Why Jeff Aronin Chose To Focus On Rare And Orphan Diseases

Entrepreneur Jeff Aronin once met with a physician who had a tough decision to make. This doctor had a child who was experiencing seizures. He had two options to treat the child. One of these was to perform a complex surgical procedure while the other viable choice was to use a medicine to eliminate the seizures. He thought it over and decided that the medicine would be the best choice. This turned out to be the right decision as the child didn’t need to be operated on and instead had their condition greatly improved with the medicine.

Helping people has been at the center of Jeff Aronin’s career throughout his time in the healthcare industry. He started a venture capital firm called Paragon Biosciences where he invests in healthcare company startups. His company also incubates these companies and helps them through the earliest stages of getting going. The types of companies that Jeff Aronin focuses on is those that are seeking cures for orphan and/or rare diseases that are not being sufficiently addressed.

After completing high school Jeff Aronin became a student at Northern Illinois University. After graduating from there with his bachelor’s degree he attended DePaul University and earned an MBA. He worked in the field of healthcare for a period of time before founding his first private venture company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. He was the chief executive officer of this company which was designed to help those who had conditions that were rare and unaddressed by the medical community.

Unlike most other healthcare entrepreneurs, Jeff Aronin hasn’t been focusing his career on finding the next huge blockbuster cure. He instead wants to help those patients who have diseases which are rare and haven’t been cured. While there isn’t as much money to be made in what Jeff Aronin does but he thinks that the people who have these diseases should have access to cures and what he and his company earn is sufficient for their efforts.


Jose Aurimo makes JHSF go Global

Auriemo is one of the youngest presidents of one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil. He is also a professional engineer who earned his engineering degree at Sau Paulo. Jose who is referred to as Zeco by his family members is a talented leader who started his leadership missions while he was still very young. During his teenage Zeco Auriemo was able to attend an international youth conference that was held in Japan. He was also able to travel around the world at a very early age which gave him the opportunity to make useful networks at a very early age.


JHSF at New York City

With his leadership skills and ability to use his connections for the betterment of the company, Jose Zeco has been able to take his company from Brazil all the way to one of the most famous and classy streets in New York City known as the Big Apple. This is one of the greatest achievements that the JHSF Company has ever had since it was established because many construction companies have always admired working on projects on that street. The Big Apple Street which is located on the 5th avenue in New York is considered to be a street where the richest musicians, sportsmen and also actors choose to spend their luxurious lives in.

Jose Zeco is also very famous for turning Brazil into a very luxurious country by constructing some of the biggest malls and hotels. The quality of the constructions he always put up has made the company to be trusted by very many clients and that is why Zeco was able to convince the city hall to give the company the permission to put a story residential building on the most admired street in New York. The residential houses which are going to be a five-story building will be one of the best houses in the avenue, based on (Zeronaldo.com).


William Saito And His Incredible Cyber Crisis/Disaster Recovery Experience

William Saito is someone who started a company in his dorm room, and he has been working in the IT field and business consultation arena for many years. He has been given awards for helping where others could not, and he is one of the leading experts in his field. Look at how this man has created a business based on his understand of how online business should be conducted.


  1. What Does William Saito Do Best?


William Saito has started many businesses, and he has said that he was even profitable in the early days. He knows that it takes companies a long time to be profitable, but working hard has helped him to overcome all the obstacles that he has faced. He is one of those people who keeps to a tight schedule, and he is hoping that he can inspire other people in the future to do the same things he has done.


  1. The Japanese Medal Of Honor


William Saito won the Japanese Medal of Honor was given to William for the work that he did in the cleanup after the Fukushima accident. He has been very involved in the way that the people have recovered because he wants to avoid even more fatalities.


  1. Preparing For Cyber Attacks


William Saito advises companies often on how to prepare for cyber attacks, and he has let a lot of people know how they could build up their security protocols so that you do not lose everything. The backups and extra security systems that William helps people build are much stronger than standard security, and they allow companies to remain calm in the event of an attack.


