Move Over Aston Martin: Why Elite Special Forces Choose the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban SUVs

When people think of the SUV, soccer moms and family road trips could quickly come to mind. Instead, try to picture The Chevy Event, held in a North Carolina military tactical facility called The Range Complex. The Chevy Event shatters all those Hollywood film myths of how top-notch military operatives conduct missions with a hard cold splash of reality of what it truly takes to be successful in military operations. The exercises at TCE are comprised of experiencing first-hand training rescue simulations that push one’s mental and physical endurance to the limit. Unlike an action-packed movie, patience and maintaining calm are critical during high-stress conditions while still performing at an optimal level is what separates the wheat from the chaff. This is where the Cherovelt’s Tahoe Suburban SUVs come in.

Special Forces like Delta Force prefer the Tahoe and Suburban during rescue missions because of the cars’ reliability to still perform at a top-notch level. They have the capability of handling punishing off-road terrain due to their one of a kind suspension system and protective hardware to protect the underbelly of the vehicle from damage. Like Special Forces operatives, the Tahoe and Suburban can adapt to any changing situation with stealth without slowing down and compromising its performance.

Tigerswan, James Reese

Jim Reese, one of the co-founders of The Range Complex, explains the Tahoe and Suburban are chosen because they can withstand bullets and bodies. Reese would know, as a former Delta Force Lt. Colonel with 25 years of military service, who later went on to start his own successful Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business called TigerSwan, he has led the best of the best soldiers into the most dangerous situations known to man. His passion to serve and to listen is what motivated him to create TigerSwan – a company that would hire other disabled veterans and civilians that would contribute to making the world a better place. Sounds a bit corny? Well, Reese has made that core tenet of TigerSwan a reality. TigerSwan offers risk assessment, security, and construction logistical support domestic and abroad.

“The mission is bigger than the individual.”

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Bhanu Choudhrie Thinks The Shortage Should Be Addressed

In an article that involves the critical pilot shortage, Bhanu Choudhrie suggested that Congress should address this issue as soon as possible.

Bhanu Choudhrie addressed that the shortage includes the customer demand affecting the airline capacity, which means that there would be fewer pilots at work. Despite this being a problem, the few good things that Congress will definitely appreciate is the improved economy and the low fuel cost.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, Congress will create a strategy that will improve the capacity levels. In fact, an idea came about that once they understand and agree to the piloting safety protocol, each of those pilots is required to do at least 1,500 hours of training.

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Another idea that Bhanu Choudhrie mentioned is the age retirement. He mentioned that the Federal Aviation Administration wants to raise the retirement age to 65 years old. There is a possibility that this could make the shortage worse because he clearly believes that by 2022, over 18,000 pilots would be forced to retire at 65. He believes the age retirement idea is only a decent short-term plan. Bhanu Choudhrie mentioned that most of the pilots that are in near retirement are in the commercial, which means that the younger-aged pilots will be provided with private training sessions.

With the shortage taken its effect, there is still faith that the vision of training pilots of any age group will be filled. There is the faith that the long term goals will be reached. There is still faith that Congress will make better changes that will not affect the pilots who are still in training. And let us not forget to mention that there is still faith that pilots will not be forced to retire at the age of 65. Policies and terms may have to be adjusted, but as long as the pilots can still have the benefit to achieve a career in flying, then everyone will be pleased and happy. Want to learn more about Bhanu Choudhrie, visit at

Why Equities First Holdings UK Issued So Many Loans

Since 2002, Equities First Holdings have completed business procedures while upholding standard integrity. Through the demand for an equity loan, the company would make a move to the United Kingdom in 2013. Over time, Equities First Holdings generated several transactions that were completed with over $1 billion in loans being issued to companies who utilize stock as collateral. There are offices in Australia because of the success the company had in Europe.

Jason Hope Futurist And Philanthropist

Jason Hope: Philanthropic Works

Jason hope contributed much to the technology sector early in his career and continues to provide significant insights for young entrepreneurs, where he gives young entrepreneurs opportunities to start their businesses. He also has used the wealth he receives from his tech companies to further the advances of other startups, futurist solutions for humanity, and charitable works. Jason Hope’s philanthropist works have notably been recognized to his support of SENS foundation for anti-aging and living longer healthier lives, which he has contributed generously since 2010.

Jason Hope: Internet of Things

Jason Hope is passionate about helping the causes that will enhance and further the human race for centuries to come. One angle he takes on this topic is the internet of things (IoT) projects which are making significant advances throughout the world. The internet of things, as explained by him, is a way in which things are connected to the internet, but at the same time, advance the health and general well-being of others. One such example Hope has recently used is the FitBit, known as a small band a person wears on their arm, but at the same time, the FitBit is in turn connected to the internet via computer and accesses other information about the persons physical and mental rhythms giving a rounded analysis and recommendation for further ways to improve their health.

