The Growth of the Highland Capital Management Firm and James Dondero

The Highland Capital Management firm is available for business owners and individuals who need assistance with their banking needs. Investing and capital management can be difficult to understand and do on your own and this is why a lot of people have thought about hiring experts to expand their knowledge on the issue and enabling them to know that this is something that benefits them greatly. Once you make the decision to use a company like Highland Capital Management, you will find that they take the guesswork out of the process for you.

The co-founder and president of the firm is known as James Dondero. James Dondero has a lot of experience behind him in terms of management and capital financing. This makes him a wonderful option for those who are looking for the best possible company options when dealing with capital investing. Investing, in itself, can be difficult and risky and this is why a lot of people have been making use of companies like Highland Capital to help out with this simple yet complicated task.

When it comes to James Dondero, he has a passion for the company that he owns and has made it his mission in life to help people with their own capital investing needs. Instead of dealing with these problems on your own, it can be easy to contact the firm and work directly with the lenders and investment professionals there who can help out. James Dondero has made it so that his investment firm is one of the largest in the country and it is currently helping thousands of people who are all in need of help with their investment needs. For example, you can be a business owner or simply a person who wants help with their management and this is going to be the right type of company for you. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

The fact that James Dondero continues to grow the company and make it one of the largest in the world is why Highland Capital Management is such a popular choice for people of all types. Business owners, corporate owners and individuals alike all use the company and have made use of the services provided to the public by James Dondero. James Dondero is a wonderful business owner who has grown this company to what you see today and it is why a lot of people are choosing the company for themselves. If you are interested in capital management, it might help if you think about working with the right type of company and knowing that Highland Capital as well as James Dondero is a great option for you and your company. This is a company you can count on and know they will be there for you.

Change Your Energy Company To Agera Energy

If you are looking to save a lot of money of the cost for your electric service, you might want to consider switching over to Agera Energy. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

With a quick look at their website, you will find that the price per kilowatt is much lower at Agera Energy than it is at most service providers. They keep their prices low in order to satisfy their customers.


Agera Energy has been in business for many years and over this time, they have expanded their service area to include most of the states in the country. By expanding their service area, they are able to negotiate the price that they pay for the electric service they receive and they pass this on to their customers. Agera Energy is looking to move into more and more markets over the next few years. You may find that the savings you receive by switching is quite high. Read more about Agera Energy at

The Great Smart North: LocationSmart Expands Canadian Service

In the information age, collecting and processing data is big business. Location data is critical for those in the business of data, as streamlining the location process can reveal trends and information that would otherwise go unnoticed.

LocationSmart, the world’s largest location-as-a-service company, has expanded its services into Canada, where the importance of collecting and implementing this data through well-informed decision making should greatly benefit the Canadian market.

The company handles all aspects and possible problems with the process, including consent, geo-contextual services, network location and more.

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering how this could apply to you. Geo-contextual services can benefit almost any business, given the proper implementation. If you own a retail establishment, these services can track approximately how many people are in your vicinity as well where they are within the vicinity. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

In logistics, you can come to learn where your shipments and assets are at any given time, without the need to repetitive and tedious check-ins. The data is transferred directly to your operations center, meaning that retrieving the information becomes a non-issue immediately.

LocationSmart also offers services which compliment the ones listed above, including workforce management, transaction verification, and roadside assistance. All of the intangibles of logistics and workforce management can be transferred to the cloud, making them easier to understand.

Since 2018’s launch into Beta, LocationSmart has assisted companies all across the spectrum, from local retailers to Fortune 500 companies.

Given the ubiquity of cell phone ownership, having the details on where your customers, shipments, logistical concerns and sales are can give your business the edge it needs to become a competing force within your market. Knowledge is power within the business world, and LocationSmart aims to be the bearer of this knowledge.

When every industry has embraced the capabilities that big data can provide, the opportunities for smaller companies to leverage the information they receive become more important with each new revolution in the tech market.