  1. Why Prepare?


William Saito wants all his clients to replace for a cyber attack because he knows they are coming. Some are more devastating than others, but he wants everyone to be ready. He can cut back on data loss, and he can expedite the warning with new security tools.


  1. Conclusion


William Saito has been a very good businessman in the IT field, and his cybersecurity expertise is second-to-none. He wants people to know that they can protect their own businesses with his help, and he can cut down on costs for security while improving the overall results.




Paul Mampilly gives Insights on Stock Exchange Sector

The impact of September 11 on the stock market. The chaos and fear caused by the terrorist attack in 2001 September 11th, resulted in panic selling and disastrous fluctuation in the market value of the NYSE market. The day after the September attack resulted in 684 falls in points which set the record for the greatest loss ever in the history of exchange for one day. Paul Mampilly also explains that some of the sectors flourished as a result of the attack. The likes of technology companies and weaponry contractors recorded an increase in the value of their shares as the government prepared for war on terror. The strength of the economy of the United States is marvelous because it only took a month for the Dow Jones and NASDAQ to regain its original price levels.

The prediction by some of stock exchange analyst is that the stock market is set to fall by almost 50%. Paul Mampilly explains that the media has got it all wrong compared to what economic research shows. He explains that this news is false and also believes that the market will soar to new levels in the other half of the year. Paul Mampilly has gathered four different types of charts on revenue, debts, and the housing sector which show the difference between the people’s opinions and the reality. Paul Mampilly advises investors that this is the best time to invest in stock because the panic is over and the market is expected to rise.

A 30-year-old becomes a Bitcoin millionaire

She is not well known but her name is Erica Stanford who recently became a Bitcoin millionaire. She started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and she started at $2600 and in a few months, she had made $3900. Paul Mampilly explains it is not a rare story considering the high gains recorded in the cryptocurrency sector towards the end of 2017. Stanford quit her marketing job in order to fully undertake cryptocurrency exchange which was considered a rash move by her manager and father. Paul highlights on the importance to pay attention to millennial trends, a recent survey conducted revealed that almost 50% of the millennials are comfortable with switching to cryptocurrency as their basic currency.

Go Buyside Using Technology to Solve Recruitment Challenges

Go Buyside Using Technology to Solve Recruitment Challenges

Go Buyside is a New York based global recruitment agency, founded in 2010, that specializes in the financial services industry. It uses a technological platform to match potential employees to employers. The platform uses artificial intelligence to offer an innovative and disruptive solution.

The niche sector of investment management faces a major challenge of finding specialized talent. Go Buyside addresses this problem by concentrating on private equity companies, hedge funds, and investment managers. The firm serves over 500 clients and uses its vast network and proprietary technology to streamline the recruitment process. It is a well-established executive search agency boasting a talent network beyond 10000 companies in over 500 cities.

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Arjun Karun, the chief executive of Go Buyside, believes innovative technology is key in continuous improvement of the hiring process. He hails the use of artificial intelligence on the platform and notes that it improves the accuracy of talent searches. Algorithms used by the Go Buyside platform pick out precise information on user profiles. This gives a more refined search based on accomplishments, experience and career ambitions.

Today, communication technologies have shortened the recruitment process. This has offered employers a larger pool to choose from. It has also presented a selection challenge because the process can be hectic. Go Buyside has applicant tracking systems and online job boards on their platform that make the process efficient. A qualified and competent team complements Go Buyside’s hiring expertise in investment management. The firm believes its team enables it to network efficiently with professionals in the industry.

Michel Terpins and His Brother

2014’s 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally race saw his racing partner and Rodrigo that year finish in 7th place in the Prototypes T1 category. His brother, Michel Terpins, were not so lucky, being unable to finish the Special due to unexpected car difficulties. Rodrigo’s team also had a little car trouble, having a wreck that forced them to go slower to save the unstable suspension. 2017’s 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally saw Michel (pilot) team up with Maykel Justo (navigator). That year, since the rally was celebrating its 25th anniversary, the racetrack was especially long, the longest in the rally’s history.


