rick Cofer standing up for them, they can have equal rights. That is the whole point of America, isn’t it? People should be who they want to be when they want to be, as they are not hurting anyone, at all. They are simply living their best life.

With the proper health care and services at the Texas Health Action and the Kind Clinic, people don’t have to be up late worrying if they are covered and taken care of since they will get the best possible treatment out there.


Dr. Saad Saad – Lessons Others can Learn From Him

Dr. Saad Saad has become a popular name in the field of medicine due to his many inventions and the innovative surgical procedures that he has developed in his career. Dr. Saad Saad came from a poor Palestinian family but managed to bypass the many challenges that came his way to reach the great heights of success that he achieved in his career.

Dr. Saad joined Cairo University in Egypt after completing his schooling in Kuwait and then went on to practice in the United States. In the US, Dr. Saad Saad even managed to pass the board certification that put him in the top league of physicians in the country.

It is because to achieve board certification, the physician has to pass many examinations, and the screening process is very challenging that only few can keep up with.

Dr. Saad Saad even served Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family as their chief pediatric surgeon in the late 1980s. One of the many reasons behind him being selected for the post was that Dr. Saad Saad was fluent in Arabic and English and that he was US Board Certified as well.

At the time of his selection for the Royal Family, there was no other physician who could speak both the language mentioned above and was board certified at the same time. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad in a recent interview discussed the many challenges he faced during his lifetime to become what he is today and how he surpassed it. Dr. Saad Saad said that as a child when he went to meet his brother in Kuwait who is an engineer in a construction site, he fainted due to the scorching heat outside. It inspired him to choose a career where he would be in the air-conditioned environment at all times, and it is one of the factors that kept pushing him to become a surgeon.

Dr. Saad Saad has a lot of experience in the medical field, and it has helped other people around him too. He offers advice to medical students who want to make a career. He feels that people today want to enter the medical field just for the money.

But, they forget that they also need to give back to people who have no money for treatments. His mentor has taught him that it is important to treat everyone the same and ensure that people around him are getting the help they need.

Another advice that he offers to the youths of today is that there is nothing that is impossible if they work hard to achieve it. One should be clear with their life goals and keep working towards it without being lazy and wasting their time overthinking.

Sujit Choudhry And The Sticky Situation

At the moment, there are many sticky situations that are going on. One sticky situation is the relationship of Spain and Catalonia. Catalonia is a part of Spain, though they supposedly want to break off and become an autonomous state. The problem is that whether or not they really want this is a mystery. Many people have passionately voiced their pro-secession opinions. However, this does not mean that it is actually a desire of most people. For those who do not understand this idea, one must look at the 2016 American presidential election as an example. In that election, the media hated Trump. If you thought that the media actually represented the opinions of all Americans, you would think that everybody hated Trump. However, half, or more than half, of Americans actually liked Trump. So, this is why we have to hold a referendum to find out whether it is true that secession is a strong desire among the people who reside in Catalan.

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional expert who teamed up with three other people to write a letter to both governments. According to the letter, violence and more tension should be avoided with cooperation. The Spanish government has to allow the Catalan people to express themselves in a referendum. The government of Spain has embarked on efforts to keep the Catalan people from expressing themselves. This is cited as a human rights violation on the part of the Spanish government. The leader of Spain tried to screw over the president of Catalan by putting charges on him. He tried to charge the man with misusig funds, as well as other things.

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at the University of California. He is very well-versed in topics having to do with politics. He is so well-known and so good at what he does that his expertise has been sought out by a number of leaders around the world. Sujit Choudhry has even engaged in helping leaders of third-world countries draft constitutions.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada Commitment to Make Natural and Sustainable Hair Products

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada believes there is a need for natural products among the consumers and that customers are not looking for naturally inspired products. They want physical products themselves. Daniel is the Global President for Matrix/Biolage which is a hair care brand working to come up with R.A.W the all-natural hair product. Consumers want products that are sustainable in production, use and environmentally friendly. R.A.W is, therefore, the product they came up with to address these concerns.

The formulas they use for this product are environmentally friendly and don’t have sulphates, silicone or parabens. The products are made of compounds that are highly biodegradable. They make their products from plant and animal minerals, and even the bottles made from recycled plastic.

After assessing the cost associated with this great ambition it was they Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and his team decided if there is one thing they would not relent on is on the naturalness of the product. High costs could mean that there could be temptations to compromise, but they made sure nothing could hinder them from this great project.

Another big challenge they had to deal with was time. They needed to mobilise the required products and meet the stringent deadlines before the product launched. Clay, for instance, got easily spoilt during the transportation instead of resorting to chemicals to alter the raw material they were compelled to push back the launch date for them to get the right clay to make the products.

Creating awareness about R.A.W to salons, hair experts and consumers was another milestone step to this project. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada says that consumers don’t want many stories on what is natural or not natural. They want to be given the product and use the product independently to cater to their needs.

Raw therefor came up with a comprehensive educational initiative to sensitise hairdressers and hair experts to use less power and electricity. This is practices would make their ventures sustainable and productive. They also launched a digital campaign where they used testimonials from influencers and customers. They would also share videos that show people how to adopt a sustainable day to day practices. With the next step being the launch of R.A.W globally the work so far has seen so positive online reviews from customers and hair professionals.

The Influence Of Marc Beer In Helping Women Access Essential Medical Treatment For Disorders

Marc Beer is an influential entrepreneur who started Renovia Inc. After establishing the company, the entrepreneur believes the company would help various individuals to acquaint with their products. Since the manufacture of new products, the management of the company thought that women suffering from pelvic disorders would benefit from them.

