Jim Toner Two Cents On How To Succeed Despite Previous Losses

Due to recession and real estate crash that took place a few years ago, tons of average Americans who had invested in the sector are now a hopeless lot. However, their hopelessness does not come as a surprise as most of them were plunged at rock bottom after losing all that they had remaining in their real estate and retirement account. Despite the situation, Jim Toner, a real estate bigwig still has faith in real estate. He believes that real estate had nothing to do with the losses that these people incurred and instead the decisions they made back then are responsible for the situation they are in. He goes on to add that the real estate sector is still one of the most favorable areas to venture into and he believes that those who invest in it now, will reap big in the next half-decade.

He encourages those who have undergone losses in real estate not to give up and instead they should change their attitude towards the sector as this is one of the secrets to gaining success in all areas. He says that by having a positive attitude despite the losses incurred in the past, they will be able to win big. Additionally, he urges anyone who wants to reach the apex of success to surround themselves with like-minded individuals. This he says is another powerful ingredient to gaining triumph because when you hang out with people who thirst for success, then you will undoubtedly get the motivation you require to get to the top from them.

Another word of advice from Toner to those who lost everything and everyone else, in general, is that they should do what rich people do. He believes that if you want to be wealthy, then you have to stop acting poor. Doing what rich people do helps you create the mindset of a prosperous person and enables you to overcome challenges and hurdles along the way because you want to maintain that status of an affluent person. Lastly, he urges them to use failures as lessons and always maintain honesty.

Who is Jim Toner?

Jim Toner is a man known for his numerous hats but mostly famed for his prowess in real estate. He is also a radio show host, philanthropist and a speaker who regularly talks about real estate and also offers valuable life lessons to those seeking success and those who already have it. Thanks to his career, Jim Toner has shared platforms with renowned individuals such as Sharon Lechter, Frank McKinney, and many others. Having been in real estate for more than two decades, Jim Toner boasts vast experience and knowledge, a factor that has made him one of the most sought out individuals when it comes to real estate investment advice. See Toner’s resume on LinkedIn.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: A New Kind of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. She has earned that title through years of the machine, tool, and technique development. Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen several areas that did use improvement in the plastic surgery field and pushed for them. The most interesting thing about Dr. Walden is that she is so rare in the field. Women do not technically occupy roles as surgeons and even last go into aesthetics. The problem with this is that many of the people that benefit from plastic surgery are women. In fact, more than 91% of the individuals that seek to augment their appearance are women and in most of these cases, these women are more comfortable discussing the areas of their bodies that make them feel insecure with another woman.

Dr. Jennifer Walden offers that service to the women that come to her for surgical advice. She understands firsthand many of the insecurities that they have developed over the years. She has also expressed a desire to help her patients realize their self-worth in their own skin, but they should never feel trapped in. Her work has touched countless lives because of that desire. Dr. Walden is also adept at creating new tools for her role. She has developed many items that have aided in the surgical process and even been regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country.

As a mom of twins, she brings a very unique perspective to the surgical consultation room. Her work is centered around making the experience as comfortable as possible. Since she obtained her degree from the University of Texas in biology and then her M.D. from the medical branch of the University she has been pushing to create a more enlightened environment for her patients.

Learn about the great leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at InnovaCare

Rick Shinto is a public figure who is recognized in the healthcare industry. He has a vast experience ranging over 20 years since he launched his medical career. Shinto started as an intern and worked as a pulmonologist working in Southern California. Rick Shinto went ahead to work for MedPartners where he was the VP. His work was to deal with medical management. Rick later went to Cal Optimal. He was working as a senior medical officer, and the hospital is located in s strategic place. Rick Shinto has worked in various organizations, and that is why he has acquired such experience. He worked for Pathways Management Company where he was the operations manager and CMO. He also attained the position of senior officer where he contacted medical management at NAMM. Rick was also invited to work for Aveta where he was working at management level but later promoted to become the CEO. Today Rick is the president at InnovaCare, and he has been working here to offer the best services and guide the employees. He has won many accolades because of his excellent skills and knowledge in management. Check out Rick Shinto’s Linked In page.




Penelope Kokkinides




Rick Shinto works with other professionals like Penelope Kokkinides. She is also qualified and has years of experience in the field. She has used the chance to acquire a lot of knowledge and skills to run large organizations like InnovaCare Health. Having worked in the sector for over twenty years, she has the full understanding of all the operations. She has worked for government institutions, and she knows Medicaid plan and Medicare. In the past, she has worked at Centerlight where she was the chief officer in management. She was overseeing the overall running of the organization. She also has the experience of working at Touchstone Health where she served as the operations head. Penelope has also worked for AmeriChoice where she operated as the corporate VP. Her best experience is working at InnovaCare as the Chief Operating Officer.




About InnovaCare




InnovaCare is found in North America and has been providing healthcare services to enhance the lives of the customers. They have two sections which include Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The company has been running using the latest technology. That is why they have established affordable and sustainable health programs, yet they are innovative. They always understand that customers have different needs and work towards helping all the patients.