Businesses either embrace and implement the newest capabilities provided by technology, or quickly become a relic of their time. LocationSmart is helping businesses to remain within the former camp.

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Did You Know About Jeunesse Global Next Event?

You probably have heard about Jeunesse Global. They are quite popular for their cutting edge invention on the health and wellness sector. They are big on making everyone who is old enough to know they are not young, look and feel young. They have a team of highly trained professionals who keep their inventions up to date and you in extension, looking young at all times. In addition to this, Jeunesse Global holds events to further their agenda. One such event is the event on June 7 and 8 to celebrate the 2019 NAM Regionals Tour around North America. Westin Stonebriar Hotel & Golf Club 1549 Legacy Dr, Frisco, TX 75034 is the venue of the event and the place to be.

On 7th there will be an up close and personal evening with diamonds and corporate – an invite-only meeting, exclusive to the Pearl executives and above. On the second day, however, there will be two sessions. The first session that will run between 9:30 am – 11:00 am will be designated for an opportunity meeting, and the second session scheduled between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, is allocated for regional training. Tickets are available online at $10 USD, and on the day of the event at $15 USD. However, the entrance is free for all the guests invited

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are responsible for the birth of what has grown to become a world-acclaimed company. Jeunnese organizes expo where its founders give remarkable speeches about the growth of the company, right from its early days as a fledgling firm to what it is today. The expo also provides everyone a chance to meet and connect, which is good for growth. 

The training people get at the expo makes the event worthwhile. All those in attendance get to learn fresh market strategies from their regional corporate leadership team that works round the clock to build your capacity. These strategies help you to come up with a plan that will allow you to meet all your goals promptly. You will also be among the first people to get new marketing materials that will help propel your business to the top.

Eric Lefkofsky a Visionary Leader Leading the Fight Against Cancer

Tempus and Feist-Weiller Cancer Center in an announcement by Tempus CEO and co-founder have joined hands in the fight against cancer. The partnership between the two companies will see more advanced research conducted to help fight cancer and specifically brain cancer. Tempus is a renowned technological healthcare company that boasts of a massive molecular clinic database.

Some of the services provided at the Tempus lab include genomic testing and analysis of DNA, RNA as well as proteomic data. Genome testing is quite significant when it comes to the treatment and care of cancer patients as it provides a better understanding of tumors at a molecular level. Once the physician gets the molecular analysis of a tumor, then the physician will be in a good position to diagnose the tumor and provide patients with customized treatment plans that are tailored according to their needs. Tempus besides genome testing, use other analysis methods such as lab results, radiology scans, and pathology images. All these testing methods help the doctor have a deeper understanding of the condition hence better diagnosis.

Tempus boasts of having numerous sources of clinical as well as molecular information. The data has helped Tempus physicians recommended the most effective treatment plan for their patients. With increased inventions and advanced technology such as AI, Eric Lefkofsky believes that more and more cancer patients will be able to live longer and healthier lives.

The partnership of the two firms will see Tempus organization work with Dr. Georgescu, an experienced physician in the field of glioblastoma, which is the most common type of brain tumor affecting patients. Dr. Geosgescu has been studying the tumor that is believed to be the most dangerous type of brain cancers. As a result of the partnership, Dr. Georgescu patients will be able to benefit from Tempus clinical data as well as genomic testing and data analysis for better diagnosis and therapy.

Tempus is a healthcare startup that was co-founded with Eric Lefkofsky with the aim of providing improved care and diagnosis of cancer. Lefkofsky decided to help establish Tempus after one of his relatives was diagnosed with the disease. Lefkofsky witnessed firsthand the challenges that cancer patient went through, and as a result, decided to start Tempus.

An Insight Into Alastair Borthwick, A Prominent Author, and Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was an author, journalist, and broadcaster. He is mainly remembered because of his prowess as an author. In one of his books, he talked about Scotland and the beauty that the nation harbors. Alastair Borthwick was born and raised in Rutherglen. He also spent some time in Troon and Glasgow as a child. He got his first job at Glasgow Herald when he was 16 years old. Alastair Borthwick was promoted to different ranks, and he assumed different roles, such as being an editor. While working at Glasgow Herald, he also got to learn more about the climbing and hill-walking scene in Scotland.

