Deirdre Baggot: Aiding Healthcare Providers to Save on Costs

Deirdre Baggot holds a Doctorate from the Loyola University, in addition to a master degree received from the University of Colorado, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the South Illinois University. She is a healthcare business strategist, as well as a payment expert, her career canvassing many years. She has held positions in Northwestern Memorial Hospital as resource supervisor and nursing personnel, later becoming the hospital administration groups manager. After six years she left the hospital to team up with the University institution of Michigan Health Systems.

Deirdre Baggot spent three productive years in the Michigan University Health systems as a business strategist along with taking up administrative roles. In her time in the institution, she was conferred with outstanding leadership awards for her role in leading the hospital’s safety team, while also getting her Lean/Six Sigma certification. In the year 2006, the business analyst joined the cardiac Vascular Institution of Denver as a Principal administrator, leading the team in business development, expansion, contract management, enlisting, and marketing. Her role in the institution would again earn her another posting as a senior deputy president of GE Healthcare Partners, contributing to the development of their healthcare payment system. Find out more about Deirdre at

Throughout her career Deirdre has maintained a passion for healthcare, her experience has considerably been built working with the institutions to help save money and enhance customer experiences. She has involved herself in bundled payments that present immediate savings to healthcare institutions since the year 1998. Coincidentally, it was during her time as a nurse in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital that she noticed the number of needless tests required to come up with correct patient diagnosis. Quickly devising a checklist for varying illnesses that patients presented, and in so doing shortening the time necessary for ailment identification. The catalogs resulted in greater hospital efficiencies and savings.

Bundled payments have built her career, becoming an authority in the process. She has designed and implemented payment strategies for over 200 health service providers. Additionally, she gives talks on bundled payments in various healthcare platforms, summits, and education institutions. Deirdre continues to advocate for better diagnostic processes and self-health monitoring devices.

OSI Group Expands its Positive Work Environments Across the Globe

OSI Group has a fantastic reputation for job saving and creation, with its expansion of facilities around the globe that includes saving food production companies that were near closing. It is currently one of the largest providers of food to grocery stores and restaurant chains in the world, including OSI Group McDonalds chains. OSI Group operates out of 17 countries, with 65 food production facilities.

OSI Group started out small, growing to become the current leader of the industry that it is today. The company’s belief that achievements stem from the investment of its employees is likely part of the foundation of its success. The work environment at OSI Group McDonalds supplier is meant to be challenging, yet stimulating and rewarding to each individual.

OSI Group is described as a company on the move, currently employing approximately 20,000 employees of all nationalities and backgrounds. The company has facilities around the globe and is constantly expanding to create jobs; therefore, OSI Group has the never-ending task of finding job candidates to employ who are passionate problem solvers who seek innovation, with the overall belief among the company that any individual can make a difference. Leaders of OSI Group McDonalds supplier seek to instill a passion of service to provide food enthusiasts all over the globe with high-quality products, and these leaders strive to create a positive and diverse work environment, where employees of every level can continue their learning experiences, grow to their full potential, and share ideas to find that they are met with a high level of enthusiasm. To know more click here.

The globalized economy is continually evolving, becoming more modernized each day. OSI Group is a growing leader not only in its own industry, but in the march forward in the globalizing and networking process for the world’s economy. The past ten years have shown OSI Group’s growth into leading protein products with value added, of many different types, and also expanding its inventory to include non-protein products. Its main products include meat and hamburger patties, sausage links, and pizza; currently, OSI Group also offers fish, bacon, hot dogs, poultry products, and a variety of vegetable products. Most notably, OSI Group McDonalds chains source their meats through the corporation. Though the company began in the U.S., impressive expansion continues globally, mainly throughout Europe and China.

InnovaCare Health – Background of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

When a company is doing good it is no surprise that everyone would like to know the driving force behind it and in particular the leaders behind the wheel. We can have a look at the two super experienced people behind the success of InnovaCare Health that is Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. I call them super Experienced since they both boast over 20 years of experience.