IoT More Recent Applications

This is a minimal example, but the critical point is the ability to connect home or personal technology to the full-range of internet operations and procedures. Some of the current extensions of IoT are companies gathering data in real-time from users at work, at home, or in transit, and sending the data to health facilities that collect this data and upgrades the system, which can be used to make others lives better. For example, a thousand surgical wards upload live data from surgical procedures and their outcomes in real-time, allowing surgeons around the world to make better choices. Jason Hope believes that IoT will become the next wave of the future in a short time between 2020. His predictions have been verified and acknowledged by thousands of technologists by significant studies and researches lately.

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Hooray for Teach to One

Teach to One is a personalized math learning program with several different concepts. There is no set curriculum so a student is able to keep moving up to the next concept after one is learned. In reality, Teach to One is just a team of curriculum advisors and monitors working hard and exclusively on helping a student reach their learning goals. And of course, making sure that they achieve these goals is one of their top priorities.

The main focus here is growth. Teach to One program gives its students the ability to progress and learn new material that may be needed in everyday life. A student will put more effort into learning when they notice how much another person cares. Teach to One helps its students thrive harder to learn. This program also help build bonds and close relationships for those who need an extra push.

According to Crunchbase, not only does Teach to One provide multiple ways to learn, but the curriculum is personalized and students get to learn at their own pace. In a way, that kind of put a student’s mind at ease so that way they aren’t scared to approach the different types of challenges they have to offer. There are several resources for a student to choose from so at any given time, help is there and handy.

Teach to One builds social and emotional development in students. This is important because social and emotional development gives students a better understanding of their feelings, and their peers’ feelings, which is expressed in a healthy manner, all while receiving guidance from their teachers. Social and emotional development is just as important as academic development; They all play a big part in a student’s success.

Born in the Great Depression, Sheldon Lavin Would Conquer World of Business

Article Text:

Sheldon Lavin was born during the depths of the Great Depression in 1932. Fortunately, by the time he was finished with high school and ready for college, the Depression was in the rear-view mirror and the United States was a nation on the rise.

Young Sheldon saw intense opportunities in the world of business. He wanted to be a part of that world. Even as a young man, he had dreamed of owning and operating his own enterprise. But he needed to garner some skills first.

Lavin enrolled at the prestigious Northwestern University. After completing his studies there, he moved on to the University of Illinois. He finished his bachelor’s degree at Roosevelt University in Chicago. His degree in business and finance had prepared him well to pursue his business ambitions. For more information about Sheldon Lavin, view at

But it would be several years before Lavin would become a business owner, per se, although did establish his own kind of firm. It was a consulting operation called Sheldon Lavin and Associates. Based in Chicago, Lavin’s finance and accounting firm swiftly garnered a healthy list of clients. Sheldon Lavin developed a reputation among the Chicago business community as the “go-to man” for advice on how to leverage financing for business expansion and growth.

The day a fast-growing meat processing firm known as Otto & Sons came knocking on his door proved fateful. The family-owned meat company was seeking Sheldon Lavin’s expertise as it formulated plans for a major expansion. Otto & Sons had been experiencing rapid growth thanks to its primary customer, McDonald’s restaurants.

In Otto & Sons, Lavin finally saw the situation he was looking for. Here was a company poised for great things – if the proper financing and leadership could take it to the next level. Lavin eventually bought into Otto & Sons. The company was rebranded as OSI Group in the mid-1970s. By the mid-1980s, Lavin was the majority owner.

Today OSI Group is among the premier operators in its sector worldwide with 70 facilities in 17 nations. It was the vision and leadership for Sheldon Lavin that guided OSI Group to its current position of global leadership in the food processing sector.

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Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter: Acquiring Loyal Customers and Building a Business

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov might be young; however, the young CEO and founder of JetSmarter is already willing to share his wisdom with the new generation of entrepreneurs who are coming up behind him. One of the biggest challenges that he has faced during his time with JetSmarter has been growing a business in the luxury travel sector. He knows that he is far from the first entrepreneur to struggle in this arena. Despite these struggles, he has grown JetSmarter to be worth more than $1.5 billion. His success has not gone unnoticed and, already, young businessmen are looking to him for advice on how to grow their own businesses.

How to Acquire Loyal Customers: From a Successful CEO

Sergey Petrossov

There are plenty of businesses that have trouble growing their customer base. For these individuals, Petrossov would first go to those who have stayed loyal to the company. Take a look at the reasons why these people have stuck with the company. What do they like? Why do they keep coming back? Take the side of those who love the business and turn them into ambassadors for the brand. Encourage them to share the good news about the company with other people. Petrossov refers to these as key performance indicators. He would encourage young businessmen to try and build their company around these performance indicators.

Leading by Example with JetSmarter: Sergey Petrossov Sergey Petrossov has followed his own advice with JetSmarter. His company has largely spread by word of mouth thanks to those who have been willing to spread the word about the unique success of the business. Even though the leader of JetSmarter has a lot on his plate, he still finds time to give back to those who have helped him. His company is primed to continue to grow in the future, disrupting not only the private industry but the commercial flying world as well. 

How QI Group Advocates For Sustainability Around The World

The QI Group of Companies was established during a financial crisis in East and Southeast Asia. This took place in 1998 when the internet was in its infancy among the general public. Founder Vijay Eswaran saw an opportunity in the business world where other entrepreneurs saw uncertainty. He started QI Group as a company that sells products through direct marketing and an e-commerce website.

