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Kabbalah and Abstinence

Unlike other religions, which abstinence is a form of discipline against earthly desires, Kabbalah has a different opinion on the same. While it does not outrightly tell us to engage in destructive sexual behaviors, Kabbalah Centre is of the opinion that people should embrace their desires. Kabbalah tells us that people can find a greater connection by sharing with their spouses.

Kabbalah and clothes

While some people look as dressing as any daily task, Kabbalah encourages people to find meaning in the process of dressing. Dressing helps us express right things to other people. By choosing the right clothes and dressing well, it will help you start your day off well. This will also lead us to do good to others and hence have a great day to learn more: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-kabbalah-centre-5939226587 click here.

Kabbalah and Afterlife

Kabbalah places emphasis in the afterlife and is of the view that earthly life and desires are unimportant. However, believers are expected to do good deeds in this life. People are encouraged to help their counterparts who need help and encourage those who need encouragement. These actions are deemed gratifying, and they help people find meaning in their lives.

About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization situated in Los Angeles. Kabbalah Centre founded in 1984 by Philip Berg and Karen Berg. It offers online courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. It is comprised of multi-ethnic teaching staffs who offer Kabbalistic studies and guidance to its worldwide community. The Centre is also engaged in charity works by helping those affected by disasters by providing both humanitarian and financial assistance.

Kabbalah Centre helps members find meaning in living. According to Kabbalah, everything we do has meaning. The teachings have been passed down through generations as a means of finding deeper connections with our surroundings. It appeals to the spiritual experience that enables us to find more meaning in life. It is of the opinion that there are more connections if we have more motivated souls who follow the teachings.

The Dallas Zoo Just Got Very Exciting

The Dallas zoo has just gained a new addition and the local residents are very excited. The Hippo Habitat was just completed and Adhama and Boipelo, the new hippos, were finally able to make their new home at the Dallas zoo. The zoo hasn’t had any hippo residents since the last hippo, Papa, had died in 2001. Part of the reason why there have not been any hippo residents since then was because the zoo needed some new improvements in order to create a habitat that could accommodate their new guests. The new project would not be easy and would come with a hefty price tag f about $$14 million dollars.


Thanks to the generous donation form James Dondero and Highland Capital Management, the project was able to get completed and the hippos have been able to move into their new home. The new Hippo Habitat was built on 2.1 acres and has a 120,000-gallon African waterhole habitat. It even has a submerged viewing area. The new additions have proven to be popular as the zoo has been experiencing a lot more visitors and this is good news for the zoo. You can read all about the undertaking of the hippo project here.


James Dondero has donated millions of dollars to help improve the communities within Dallas and this is one of them. He has even gained a reputation as being an active supporter in various projects and charities.


James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and he has over thirty years of experience in his field of expertise in the equity and credit markets. Highland Capital Management offers solutions and products for investors and has about $14.9 billion in assets. James Dondero began his career as an analyst in 1984 and he is a supporter of many charitable organizations including Uplift Education, Snowball Express, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, just to name a few. Dondero holds his dual majors in Finance and in Accounting. Dondero graduated form the University of Virginia and is a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

The Career And Philanthropy Of Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor. He established this firm in order to help dentists build their practices by learning how to treat people with sleep disorders through the use of dental appliances. He also shows them how to market their practices to these people so that they can increase the number of patients they see and the revenue they bring in.

As a prior dentist himself. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is very familiar with what it’s like to operate a dental practice. He owned his own private dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, which he had established in 1999. Over the course of his dental career he was the recipient of a number of local dentistry awards including being named as the Best Dentist in his region of New Jersey a number of different years.

While working as a dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel became increasingly interested in studying sleep disorders. The most dangerous type of sleep disorders is sleep apnea. People who have sleep apnea stop breathing during the night which cuts off oxygen to their bodies and brains. A lack of oxygen can lead to all sorts of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Dr. Weisfogel discovered ways that he could treat his patients with these types of disorders which became his passion.

