OSI Group and Impossible Foods Partnership Ensure Stable Supply of the Impossible Burger

While other restaurants were jumping on the bandwagon and joining in on the meatless craze, McDonalds sat back silently and waited to see what would result. Essentially, this wait and see approach enabled other restaurants to do the product testing. When McDonalds saw that the Impossible Burger was performing well, they decided to offer the Impossible Burger in their restaurants. The decision to sell the Impossible Burger spawned the partnership between OSI Group and Impossible Foods.

Since sales of the impossible Burger skyrocketed almost immediately after release, Impossible Foods faced a great deal keeping up with the production. This meatless burger became so popular that a shortage occurred. Customers were left gravely disappointed, and Impossible Foods knew that they needed to come up with an immediate solution.

Impossible foods knew that they could not keep up with production on their own. They needed to partner with another company that shared the same goals and visions. After a thorough search, Impossible Foods decided they would form a partnership with OSI Group. Though OSI Group is a meat supplier, they possess the same goals and visions as Impossible Foods in that they desire to engage in the production of sustainable foods and ensure that quality is at the forefront of all operations.

Many positive things have resulted from this partnership. One major positive development is that the Impossible Burger will now be offered in McDonalds in roughly one month’s time. Vegan and vegetarians will have one more restaurant chain to add to their list. Secondly, the Impossible Burger will soon become part of meals cooked at home as consumers will be able to purchase this delectable treat at neighborhood grocery stores. Finally, consumers will no longer have to worry about shortages as far as the Impossible Burger is concerned as production has literally doubled. Plans have been put in place to ensure that supply remains stable for years to come.

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HCR Wealth Advisors – Investment Advisory Firm that You Can Bank Upon to Safeguard Your Future Financially

HCR Wealth Advisors

Investing is an art that not everyone can master, but professional financial experts with years of experience can guide you in the right direction when it comes to investments. It may be a mistake if you try to invest your money without the help of an expert as you might make a huge mistake without knowing it. The price of your mistake you could pay in the future when you don’t have sufficient funds to fulfill your dreams. If you want to make sure that you do not end up in a financial crisis in the future, taking the help of an investment advisory firm with a strong track record such as HCR Wealth Advisors may be a good idea. The company was founded in the year 1988 and in the last few years, has been in the limelight due to the kind of results it has generated for its clients, even in bearish and slow financial markets.


Ensuring that the clients are able to achieve their financial goals is the primary goal of the company and it is able to achieve it consistently over the years by engaging in in-depth market research, consulting with the top investment gurus, and providing personalized financial and investment strategies to its clients. Not only does HCR Wealth Advisors offer investment strategies to its clients, but also ensure that they monitor the growth of the investment portfolio of its clients. The company can suggest any modification in its investment portfolio as and when required. The financial markets can be highly volatile and keeping all your apples in the same basket can be a bit risky. It is what HCR Wealth Advisors suggest to its clients and recommends having an investment portfolio that is diversified.

HCR Wealth Advisors consults with its clients in details to understand their financial goals and ascertain their financial requirements in the future thoroughly. It helps in devising an investment plan that would suffice the requirements of the clients financially in the future. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm and has been in the business of offering investment consultancy service for more than three decades.

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Igor Cornelsen Explains The Importance Of Confidence For Individuals And Businesses

Confidence is a thing that helps individuals and companies do well. People and businesses that are confident have professional success which leads to financial success. Investors avoid businesses that aren’t confident and look for those that are. Igor Cornelsen of Bainbridge Investments Inc. says that if a company isn’t confident about their brand and products then he doesn’t see why anyone else would be.

As a C-level executive in the Brazilian financial sector, he led banks that had the confidence of their employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Igor Cornelsen says he learned to be confident at a young age. His father was an engineer and wanted him to be one as well. Back then, in the 1960s, you went into the occupation your parents told you to.

He studied at the Federal University of Parana. For the first two years, he went along with his parent’s desire and studied engineering. However, he decided he didn’t like it at all no matter how much he wanted to. He took the bold step of changing his studies to economics, something he was far more interested in. His parents were disappointed at first but his confidence in his new career path mollified them.

Confident companies have better reputations and growth than those that aren’t confident. Igor Cornelsen says that as a financial advisor he looks for confident companies to invest in. He knows these companies are on the path to future success. He invests in companies in Brazil and internationally. To find the companies he invests in, he uses Reuters as his source of news because it is unbiased.