Thus, it used 32 million dollars from the second round of the Series and 10 million debt it had to establish the company. Even though the investment was set in Boston, it became relevant to the victims all over the world. According to the researchers, about 250 million women in all the continents of the world suffer from urinary incontinences.

Renovia inc

During the launch of a Leva device, it managed to gain the approval of the FDA. It was a great achievement for the company because it helped it to establish the Longwood Fund. As a focused investment firm, healthcare handled various investment matters that entailed therapeutic and diagnostic products.

The fund is available in the New York, and it contains perceptive advisors and Ascension ventures whose offices are in Missouri. Through the funds, the organization plans to develop and test the various products to acquaint the Leva device with its expectations. During an announcement, Marc Beer was delighted with the support he received from phenomenal investors in the country.

The manager appreciated them because they enabled the company to meet its vision of diagnosing, improving, and treating the lives of various individuals. Since they shared a common goal of improving the economy, they would combine the proprietary sensor and innovative technologies to administer proper medication to the individuals. Ultimately, their activities would help in the preparation of long-term costs to the individuals.

As a strategic consultant, Marc Beer worked in various positions in various companies. For instance, he was in charge of Ova Science where he demonstrated effective measures to manage the company. Before he joined the company, he worked at Waltham Biotechnology before the company merged with Millendo Therapeutics in Michigan.

Background about Marc Beer

With more than twenty-five years in commercialization and development, Marc Beer is one of the phenomenal individuals in society. Apart from biotechnology, the entrepreneur contains an experience in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and devices. With the help of Ramon Iglesias, they successfully founded the company in 2016.

They established a lot of achievements during the Series A round. Other directors of the company include Yolanda Laurie and MD. Thus, Renovia became one of the leading companies in offering health care funds in his country.


Besides managing the company, the entrepreneur managed Viacell where the management made him a Chief Executive Officer in 2000. Hence, they specialized in collection, development, and preservation of the umbilical cords of diverse stems. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com

Paul Mampilly makes business predictions for 2019

Paul Mampilly was born in India but moved to the United States when he was 19 years old to pursue further education. For 20 years, Mampilly working on Wall Street as a financial expert. The highlight of his career was working as a hedge fund manager. In 1991, he was recruited by Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager. Later he was employed by Deutsche Bank to manage accounts for world millions. As he gained experience in the financial industry, his responsibilities grew, and he was put in charge of accounts worth more money. Later, he worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland before joining Kinetics Asset Management as a hedge fund manager. At some point, he grew tired of working on Wall Street and decided to pursue his own investments.

By the age of 42 years, Paul Mampilly was already a successful investor. He wanted his success to be duplicated to many other Americans. He, therefore, left Wall Street so that he could concentrate on helping the average American investor to gain financial comfort. Since he has a passion for writing, Mampilly started the Profits Unlimited newsletter which contains valuable investment ideas and strategies for fellow investors. What makes Paul Mampilly unique is that he is able to make predictions that are proven to be right by the market. So, when he makes predictions, fellow investors take him with greater seriousness. In 2009, he won the Templeton Foundation competition after beating other small traders on the Wall Street. With $50 million each, the competitors why to engage in an investment battle for one year. At the end of the year, Paul Mampilly emerged the winner with $88 million. Today, it is common to see Paul Mampilly on different news media such as Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business News.

Paul Mampilly has made some predictions about the business sector in 2019. One thing that comes out clearly from his predictions is that 2019 will be the year when consumer data will have a great impact on how businesses run their operations. 2019 will see many companies prioritize the acquisition of valuable consumer data before engaging in product development or sales. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again

“Eliminating Burn Out from Your Business “

Cases of burnout in the work environment have been too many in our days. Many cases of burn out are associated with work-related stress. Stress can take a toll on someone especially when they have to balance between personal life and work duties. It is therefore important to pay attention to some of the warning signs that you are likely to fall into burnout. Taking action can help you cover the adverse effects of burnout and recover on time to gain sufficient motivation to get back on track. As an employer, you need to be on the lookout for employees who may have these signs. If your employees are not performing to the full potential, your business is in jeopardy. Therefore realizing the problem and helping them to recover on time is a great advantage to the growth of your business. So, what should you look out for in your employees?

Loss of control

If you spot some of your employees are unable to keep control of their schedule, they might be going through burn out. Many people who experience challenges with meeting the scheduled timelines are likely to feel hopeless and are at high risk of suffering major burnout. It is therefore important to ensure that your employees have flexible structures that allow them to accomplish their responsibilities in ample time. It is important to encourage your employees to take breaks so that they can look into the daily programs and see what can be achieved and what cannot.


Another common cause of burnout in a work environment is a lack of transparency from the top management. In many cases, the upper management will make decisions that affect the employees without consulting them. Some decisions related to promotions and compensation have a high probability of demotivating some employees if they feel to have been discriminated. As leader of a business, you need to have candid and honest conversations with your employees before communicating any decision. It is proper to ensure that they feel like part of the organization by involving them in decision making.

Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders is the founder, chairman, and CEO of James River Plate Corp. He holds a B.A from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago. From a young age, he was interested in the finance industry, and that is why he pursued an education in that line. His career began in the investment banking sector, but he later switched to investment and trading. His first job was at Warburg Paribas Becker.

James River Capital Corp.

James River Capital Corp. was founded in 1996 and currently serves as an investment advisor and commodity trading advisor. The company provides services and expertise on equity strategies, corporate credit, fixed income arbitrage and more. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/272365860