Borthwick also got a job at the Daily Mirror in 1935. As a journalist, getting a job at the Daily Mirror was a significant achievement. The only issue is that the London lifestyle was not as appealing. As a result, Borthwick went back to Glasgow where BBC hired him and he was working as a radio correspondent. 

Alastair Borthwick would focus on some of the outdoor activities in Scotland while writing a book known as “Always a Little Further.” The publishing firm was not sure about the approach that was used by Borthwick. Despite being termed as unconventional, the book was published, and it became one of the best-selling books about Scotland and the outdoor activities that take place in the region. Alastair Borthwick was commissioned to serve in World War II as an intelligence officer. Borthwick was actively involved in the war. After that, he composed a Battalion history that was published in 1994. 

Alastair Borthwick then married his wife Ann in 1940. He was residing in Glasgow during that period, and he moved to Jura after the wedding ceremony. Borthwick was still working with BBC. Some of the activities that he enjoyed engaging in included fishing and crofting. He then moved to Islay in 1952. Eventually, he returned to Glasgow. Alastair Borthwick then ventured into the television industry in the 1960s. He would be actively involved in the production of different television programs that would last for half an hour. The programs would then be broadcasted on Grampian TV. He would focus on a variety of subjects while in the television industry.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Finds The Changing Dynamic In The ER Room

Eric wasn’t eager to get involved in the medical field when he headed out for college, even though he had been familiar with medicine since he was young. It took until Eric was nearing the end of his studies in college that he decided to switch over to medicine, a decision he is grateful to have made still to this day. 

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is passionate about his job, and he chose emergency medicine in particular because it offers the widest variety of challenges and possibilities for him as a physician. The emergency room can be a challenging place to work for most people, but Eric enjoys the regular change of pace on a daily and weekly basis, treating each day like a new page in a book.

Most people expect the medical industry to be highly profitable, and in most circumstances it is. However, Eric found it to be expensive when he just started out, and he had no free time whatsoever to commit to any other projects, personal or otherwise. At this point, Eric learned commitment is at the very core of working in the medical industry, especially as medicine advances, more people need care, and the pro-active learning never stops. 

Passion and the desire to learn has been critical to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s success over the past 7 years as an emergency care physician. Eric finds honor in being a doctor that can help people on a daily basis, and that fulfillment keeps him going every day. Since first entering the medical field, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel can remember how hectic things have been, especially right after coming out of the medical program and finding his first customer, which was a challenge as well as a thrill.

The one thing that school and prior personal studies did not prepare Eric for in the medical field is the business side of things, which shows up quite often as a medical physician. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel suggests new and graduating medical students to spend more time studying business related medicine, which would have come in handy at the beginning of his own career.

Sergey Petrossov Is a Talented App Developer

Sergey Petrossov has been able to create an app that is the talk of the tech world. He is the CEO of JetSmarter. This app can be used to peruse all of the different charter jet companies. Info about each one is clearly displayed so that customers will be able to make educated decisions before they book their flights. Sergey thought of creating this app when he saw that most private jet chartering services were using a very antiquated way to book their flights. He knew that a mobile app would make the entire process much faster than it currently was. His idea changed the entire industry forever.

Sergey Petrossov works with several venture capitalists to finance his projects. There are many investors who want to work with him because his projects have been known to make money. He has many connections in Russia that give him the money he needs to get his new ventures up and running. He is now spending a lot of his time working as the Chief Executive Officer of JetSmarter. He has thought about moving on to another project. However, he feels that the app needs his attention in order for it to grow on a global scale.

Sergey Petrossov has a great reputation within the private jet chartering industry. His app has increased the revenue of many companies that appear on it. JetSmarter has given people the ability to explore all of the options that are available to them in terms of charter jet companies. They can see photos of the jet they would be chartering. All of the pricing info is also available on the app. A customer can then choose to book a flight and change his or her booking at any time. The ease with which the app can be used has made it very popular.