With one of the world’s largest economies, there are multiple opportunities for investors. He does caution people outside this country that there is a lot of red tape as there are endless rules to follow.

Smita Shah Has Some Advice for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah, President and CEO of SPAAN Tech is a Professional Engineer and industry expert who wants to empower other women in the workplace. Her philosophy is that talent is genderless, and she hopes to see more women in the feilds of work generally occupied by men. In a piece in the Premier Gazette, Ms. Shah’s 10 Best Practices are laid out as a guide to other women hoping to achieve her level of success. Learn more: https://about.me/smita.shah

Here’s a quick summary of those 10 Best Practices.

1) Ms. Shah asks you first and foremost to believe in yourself. It’s a familiar mantra often used as a jumping off point for empowerment. But Shah gets a little more specific, saying that you should give yourself the same credit that you would to your employees. 

2)Shah believes that women must become more assertive, which is generally seen as a masculine trait. She asks women to overlook what they’ve been taught about politeness, and go for what they want.

3)Along with being more assertive, Ms. Shah emphasizes the importance of a commanding appearance and first impressions.

4)Shah reminds women to take the credit they deserve. Just as importantly, she asks that women be an example to other women, and show them how you obtained your success.

5)Number 5 is pretty straight forward advice–live in the present and focus on short-term goals.

6)Shah says to refuse stereotypes. She believes women should not only avoid being servile, but also refuse special treatment. 

7) Piggybacking on number 6, Shah recognizes cultural factors are at play in women’s ultimate success. Ms. Shah notes that women have to work harder to get recognition, so you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. 

8)Demanding respect is key. One way to do this, according to Ms. Shah, is to make others address you by your title and not your first name. This makes it clear that you’re in charge. 

9)Number 9 is just great business advice for anyone, but may play a more significant role for women. Shah says to not be afraid to delegate tasks. This way, you won’t bring your work home with you. 

10)Time management is especially important for women, according to Shah. She asks that you take time for rest to make sure you avoid burnout. 

Women can look to this formula and see Smita Shah as a living example of its effectiveness. Not only is Shah a CEO of an engineering firm, she is the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, a civic leader and strategic advisor. Her company received recognition from Inc. Magazine as One Of The Fastest Growing Companies. She is a keynote speaker,and has served under White House administrations.

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Steve Ritchie Takes Control of Papa Johns

For several decades, Papa John’s has been one of the most successful and popular pizza chains in the United States and the entire world. One of the reasons why the company has continued to be successful is because of strong leadership. In 2017, the company opted to make some changes and once again continued the trend of having a strong leader at the top of the organization when they promoted Mr. Steve Ritchie to CEO.

Steve Ritchie was officially appointed as the CEO of Papa John’s International Inc., on January 1, 2018. The story of Steve Ritchie being appointed to this position is a true success story that has become less and less common in the workplace today. However, it is a clear example of how hard work and perseverance could lead to great success for all people.

Steve Ritchie started his career working for Papa John’s when he was just in his early 20s. At this time, he started working as a customer service professional and barely earned more than $6 per hour. After working for the company for about ten years and taking on some additional responsibility, he eventually purchased and opened his first franchise of Papa John’s in 2006.

Due to the success of his franchise, Steve Ritchie was continuously sought after for advice. He was eventually hired in 2010 to be a corporate leader, which then led to a role as COO of the entire organization. After being successful in the role as COO for a few years, he was identified as a potential CEO in 2015. At this time, he was also named the President of the organization, which has allowed him to manage a wide variety of high-level tasks for the company. In this time, he has learned a lot, which will helped him smoothly transition to the CEO position.

Maarten de Jeu Offers Expert Business Advice

Strategic business advisor Maarten de Jeu discusses eight factors that he believes every business owner should consider before expanding into the international market. As the founder of SVM Advisory, a consulting firm that works with tech start-ups, Fortune 100 financial service companies
and individuals with assets in excess of thirty million, he boasts a successful career in financial services and international business, as well as the understanding of the different cultural institutions that deeply influence the far-reaching business networks like those in Asia and Europe.

First, a business owner must focus on quality and consistency because the first impression may be the last impression if a company consistently markets defective products or services. A standardized product or service that delivers every time is essential to building a good reputation that perpetuates. People’s opinions of products fluctuate, it’s normal, however a company should shrive to maintain the favor of it’s consumers.

