Exploring Data Cloud Security With CipherCloud

Interned is an interesting platform that has availed many opportunities for various people in the world. This is an arena that allows you to connect with people across the world within the click of a button. For business people, this has been a great relief to their operations. They have easily accessed larger markets and an array of information that has helped them make their products and services better. What is more interesting is the fact that buying does not require one to keep traveling to physical shops. It can be done online without much strain. However, this convenience has come with various challenges. It is not easy to transact through a system that is not secured well. Cases of fraud have increased, something that has led to losses among many individuals. CipherCloud with their modern technology have worked to enhance online security and to help investors secure their businesses. The company has been offering useful software that helps to keep cloud connectivity secure.

CipherCloud was launched in 2010 and since its launch, they have managed to handle more than 100 cases of security violation. Their team has offered analysis to most of these situations and the results have showed weak security systems or poor configuration that makes it easy for fraudsters to penetrate. This is one of the areas they have offered 100% solution to many. They have designed software that is strong enough to hide all details that entail the development of any website they work on. All database information is also kept secret and secure from anyone who might want to access some details without permission.

Creating a chest that can work against efforts of hacking is one of the attempts CipherCloud has made successfully so far. They have well trained experts, so reliability on their part is something that can be expected. The hiring process within CipherCloud is well coordinated to ensure the professionals added to the team are capable individuals who are willing to learn and research on various topics. Creativity forms the basic requirement that can help one to join the company. Their search for well rounded individuals who are able to design unique software has been successful and the few experts they have hired have proved able and willing to offer their best in the work.

Data encryption forms some of the basic parts that CipherCloud have been working on for the time they have been operational. This includes setting up of strong systems that are capable of restricting access to the database. CipherCloud has developed unique software that has helped premier institutions like banks to easily secure their systems and this has helped them to remain relevant and useful in the industry for many years.

Kyle Bass Sees Big Changes On The Horizon

China has become an economic juggernaut today, and Argentine Kyle Bass thinks it is only a matter of time before that state of affairs changes. According to Kyle Bass, the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, of China doesn’t match the loans it has collectively taken out. Furthermore, since surrounding countries are “aggressively”, as Bass put it, lending to China, when the big country collapses it could spell an economic implosion for the entire Asian economy. While Bass anticipates that this collapse will not be the kind to send stock brokers jumping out of buildings, it is definitely going to cause upset and lead to a lessening of purchasing power for China.

Kyle Bass jumped on the scene in 2008 when he successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis which lead to the economic collapse of America in 2008. Bass is a hedge fund manager who is currently centered in Texas, but he has ties internationally; most notably to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a known Argentinian socialist. But then, her socialist angle is hardly a measure of Bass’ acumen as a hedge fund manager.

Kyle Bass was also able to successfully predict an economic implosion in the Japanese economy which resulted in provision of stimulus packages.

Kyle Bass remains controversial as his rapier wit and astute observation has resulted in utilization of a number of previously unconsidered loopholes in the American segment of the economy. One notable example of this is Kyle’s organization The Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This coalition was able to decrease the cost of drugs among some big-ticket pharmaceuticals, subsequently lowering their stock. Knowing that a stock-lowering would take place, Kyle then used his knowledge to make some substantial money from the market itself. The net result of this is that congressmen on both sides of the political fence were knocked into a scramble to cover that loophole. Is it ironic that money is the only thing which has facilitated American bipartisanship, or just par for the course?

Well, whatever the case, Kyle now has his sights set on China, and if his track record is anything to be considerate of, some substantial change is about to take place in that country. Such change is the kind which many in the right position could stand to profit from. The question is: are Bass’s tactics above the board, or is this another method he’s gambling will push the market one way or another, and allow him to capitalize? Market manipulation is something that many have valid, strong feelings against.

In the end, the only thing that makes sense regarding Kyle Bass is observation of his predictions, and whether or not they come true. The future isn’t set in stone, after all.

Market Wired Reports Quest Ventures Proposed Purchase of Slyce, Inc.

On November 18, 2015, Market Wired, a stock market news site, reported that Quest Ventures had submitted a proposal to the Board of Directors of Slyce, Inc. to purchase the outstanding common stock shares of the company.