It would span more than 3,300 km across three Brazilian states: Goias, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul. That year Michel and Justo also modified their T-Rex to make it both faster and more powerful. During the 2017 rally, the two raced the four-day RN 1500 together. The two also paired up for both the Brazilian Championship and the Mitsubishi Cup that year. Every year the rally finalizes with the Prologue which features a competition with motorcycles, quadricycles, UTVs, and cars. Rodrigo, Michel, and other of their partners every year represent the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.  To see more visit terra.com


Michel has been involved since 2002 when he first competed in the motorcycle category. Not long afterward he became the car racing partner with his racing veteran brother. And not long after that, the two formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team remains sponsored by 100% Eventos, Xarla, Bull Sertoes, and the support team Mem, For his part, Justo began his career with Sertoes in the truck category. For further information about both Rodrigo and Michel visit the websites rodrigoterpins.com.br, www.terpins, and michelterpins.com.br.


You can also visit the brothers’ various social media profiles at www.twitter.com/rodrigoterpins, www.twitter.com/michelterpins, or www.instagram.com/bullsertoesrallyteam. Their Facebook profile is @bullsertoesrallyteam. For more info you can checkout chamatcha.com


The Beginnings of End Citizens United

In each generation, there are certain court cases that tend to change the course of history. According to End Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision made in 2010 concerning the Super PAC Citizens United is one of these cases that will make history. To this day, the United States still doesn’t know exactly where this decision will lead and End Citizens United is doing everything they can to prevent harm to the American people. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

The case that was heard by the Supreme Court made it legal for PACs like Citizens United to keep their financial sources hidden from public records. This case came about after the PAC released a video bashing Hillary Clinton in 2008. Despite being an hour and a half long, many agreed that it amounted to little more than a very long political ad and thus must have the financial backers published. Initially, the courts ruled that they would have to reveal who paid for the film to be made and aired but this decision was later overturned by the Supreme Court.

Despite corporations not being a thing when the Constitution was created and amended, the court is protected the rights of free speech for these big businesses as if they are individuals. End Citizens United fears what this may mean for the American people in the future. Big Money should not have a place in politics and this decision will allow it to have even more influence than it does today. Follow the group on facebook.com.

Corporations may now contribute as much as they want to PACs like Citizens United, and what’s worse is that they can do it completely anonymously. The ruling has upset many people and is highly supported by the Conservatives who are pushing for even fewer regulations. Since the modern Republican party has always been known for its deep ties with the elite of the United States, it gives them an undeniable edge when it comes to financing. This is why End Citizens United is working so hard to achieve campaign financing reform in order to give the power back to the people of the United States instead of big corporations.

William Saito Plays A Key Role In Developing Russia As A Technology Giant

The Russian nation has been at the heart of the development of new technologies since the late 19th-century. The development of a range of technologies began in Russia, including the creation of the radio and the launch of the first human into space. Over the course of the late-20th-century, the position of Russia as a technology leader has taken a hit with economic problems at the turn of the 21st-century resulting in the U.S. and much of Asia. The single term of Vladimir Putin as the Prime Minister of Russia from 2008 to 2012 led to a burst of activity from American investors in Russia, including tech expert William Saito.

Growing up in a Japanese-American family in Walnut, California, William Saito struggled to master the English language but felt at home with technology in his own home. Saito would go on to establish his impressive own I/O Software company which would eventually lead to Saito being named Entrepreneur of the Year for 1998 and Microsoft purchasing his startup.

In terms of Russia, William Saito would be among the first to recognize the amazing potential offered by Russia as a technology leader. The improvements available in Russia were initially focused on the development of the impressive Kaspersky antivirus brand which proved popular until it was downgraded by American technology leaders. William Saito has been pivotal in finding the simplest way of introducing Russian technology into the wider world.