About Richard Shinto

Dr. Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto started as an internist and Pulmonologist after which he joined MedPartners as their VP where he was in charge of medical management. He has worked with Cal Optimal Health Plan in California, Orange County, worked with Pathways Management Company as operations manager, worked as a senior officer at NAMM and in 2008 moved to Aveta Inc. where he later became CEO until 2012.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been recognized because of his managerial and vision when he was given Ernst $ Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award back in 2012 in the Service Category. He has not relented as we can see this year Modern Healthcare has recognized him as one of 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, this tells you how determined he is to make sure everyone especially the minority receive good healthcare for a healthier nation.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a graduate from Binghampton University with Bachelor’s in Classical language and biological sciences and later did Masters in New York University. At InnovaCare Health she is Chief Administrative Officer appointed in June 2015, previously she had worked as a chief operating officer in the same company. In her more than 20 years’ experience she has worked in government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, In the private sector she has worked with Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health different capacity from operations head to corporate VP.

In her Interview on IdeaMensch, she highlights how good her team is proving how good a team player she is. She also talks about how organized she is by thinking about the next day every night which makes her more productive, a clear sign InnovaCare Health is at good hands with a very bright future.

About InnovaCare Health

Talk about quality healthcare, cost-effective and innovative in one sentence, and I tell you it is incomplete without adding InnovaCare Health as the provider. InnovaCare is the epitome of a perfect business model providing health services good for stakeholders and excellent for customers, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Puerto Rico recognized this as it is the only with 4.5-star ratings.

Ryan Secreast, the Iconic host Of American Idol

Ryan John Seacrest is a well-known television host, producer and, also American radio personality. Ryan Seacrest was born and raised in Atlanta The Peachtree State. Ryan Seacrest also hosts the American Idol Show and other shows on Radio.

American Idol show is starting a new season with ABC TV station instead of FOX station. ABC has selected Ryan Secreast as the returning host for the iconic music competition series with other new Judges on the panel starting its first season in the spring of 2018.

Ryan Secreast is a genius and he is capable of producing music competition series among everything on E network. He is dedicated, dependable and hardworking. Ryan Seacrest is an entrepreneur, Philanthropist, creative and a multitasker and knows how to get the job done. Over these many years On TV, he has won the respect and admiration of the American people

Ryan Seacrest Production company is an award winning entertainment company. The company also produced the Emmy Award-winning reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and E! Live from the red carpet award shows.

As a producer, Seacrest is the executive producer and co-host on “Live with Kelly and Ryan talk show that airs on ABC every morning. Other shows he co-hosts and produced include annual New Year’s Eve program on ABC. He also features on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark to mention a few.

As an Entrepreneur, Ryan is involved in a wide range of media and entertainment companies.

His philanthropic efforts are based on helping the youth and serving as a chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Ryan Seacrest Foundation has launched 10 broadcast media centers. Ryan Seacrest has established studios for children in hospitals across America. He is a member of the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

As a businessman, Ryan has a good taste for fashion. His love for fashion motivated him to launch a menswear collection and Ryan Seacrest Distinction which is sold exclusively at Macy’s. He launched a men’s skincare line and also has a long endorsement relationship with blue-chip brands including Ford and Coca-Cola.

Why Reputation is Important to Clay Hutson

To Clay Hutson, reputation plays an important and vital role in growing a successful business in the entertainment production industry. After working in the field for almost 21 years, he knows based on life experience it leads to career advancement and expansion. Hutson is a sound engineer and entrepreneur with humbled beginnings studying theatre design and working for various entertaining companies. He operates and oversees his own enterprise producing, managing, and designing live tours mainly for rock-and-roll musical groups. His prior experience comprise working with Pink, Kid Rock, Guns’n’Roses, and the Billy Graham’s travelling crew.

In February 2018, Clay said in an interview on IdeaMensch that he is working for Kid Rock as the stage manager. When asked how he brings his ideas to life, Clay Hutson responded he brings his ideas to life by envisioning them for designs, sounds, and lightings. As the leader over his workers, he says he’s the first person to visualize space consumption on stage. He shared with his followers about remaining productive in his career and how he expands his business. To stay productive, he works early to outline daily events which prepares him to delegate tasks to his crew members efficiently.

The one strategy that helped Clay Hutson grow his business is hard work, reputation, and word of mouth. He told The Bro Talk in May 2018 that he works long hours and pays close attention to details which enhances his reputation among entertainers. It enables him to attract new clients through his dedication and professionalism when working with existing customers. It also helps his career and company advance with new referrals needing the same services he offers.

Clay Hutson started his career in Nashville, TN as a project manager and audio engineer for production enterprises in the United States. He specializes in live event management, production, and design for rock-and-roll entertainment. In 2005, Clay travelled to Europe, North America, and Australia with the Garbage Band. One year ago, he worked on the Honda Civic Tour for One Republic as operator of the automatic system in Asia and North America.