The article states that Quest Ventures has offered an all-cash deal to Slyce Inc. and quotes the price of $0.85 per share. The amount offered is estimated to be 485.17% higher than the unaffected price Slyce, Inc. was reported being worth at the close of trading on November 17, 2015.

The piece quotes a representative from Euro Pacific Capital stating that Slyce, Inc. reports that it is working with “6 of the top 20 leading retailers in N. America” and that the deal looks like a very good one. James Beals, the CEO of Quest Ventures is quoted saying, “the goal is to invest $35 million into Research and Development developing new and exciting commercial and defense based applications for the revolutionary image recognition and visual search technology”.

Another point touched on is the growth of Private Co., what the Quest Ventures group plans to call the company if the purchase is successful, will launch the long awaited application “Scout”. Scout is called the “visual equivalent” of Apple’s Siri application. Scout is said to be able to search discounts and coupons online for any product the user photographs with their phone.

The article then presents the letter sent by Quest Ventures to Slyce, Inc. laying out the details of the offer and the future of the purchase for both companies.

Looking Back on Bruce Levenson’s NBA Legacy

The greatest thing about professional sports is that every move is recorded in the history books. Every point scored gets logged, every free agent signed gets tracked, and everything in between gets talked about and dissected. So with all of this analysis going on it’s easy to start painting a picture of one’s legacy, even before they actually retire. While many focus on the head coaches and the players, we like to take a look at the NBA owners. The NBA owners are the hidden suits who pull all the strings and keep franchises on the right path or completely tear them apart. Today we’ll be looking at the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson. The Early ’00s. When Levenson came on board to take over the Atlanta Hawks the franchise was in complete disarray. The team was resting on the laurels of players like Antoine Walker and Shareef Abdur Rahim, not exactly the cornerstones of a winning franchise. Fan attendance was also the worst in the league, easily getting left behind by every other franchise around. Despite the large market, Atlanta has always had trouble getting fans into the stands and keeping them there. Blame bad TV deals, low ceiling players, and an un-exciting roster all you want, but the facts were simple: fans weren’t showing up. So right out of the gate it was pretty clear that Levenson was taking over a team that was about as far into the hole as you can get without being ready to shut the doors. How did he fix the problems? Free Agency Gold. Most teams have a mixed record when it comes to free agency. The nature of NBA free agency, like many other pro leagues, means that you have to pay more money for the services of the better players. Add in to the fact that Atlanta is not a destination market and it’s pretty clear that the Hawks would have to pay up to pull anybody respectable into their roster. So Levenson had to pick up a free agent that would be willing to come to Atlanta while still being upper tier enough to excite the crowds and win some games. Levenson’s first big signing was Joe “ISO” Johnson. Joe Johnson was an All Star caliber shooting guard for the Suns and ready to become THE man. Atlanta ended up being the perfect fit and he turned into a nightly 20PPG scorer. Levenson also made huge deals on PRNewsWire with guys like Paul Millsap, Dennis Schroder, and Kyle Korver — all of which helped turn the team into a 60 win roster with an ECF berth last year. The Big Sale. Atlanta had the best regular season in franchise history in 2014 – 15 as the Hawks won 60 games and made it just 4 wins shy of the NBA Championship. The Hawks had seen their value double over the past two years, to $850 million, and Levenson knew that the time to sell was now. Billionaire Antony Ressler, along with his buying group, won the rights to the team at auction and Levenson passed ont he baton. The big question now is: Can Ressler keep up the momentum?

The Best Shoe Care Guide for Your Winter Shoes

Having bought your favorite shoes from the Paul Evans shoe company, you tend to feel the urge of wearing them right away. However, this is not the case with the harsh season of winter. No one would like to get their new shoes out in the cold.

There is no need to worry about your new shoes getting ruined. The tips below will keep your shoes in shape during this season and every look downwards will add the confidence that comes with an elegant sense of style. Moreover, proper shoe maintenance gives the shoes a fresh look for a very long time.