William Saito has spent much of the last few years assisting with the development of various technology startups based around the existing technology sectors of cybersecurity for the oil and gas industries. During the last few years, Willaim Saito has inspired many U.S.-based investment companies including Goldman Sachs to seek out various Russian startups, which are being advised by Google and other high-profile American technology groups.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is Both a Successful Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

The global real estate industry and mostly Dubai is lucky to have an investor like Hussain Sajwani who works towards providing luxury real estate that fits the people’s standard. To help him achieve that, he founded a company called DAMAC in 2002 where he serves as chairman. The company offers services and properties that no other firm provides like the designs and quality which makes it popular in Dubai and internationally. Surprisingly, he started entrepreneurship in the food industry and later shifted gears to real estate after Dubai allowed foreigners to own properties. Either way, he did not abandon the food services business as it is still a part of the DAMAC empire. One aspect that has made him stand out in his field of activity is his marketing strategy whereby he sometimes offers apartmownent buyers cars. To be precise, he gives away Lamborghinis, and he partners with Versace and Bugatti for co-branding deals.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has gone to greater heights in the real estate sector, and by going global, he has done massive projects for and with influential individuals. In 2013, he and his company DAMAC worked with president Donald Trump in developing two golf courses in Dubai development that were branded, Trump. His work has been recognised by people who are likely to put him on the map especially with their extensive connections with other capable people in a similar social class. In that case, Hussain Sajwani is reaping big in his business venture which he takes pride in considering that he did not start from the top but has grown progressively.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC support charity and some of the philanthropy work they have been involved in is the donation of a two million cheque meant to cater for the needy children. To be precise, the clothing these children was the main agenda as well as improving the living standards of people globally. He is clear that the young generation is the future of tomorrow’s society and should, therefore, be taken care of in the best way possible. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) with his riches and massive achievements has been featured in the Forbes billionaires list where he has been ranked position 527 in 2018. Follow Hussain on Twitter.

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How OSI Group Maintains Consistent Food Production

Since OSI Group came into existence in 1975, the company maintains its core principal of serving customers consistently. The food production company continues to sustain its production of beef, poultry, pork, and other products’ mandate under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon doubles as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the group. He joined the company in 1970 when it was known as Otto & Sons, but the name OSI Group was adopted in 1975 when he was invited as a partner. Together with the group’s president and the Chief Operations Officer, David McDonald, Sheldon Lavin made the group the company what it is today despite the technological and strategic challenges during the company’s operations. One of the challenges is the rise in demand for its products from the customers and the way to tackle the problems.

To counter the demand, the CEO guides the group on how to improve its productivity. One way the company continues to make an acquisition of other companies or upgrade the current plants. Sheldon continues to oversee these processes over the days. Some of the companies, which were acquired, include Tyson Foods, Baho Foods, and flagship Europe. Tyson Foods is located in Chicago. The company lies in a 20,000 feet space, which is an added advantage to the company because it would use the area for future expansions. Through the acquisition of Baho Foods, the company is optimistic that it will serve its customers in Germany Netherlands. Although Baho Foods produces are products as the group, it will create an excellent platform for OSI Group through its five subsidiaries spread across five countries across Europe.

Flagship Europe was acquired to cater to the European market through the supply of frozen poultry, sauces, sandwich fillings, dips and pies to name but a few. Apart OSI Group reaching more customers in Europe, the acquisition also led to the improvement of the Flagship Europe’s market. In Spain, the group upgraded the Toledo plant to boost the annual production by adding more facilities. The poultry production was aimed to double from 12,000 to 24,000 tons annually. The total output of the plant was designed at 45,000 tons per year. Sheldon Lavin operates together with the President and Chief Operations Officer David McDonald. Both have worked in OSI Group for over three decades with McDonald joining the group in 1987, seventeen years behind Sheldon Lavin. These two men are the main pillars of the company’s sustainable and robust service to its customers.