Second, respect and understanding for a country’s local language, as well as their cultural norms, is mandatory. Understanding the differences between one’s own tongue and that of another’s can be a deciding factor in prosperity. A word or saying, and even gestures, in the English world can
translate into something else in a foreign culture, which could lead foreign consumers to feeling offense, even if it wasn’t intentional. Maarten de Jeu recommends talking with local representatives in order to learn the local trends, both business and cultural.

Third, a company looking to expand into the global market should cultivate long-term relationships with foreign consumers and/or partners, consultants, basically any entity that would help increase staying power. De Jeu recommends hiring locals, as opposed to transferring employees from home, to operate overseas. A dedication to staying power is a must.

Suitability is the next factor. A business enterprise needs to observe the local market to determine is there is a need for their product or services. If the demand for something is there, then the money is, as well. Offering a product or service in an area without demand would lead to failure.

Getting to know the local business market of an area and applying standard business practices is the next factor. Owners have to plan it out thoroughly; where to find consumers, their hiring practices, and so on.

Import regulations comes next. Knowing the laws and regulations of a country would ensure a smooth operation.
Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/06/maarten-de-jeu-insightful-advice-international-business-owners/

Finding potential investors is also important. Expanding into the international market takes time
and a considerable amount of money.

Lastly, a company on the path to globalization need to learn to adapt because the road to this kind of success is often unpredictable and different obstacles will almost definitely arise. The more flexible a business venture is, the more it will be able to grow.

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Why IP geolocation is a must-have for Business

The question lingering is what is IP geolocation?

Well, with the current trends, each device has a unique IP address. The IP address has two uses. First, it helps the host network to identify the individual device or user.

The second important use of IP address is for business through geolocation. LocationSmart, an enterprise conversant with device location awareness, expounds more on IP geolocation.

And why it’s a must-have for every business. Further, they give insight into the universal need of IP geolocation in the day to day running of the business. They include;


LocationSmart explains how IP geolocation data offers businesses the ability to carefully and accurately determine the geographic boundary and location of the user.

It is especially useful to a heavily regulated market, for example, Mobile lottery, and online gaming operations. They are also not allowed in some areas.

Before a player places a bet or accepts financial payout, identification of location is helpful. The smooth and efficient way to get the location is through, IP geolocation.

Such data helps the established business to comply with and set regulation by the local or state entities.

Customer protection

IP geolocation helps in the prevention of online fraud. Business needs to collect the IP location for each user. And use IP intelligence to determine if the user’s account is logged in from an unknown device or location.

When there are unusual activities, the business system to use additional protocols to authenticate the user, for example, there may be a request of a call to the customer care.

With such a system, there is customer protection. A happy customer leads to an excellent and lasting relationship.

Digital Advertising

IP geolocation obtains real-time data about your customer’s physical location. Mobile apps or any connection to business service helps in collection of data. With such ease, the business can communicate details about the availability of their products or services offered in the area. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

Point to note is the effectiveness of communication relies on customization of the message, for example, information on special discount or event.

Protection from Hackers

IP geolocation does boost network security. As a business, there is a track of devices connected to your network and their location. With any malicious activities or attempt of hacking, the information helps in an alert. With real-time information, such actions are dealt with immediately.

Brand image and Copyright

Digital content is a brand image of a company and also means of earning. Someone may decide to copy the content and distribute it freely. It will be impossible for your business to earn revenue.

Secondly, how and where the content is may directly relay back to your company. A compelling brand image is critical for company success.

With IP geolocation, you can determine when and where your valuable digital content will be accessed. The data help you to identify if your content is falling into the wrong hands and take necessary measures.

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Jeunesse Global’s Milestones


Jeunesse Global is a wellness and beauty company. Its primary focus is advocating for healthier living and youth improvement. It also aims at ensuring people are empowered and release their potential. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are famous and behind its establishment. The company deals with the manufacture of supplements as well as skincare products. Jeunesse located in the United States, but it distributes its products all over the world. It has a collection of products suiting various human skincare needs.

The supplements that Jeunesse Global distributes help the human body in various ways. Some of them provide the body cells with vitamins, thus increasing energy to it in the morning. At night, they give the body a relaxed feeling. Other supplements are essential for muscle building and control your appetite.