Get Shoe trees

Insert shoe trees to leather shoes you are not wearing at the moment. They help maintain the shoe’s original shape as well as minimizing creases. In addition, the shoe tree helps in removing odor and moisture from your shoes.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish always does magic to your shoes at all times. A shoe polish is either made creamy or waxy. Creams are the most common and can be used independently. The waxed shoe polish gives added protection and more gloss to shine. Use shoe polish at least once a week.

Nourishing Cream

Using the nourishing cream keeps your shoes clean and shiny. Since the main goal of shoe care is keeping the shoes clean, you will need to protect your new shoes by rubbing a sparing amount of the nourishing cream directly to the shoes using a dry soft cloth.


A rubber overshoe is the way to go when the winter condition is getting worse. It is designed to fit over the shoes and protect your shoes from harsh conditions. Overshoes can be compared to shoe gloves.

Shoe bags

Shoe bags are ideal for storing the extra pairs of shoes you own. This keeps them safe from damage and dust. A shoe bag is ideal for storing our favorite winter shoes until the next winter season.

A good leather conditioner

A leather conditioner is very ideal for your dress shoes or work boots that are made out of leather. The conditioner keeps the leather skin moisturized to avoid drying and cracking.

Shoe horn

There are several shoe horns that protect the heel counter from crushing. A crushed heel counter is not easily repairable and may distort the shape of the shoes once repaired. Get a shoe horn at an affordable price and make the heel counter last longer.

Shoe Brushes

There are three main types of brushes required for your shoes. Daubers are the best brushes to use when applying polish while the big horsehair brushes are best for buffing. A stiff bristle brush or a stiff tooth brush can be used to welt.

Brad Reifler Continues To Improve

The investment firm known as Forefront Capital has announced that the company is developing Forefront Income Trust which helps non accredited investors. Reifler recently stated that for many years he focused on accredited investors who make $200,000 per year and/or have a net worth of more than $1 million not including their home. The plan now is to focus on 99% of all other investors who don’t meet this criteria. Reifler created Forefront Income Trust in order to give investors an opportunity to invest their money despite not being a high net worth individual. This has therefore been developed to help the middle class more effectively save and plan for their retirement. With this program, investors can invest $2500 which can be added or withdrawn every quarter. The Forefront Income Trust allows investors to diversify and limit risks.

Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group LLC along with subsidiaries Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Capital Markets. The company was founded in 2009 as a boutique investment banking and wealth management firm. The company offers investment advisory to both individuals and companies. With the services provided by Reifler’s firm, both individuals and companies are able to satisfy their income and long term appreciation goals. With the advisors at this firm, investors will have the guidance they need in order to build wealth and get the most out of their investing portfolio.

His bio shows that in 1995 Reifler founded Pali Capital and was the CEO of this firm until November of 2008. During his time as CEO of Pali Capital, Reifler was able to grow the company into one that produced revenues of over $200 million annually. The firm then had 200 employees and offices around the world in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America. This worldwide presence is therefore able to help investors worldwide achieve whatever goals they have.

In 1982 Reifler began is career in the year 1982 where he founded the firm Reifler Trading Corporation. With his first firm, the company participated in the execution of global derivatives and the company would eventually sell in 2000 to Refco Incorporated. With his experience in the financial services sector, Reifler has been able to serve the needs of a number of individuals and institutional investors. His three firms have been able to meet the needs of many types of investors which have helped them reach their goals. Reifler has had a very successful career in the financial sector and one that has been ongoing for over three decades. With his experience in trading, investment banking, and wealth management, Reifler and his firms have been able to make a very significant contribution which provides a positive effect on investors worldwide.

An Overview of CipherCloud Company

CipherCloud is San Jose-based internet Security Company that deals cloud adoption, security control and compliance. It offers services such as data loss prevention and recovery, malware detection and removal, Strong Searchable Encryptions, risk assessment, and cloud application usage and discovery. In addition, it offers anomaly-monitoring services and tokenization. Tokenization is the substitution of sensitive data with insensitive equivalent. CipherCloud’s job is to encrypt data in real time before it is transmitted to cloud environment through Searchable Strong Encryption approved by FIPS. Once the data gets to the cloud environment, it can only be decrypted under the condition that the authorized user retrieves and returns it back to the cloud environment. The encryptions keys are usually stored locally in the authorized user’s server and it is never shared to the cloud providers.