Today, Dr. Weisfogel travels around the nation and shows other dentists how to help people who suffer from sleep disorders. He both provides lectures as well as one on one support. He has said that he’s found a satisfaction in this profession that eluded him to a certain extent while he was a practicing dentist.

As a philanthropist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has supported a number of charities over the years. In late 2016 he set up a Go Fund Me page for a very important cause to him as a former dentist, Operation Smile. Operation smile sends teams of dentists and surgeons that perform dental surgery for disadvantaged children around the world. Their focus is on providing surgeries for children who suffer from cleft palates but they help children with regular dental issues as well.

The Importance of Investing In ETF’s French Post Election

The European economy is to experience some growth with all that is about to happen, for some investors, they were ready to pack their bags after France’s presidential election; however, waiting for a while would be advisable. A lot can change since there are the European political events which are yet to happen, some of which will have a hand in boosting the economy.

Some of the events will include the Germany national elections and also the France legislative elections, which will mean that the European exchange-traded funds (ETFs), will have a better chance of making more money over time. For any proactive investor who deals with ETFs, keenly watching the political scene would be a wise idea since there is a lot of benefits which can emerge.

During the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen was defeated by Emmanuel Macron, something which most people were expecting. The results have favored lots of investors since Macron is viewed as an economically promising and stable candidate.

Meaning that international businesses can be conducted, thus opening newer doors for lots of investors. Nonetheless, the win will ascertain that there has been a positive trend in the European economy.

However, there is still work which will have to be done, some of which will involve the European currency being able to catch up with the dollar. This, on the other hand, is great news for investors, with the European economy working on catching up with the dollar, the stocks are cheap, meaning that, they can buy the stocks and wait until favorable conditions present themselves in no time.

All of this will get to rely on the current political conditions, meaning that, it can as well be a gamble for investors.

Since Macron is a candidate with whom most people can rely on, most investors are hoping that his selection of the prime minister will ascertain that there can be a moderate government. One which will have the ability to manage the powers of the major political parties. Therefore, the burden too is on Macron since he will have to live up to the expectations of the people and ascertain that they are surfeited.

About Brian Bonar

Brian is a well-renowned leader, his roles within most companies have ascertained that he has all that it takes in ensuring that they can achieve all that they would need. He is well acknowledged for his role as the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corp.

However, Brian Bonar has more positions in other companies, some of which he has founded like Ams Outsourcing. Other companies in which he is the chairman and CEO include Amanda Co Inc, Warning Management Services, Trucept Inc, Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc, amongst others.

The RBS 60-Years of Digital Business by Duda Melzer

RBS group is an investment company in the digital sector. Fundamentally, it is a family business which has been headed by three generation. The founder Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho handed over leadership to Nelson Sirotsky. Through the succession plan coupled up with skills and knowledge in business operations, Duda Melzer took over from his uncle.

The company has a close focus in the area of online media – communication, digital devices and education sector. RBS manages 18 Globo network linked television stations, two local TV stations, and 24 radio stations. In addition to these, the firm also runs some online platforms, newspapers and some forms of entertainment. Over the years the company has been doing marketing, advertising, application development, sales, and entertainment.

Under Duda Melzer, RBS has launched a tablet of the model Galaxy Tab E in collaboration with big stakes; Samsung and named it ZH Tablet. The Zero Hour tablet uses a homepage browser controller by the newspaper Zero Hour for online readers. RBS recently diversified its portfolio in the Wine Industry by buying a minority stake in a company that deals with e-commerce of wine.

About Duda Melzer

He began in the North America at the Delphi Corporation as a financial analyst. Duda has also worked for the BoxTop Media and Family Communications Network before moving on to become the President and Chairman of RBS Group. He is the founder of the e.Bricks Digital Company and an active partner at the e.Bricks Ventures.

He attaches his success to the opinion and support of his acquaintance, business expert, and Harvard lecturer and professor, John Davis. His rules of operation have impacted positively in the digital company. Duda Melzer’s leadership at the RBS is within the states Santa Catarina, and the Rio Grande do Sul where the company has offices. Finally, he has a Business Administration degree from the Pontifical Catholic University and an MBA from the Harvard University.

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