Skincare products, on the other hand, are mainly concerned with giving your skin a youthful appearance. This initiative is through addressing the lines and skin wrinkles. The company offers many user languages, has global enrolment capabilities as well as in-house programming. This enables it to run in 32 offices in over 90 countries worldwide.

Recently, Jeunesse has been named as among 2019’s best places to do direct selling by Direct Selling News (DSN). This is the third instance the company has received an honour in regards to employee interaction competition. The company’s goal is to offer a conducive as well as a cohesive environment where everybody succeeds. It focuses on maintaining its employees happy as well as showing appreciation to them. This way, they live purposeful lives.

Jeunesse was honoured in the direct selling competition through surveys conducted by DSN in collaboration with Quantum Workplace. This task is not easy as it involves confidential as well as anonymous surveys on employee interaction and engagement by the companies. The competition involves companies that have met specific requirements and targets.

Jeunesse has various means of providing outstanding performance as a workplace. It offers gym services, support groups for employees, discounts on events, yoga lessons and many more. These are incentives that make the company an interesting place to work in where employees benefit from.


Aaron Lupuloff Provides Support to Georgia School District

The educational system in the United States has been regarded as one of the most underachieving in the modern world. Compared to other developed nations, the United States educational system has received some of the lowest scores. Many attribute these low scores to a lack of student engagement. Many studies have proven that students who are involved in engaging activities as well as given encouragement are often the ones who perform the best. As a result, many experts in the educational sector have suggested that students are given a sense of purpose so that they can reach their full potential.

According to usejournal.com, the Gwinnett County Public High Schools is among the top educational institutions in the nation. It currently ranks 13th in the United States in terms of public high schools. Its school of mathematics, science and technology has established itself as one of the premier institutions in the state of Georgia. When it comes to being a successful educational institution, Gwinnet County Public High Schools provides a lot of encouragement and support. The teachers and staff work very hard to provide students with a fulfilling educational experience. There are also a number of resources that the school provides to help students as well. Many of these resources are offered through its Public Schools Foundation.

Aaron Lupuloff has been heavily involved in helping Gwinnet County Public Schools over the past several years. He has sent his children to this school system over the years and is therefore very familiar with the quality of the schools. As a result, he has been very devoted to helping the school system remain as one of the best in the nation. Along with providing resources through his foundation to help the schools, he has also said that its programs in both academics and athletics have been factors that have allowed the school system to remain as one of the most successful.

Lupuloff is involved with the Gwinnett County Public School district through his foundation. He leads the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation which is responsible for providing support and resources for the school district. Through his foundation, he provides things such as scholarships and leadership programs to help students get the best possible education available. Along with helping students, Lupuloff’s foundation is also involved in helping teachers by providing them with ongoing support.  To see more about Lupuloff you can visit coursehero.com

Sheldon Lavin Including Acquisitions


The chairman and CEO of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. He works at the company’s headquarters at Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group is a food company specializing in meat that has given food and jobs to countries worldwide. This is a privately held cooperation that with the direction and leadership of Lavin and President David McDonald operated in seventeen countries as of 2017 and are still open to expand the reach.

Before OSI

For almost fifty years, Lavin has entered the meat industry as a “outsider.” This was because of the prior careers he had in the banking industry as an investor and executive and also owning his own banking industry. Now at OSI, Sheldon Lavin takes pride in his employees and the corporate culture in the group as he “filtered down” through the company’s ranks.

Acquisition Example

An acquisition that CEO Sheldon Lavin underwent with the President was back in August 2016 when they bought a large stake in the company Baho foods. This is a Dutch company that has subsidiaries located all over Germany and the Netherlands. When this acquisition was made, Baho gave out food to eighteen European countries. OSI planned under its leadership to increase both production and sales. Boho foods carry many meat foods like patties, sausage, poultry, and bacon. On top of giving direct service to consumers they had also given to the food service industry wholesale service as well as food retailers over Germany.

In early 2016, Sheldon Lavin was the fifth recipient of an award that was presented by India’s Vision World Economy. The purpose of this award is to honor those in different fields who were able to make their dreams come to life by accomplishing goals through perseverance and persistence. Lavin demonstrated those factors by changing OSI Group from a domestic food company into a global food processor worth billions of dollars. At that time they had more than sixty locations placed in sixteen countries.


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