History of CipherCloud

Provin Kothari founded the company in 2010. In 2011, Kothari integrated Amazon web services into his company, which previously worked in Salesforce.com alone. The new workforce raised the sales of the company to $1.4 million. CipherCloud also reaped similar amount from Andreessen Horowitz’s investments in the same year. In 2012, the company’s Gmail encryption solution was released. The new encryption allowed encryption of other platforms such as Chatter, Force.com, and Microsoft office 365 .CipherCloud also launched a new app called ‘Connect AnyApp in the same year. The app enables the users to choose the web pages they want to be encrypted and the data operations and formats remains unchanged. In December 2012, CipherCloud received an investment funding worth $30 million from Index ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. In addition, Deutsche Telekom, through the capital arm of T-ventures contributed in this funding round. Not to forget Andreessen’s partner, JohnJack, who from their joint venture, joined England CipherCloud executive board. The company expanded its offices in London, England. In 2013, CipherCloud opened an additional office in Australia.

In 2014, the firm launched Cloud Discovery, a new product used by companies to analyze cloud application and assess the applications’ financial risk within the firm. The Forbes magazine indicated that Cloud Discovery is capable of analyzing several cloud applications such as IT management, CRM, HR, file sharing, productivity and collaboration.

The firm closed its funding round B in 2014 with total profits of $50 million. Existing investors such as T-ventures and Andreessen Horowitz led the successful venture including Delta partners who joined later led the successful funding round.

Nobilis Health, the Canadian Company that Has Made Impact in the USA

Nobilis Health is the number one health care provider, which operates ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals in various states across the USA. The company has Canadian roots, but has grown to offer its needful services to clients within American serving as an illustration of its organic growth rate. Nobilis is also a company that focuses on managing healthcare and marketing of these facilities in regions such as Texas, Dallas, Houston, Arizona, and Scottsdale. Other than operating ambulatory surgery centers in these regions, the corporation also has marketing partnerships with 16 surgical centers across the United States. 

Harry Joseph Fleming is the president of Nobilis Health and at some point served as the Secretary and Chairman to the board of the company. Fleming is a reputable leader as his leadership led the healthcare giant into acquiring First Nobilis Hospital in the year 2014. Nobilis associates with a number of subsidiaries that complement its operations and they include Spring NorthWest Management LLC, Spring Northwest Operating LLC, GRIP Medical Diagnostics LLC, and Willowbrook Imaging. One of the key areas that Nobilis Health focuses on is on improving the health care quality that they offer so as to make the outcomes on their patients to be desirable. 

The procedures done at Nobilis Health are not quite invasive, making them to be friendly and acceptable to their clients. The company does so by providing quality health services at their centers at an affordable rate, making the company to be among the list of the best. Nobilis Health has a unique operational strategy as it makes its financial performance public through regular press releases. In essence, this is an indication that the company is trustworthy and also makes its shareholders to be at peace with the investment that they have made. Being a marketing firm, the company utilizes all media forms to create awareness about the services that they offer and the location of their health centers. 

Further, they run social media accounts on several platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that have helped the company in creating a wider market share. The healthcare provision industry has grown to become one of the most competitive markets, but Nobilis has managed to operate within these constraints to make profits. From the press releases that they give, it is evident that Nobilis Health has been performing extremely well even from looking at its market share price on the stock market. 

The company is a market leader as it employees innovative strategies that can help in addressing its indebtedness. For instance, Nobilis Health debt financed GE Capital to a tune of $25 million as a way of creating a new way for revolving its working capital. Such ventures have enabled the company to stay afloat during difficult financial times that are unavoidable in any business. From the impact that the company has been able to make within its market, the prospects of success are likely to go higher and higher. Nobilis Health is the healthcare providing giant that all stakeholders and players within the sector should look out for in future. p options simply weren’t letting her do so. Some makeup was too weak. Others simply didn’t have enough variety. 

This led her to a huge decision. She came to the conclusion that if the makeup was that important than someone would have to step up to the task. And so Doe Deere began the long and difficult process. She learned all of the skills needed to create makeup. And she then set off on the even more difficult process of actually creating a recipe that would fit all of her demands for the ultimate makeup product. And finally she set out to actually create it in large enough amounts for all of the other women who were in need of high quality makeup products in a variety of amazing colors. And in the process she found herself as someone who’d picked up some amazing new skills and a whole new career path.