QI Group has multiple product lines which include travel & leisure, training, education, fine timepieces, technology, and entrepreneurship. An international firm, QI Group has employees from 46 nations that speak more than 50 languages. Its employs range in age from 19 to 60 years old. From 2011 to 2018, it has been named as the Best Company to Work for In Asia each year.

It is a sustainable firm. QI Tower in Hong Kong houses QI Group’s corporate headquarters. This building is certified Green Mark Gold due to its efficient use of resources such as energy and water. Vijay Eswaran advocates that people should be eating a plant-based diet which will reduce the harmful environmental effects of the meat industry. Single-use plastic has been banned from all QI Group facilities and conventions.

QI Group owns and operates a grocery chain in Hawaii, Down to Earth. This chain supports local farmers and sells only organic and natural products. It offers cooking classes so that people can eat a healthy diet instead of processed food with far too much saturated fat, added sugars, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients.

Vijay Eswaran, born in Malaysia, earned his college education in the United Kingdom and the United States. He spent time in North America working before making his return to Asia. He established QI Group in the Philippines and it quickly became an industry leader.

QI Group went on to become the dominant company in multiple countries across Asia. Along the way, it has created many micro-entrepreneurs who specialize in selling QI Group’s products. There are over 1,500 people working directly for QI Group and over one million entrepreneurs who act as independent contractors. In addition to Asia, it now operates in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Those At USHEALTH Group Remind People Of The Ease Of Using Chia Seeds

When it comes to health, new discoveries are being made every single day of the year. For those who want to maintain their health, it is important to be aware of new developments that can make it easy to find their way to a varied and deeply satisfying diet. Of the many new types of products that are increasingly being seen on the market, it is one product that has caught a great deal of attention from those in the know. Chia seeds are tiny and incredibly tasty. They are also one powerhouse of a food that can add exactly what you need to your diet.

Everywhere You Look

This is also one ingredient that seems to everywhere you look today. Chances are you’ve seen them at natural food stores. You might have also seen them on the shelves of your supermarket. As those at USHEALTH Group tell their patients, it is no wonder this food has been the subject of so much interest. These are seeds that should be part of your diet. One of the many wonderful things about this item is just how easy it is to use in so many different kinds of preparations. Check out USHealth Group on Youtube channel.

Using Them In Your Daily Life

Many health products on the market today appear pleasing. At the same time, it can hard for people to use them. Not so the chia seeds. They are one product that has long been embraced by those who know that healthy foods can be used in many ways. For centuries, people have been tapping into these seeds and enjoying amazing results in the process. You don’t need any specialized equipment to get these seeds in your diet. All you need is to bring them home and make sure you’re storing them in a convenient place.

Snacking With Ease

Snacking can be healthy habit when it is managed properly. Over time, snacking can help you maintain your blood sugar and increase your concentration even during low times in the afternoon. You can easily bring chia seeds with you no matter where you are or what you are doing. Store them in a closed container and stash them in your car as you head to the gym. When you are done with the workout, you can bring these out. They’ll provide you with that burst of energy you need when you’re done. Read More:

Ara Chackerian Talks About Investing in TMS

Businessman Ara Chackerian is known by many names. Some people call him an angel investor, others call him a serial entrepreneur, and Chackerian himself would probably say he’s a healthcare advocate. In his very successful career, Ara Chackerian has invested in numerous start-ups, all of them falling within the healthcare market. Start-ups such as PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and Embion/Provider Links. Chackerian’s most notable investment to date is TMS Health Solutions, which currently has 7 locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area. In a recent interview, Ara Chackerian sat down to discuss TMS Health Solutions and why he chose to invest in it.

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It is a device-led treatment originally designed to combat clinical depression. The treatment involves using an apparatus to stimulate the brain with electromagnetic waves. TMS was greenlit by the FDA back in 2006 but has been tangled in red tape ever since. Many, including Chackerian, believe Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as the forefront of psychiatric care with the potential to treat a variety of mental illnesses. Ara Chackerian himself has called it a possible future pillar of psychiatric care. However, because of problems with insurance coverage as well as the medical community’s reticence to utilize an “experimental” treatment, TMS has never garnered the attention it deserves. Chackerian hopes he can change this.

“We were first turned on to TMS through a mutual partner,” Chackerian stated, “When we looked further into the treatment, we realized its potential.” Chackerian and his partner were surprised that TMS was not garnering more attention, and as they looked further into the innovative treatment, they happened upon a chance encounter. They ran into a doctor who was using TMS in his own practice. Dr. Richard Bermudas had used TMS since the FDA signed off of it, but always with a long list of limitations. “Rich’s passion led us to believe that TMS could be a viable solution,” Chackerian said, “We realized our role could be to let Rich be a doctor.”

TMS Health Solution centers offer treatment to a wide variety of insurance companies. This cuts through the red tape so the treatment can be utilized. The centers treat patients for a wide variety of illnesses with most attention paid to depression. Through the centers, Dr. Bermudas and staff are able to test the limitations of TMS as well as its boundaries.