Sergey has several other apps that are all currently in development. However, he has not given any details about the specific nature of these apps. He hopes to have these apps in the beta testing phase at some point before the end of 2019.

Spaan Tech CEO Smita Shah Gives Insight Into Her Career

Smita Shah is the Chief Executive Officer of Spaan Tech, Inc. Spaan Tech, Inc is an engineering company that provides alternative solutions for difficult projects. Shah has received several honors, most notably The Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Shah is also a licensed professional engineer. She attended Northwestern University and Oxford University, as well as MIT. Shah serves on the Board of Directors for several organizations. Shah has a reputation among her peers for her commitment to entrepreneurship and creativity. Shah is constantly advocating for the growth of small businesses in developing industries. Shah enjoys working with and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow. 

Recently, Smita Shah was a guest on the Steve Cochran Show. Shah says that she was ambitious and wanted to start her own business. She wasn’t afraid to fail. Shah says that her initial goal when she started her own business was to bring people together and work on projects that would leave a lasting impact on the local communities. 

Shah says that being interested in science and math made her stand out at a young age. Shah began to embrace her uniqueness. Shah says that many of her male employees were initially shocked to learn that she was the CEO. Shah says that some people just naturally make assumptions. She believes that it is important that women and minorities continue to pursue math and science, as that will only benefit the country. 

Shah is proud that many women are breaking barriers in her field. Shah believes that math and science are important building blocks that people need to be successful. Shah says that she still enjoys having a small business. Shah says that family is important to her. She says that work-life balance is important to having a successful career. Shah says that society is encouraging girls and young women to speak up more often. Learn more:

Shah says that almost 50% of her employees are women and minorities. Shah says that she only wants qualified people working for her company. Shah says that the more that people have success, the more likely it is that someone will challenge them. Shah says that her company will be involved in several upcoming projects, including building a road and building some bridges. Shah also says that Spaan Tech has installed solar panels on the roofs of multiple families’ houses. Shah says that Spaan Tech has also added lights to different streets. 
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President Of U.S. Money Reserves Shares Reasons To Get Rid Of The Penny

U.S. Money Reserve, Inc., is an Austin, Texas, based firm that sells government-issued gold coins. The coins are one ounce each and can be silver, gold, or platinum.

U.S Money Reserve has been in business for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of people over those years purchase coins. When people call into this company, they talk to an account executive who is able to answer all their questions and help them meet their goals and objectives when it comes to owning valuable precious metal coins.

Philip N. Diehl is the president of U.S. Money reserve. He was also once the United States mint director. He recently appeared on CNN where he talked about eliminating the American penny.

There was recently a debate in England about eliminating their one-penny and two-pence coins which ultimately resulted in their choice to keep these coins in circulation. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

However, this did spark interest in the United States on whether the American penny should continue to be made. The penny was the first currency that the U.S. government minted. In 1909, Abraham Lincoln was chosen to be pictured on it.

Because of his image on the penny, it became a special part of American culture. The back of the penny has seen numerous design changes over the years, though, such as a wheat head and one showing the Lincoln monument in Washington D.C.

The penny used to be made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. During World War II, copper was needed for the war effort and so it was mostly removed from pennies. It was briefly made mostly of steel and nowadays it is 97.6 zinc and just 2.4% copper.

Philip Diehl of U.S. Reserve said that it costs nearly two cents to make each penny. The zinc comes mostly from China and costs the U.S. Treasury about $2.1 million a year to import.

Given current trade tensions between The U.S. and China, coupled with concerns about how zinc mining negatively impacts the environment, raises additional concerns about whether pennies should continue to be made beyond just monetary reason.

Another reason to eliminate pennies is that people are not using nearly as much cash as they used to, especially pennies. They often end up sitting in drawers for months to years at a time. Some people even throw them away when they get them as change. This all adds up to more and more public support for getting rid of them.

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