Bruce Levenson: A Well-Respected, Shrewd Businessman

Former Atlanta Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson is an incredible businessman. Born and raised in Silver Springs, Maryland, Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz started a very successful company called United Communications Group (UCG)in 1977. UCG also owns GasBuddy, a popular application which allows millions of drivers to find the lowest gas prices in their area. United Communications Group also owns several important newsletters including Oil Express, and a number of databases including Oil Price Information Service.

Bruce Levenson on brucelevenson.com is actually legendary in the business world. Not only is he involved with UCG and other businesses in the energy industry, his companies also play important roles in the healthcare, technology, mortgage banking, telecommunications, and several other industries. Plus he is involved in the IT industry media company TechTarget. Levenson is also an advisor for the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners. In 1997 Bruce Levenson was induced in the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association for his work with UCG.

While Bruce Levenson is very well known among some of the most powerful people in the world of business, many members of the general public did not become aware of him until 2004. It was that year that Bruce Levenson became a majority partner in the Atlanta Spirit LLC group that purchased the Atlanta Hawks. Actually the group also purchased the Atlanta Thrasher, an NHL team, and the operating rights to Phillips Arena as part of a $250 million deal. The Thrashers had been losing money for years, so the Atlanta Spirit LLC quickly sold the team for about $100 million.

Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit’s management of the team have been brilliant. First they brought in Joe Johnson and other quality players. Next, they gave Dominique Wilkins, one of the Hawks best known and most beloved stars, a prominent and very visible position with the team. That increased interest in the team. When the salaries of Joe Johnson and the other high profile Hawks players became too much of a drain on the bottom line, Levenson and the ownership group traded them and began to rebuild the Hawks from the ground up using less expensive players.

The years 2014 and 2015 were big for the Atlanta Hawks. Bruce Levenson hired respected general manager Danny Ferry and made Mike Budenholzer, the steady, knowledgeable long-time assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs, the new Hawks head coach. The results were dramatic. The Hawks improved from being a mediocre team to playing for the Eastern Conference championship.

When a number of people showed interest in purchasing the Hawks, Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit LLC sold the team for $850 million. That move by Levenson and the ownership group helped the team, the city, and themselves. Bruce Levenson had once again shown people his well-known business acumen.

Using Print Advertising And Online Marketing In Brazil

Large and small businesses alike in Brazil have taken advantage of a variety of advertising methods to help attract new customers and increase their sales. They have used some methods that were popular years ago, and they are employing new methods that are available today thanks to the Internet and social media. Most businesses in Brazil have found that using a mixture of traditional methods and newer methods that take advantage of technology have helped them to reach a wider audience and get more customers.

Using print advertising has always been effective. This can be as simple as a business owner handing a business card to a potential client. Other forms of print advertising include flyers, brochures, posters, and the use of billboards. The reason why print advertising is so effective is because it helps people to get familiar with a particular company and their services. The more a person sees a particular logo or brand, the more comfortable they are with it. They are also going to begin to trust of this brand. When they realize that the brand or company is trustworthy, they will bring their business there again and again.

Using new technology to advertise a business has been effective in Brazil. This is especially the case because more and more individuals, even in rural areas have access to the Internet in their home and on their cellular phone. The vast majority of young people, and many older individuals, use the Internet on a daily basis. Lots of people use social networking sites. When businesses in Brazil advertise online and by means of social media, they are able to reach large groups of people. They are also able to reach people who they never viewed as potential customers. When businesses take advantage of social media advertising and marketing, they also have the ability to communicate and interact with potential customers. Before most people buy a new product nowadays, especially if it is an expensive product, they look on the Internet and social media sites to read what other people have to say.

Print advertising and online marketing are two of the methods that Cláudio Loureiro and his advertising company Heads Propaganda have been using, some of which he outlines on Facebook. They have helped their customers to reach a wide range of individuals and have helped them to begin building brand loyalty. Many individuals have seen the advantages of hiring a marketing company to help them when they start a business or when they want to increase sales.