Newlin Wins Major Case, Gains Notice

A lot of times people have to have a reason to pay attention to people before they begin to notice someone. That was what helped propel Dan Newlin into the public spotlight in the Orlando, Florida area. He won a major case in which he got a $100 million settlement for the family of a 15 year old girl injured in the crossfire of a gang shootout.

The amount of money is likely what helped generate headlines in the first place. However, the hard work that Newlin put into this case and other cases like this that he works on all the time are what should be appreciated. He now has greater than 10 years of experience fighting these types of personal injury settlement cases in the courts. That is important because these types of cases come up quite frequently in the Orlando area.

One of the ways that Newlin gained experience before becoming a lawyer was by being both a police officer and a firefighter prior to that. There are not too many people in life that can say that they have done all that. However, this particular man has wanted to be a public servant like this for most of his life. He has now taken the talents he naturally possesses and the knowledge he has gained on the jobs of his past to help even more people.

The fact that he is now looking to expand his practice will directly impact the lives of many people who are in the area. Those people do not even know at this moment that they will someday become clients of this man, but that is indeed the case for at least some of them. They will likely benefit greatly from having such an experienced attorney working on their very serious cases.

Jon Urbana Leads a Great GoFundMe Campaign

In October 2015, Next Level Lacrosse Camp founder Jon Urbana announced on his personal website the creation of a GoFundMe initiative to support Earth Force, which is a prominent non-profit organization committed to encouraging children to resolve environmental problems in their area. His desire to promote habitat awareness is fueled by the participants of his sports program as the young athletes are eager to support the beauty of the natural earth such as their luscious green playing fields.

According to his Facebook profile and About Me page, Urbana is impressed by the campers’ enthusiasm for a building healthy ecosystem. On Twitter, he proclaimed that he hopes this campaign will produce more young environmentally conscience citizens.

As an advocate for today’s youth and active blogger, Jon Urbana has participated in projects that drive children engagement in productive activities. In April 2011, he launched Next Level Lacrosse Camp where he serves as the program’s head coach with responsibilities such as developing customized defense/offense drills and managing the company’s operations. He also recently created a CrowdRise campaign to raise awareness for defenseless creatures. The primary goal of this rewarding online event is to encourage children and parents alike to combat animal cruelty by donating money to the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society.

About Jon Urbana
In 2005, Urbana graduated with honors from Villanova with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Throughout his college studies, he starred on the men’s lacrosse team during which he earned many awards (with Flickr pics to prove it) for his stellar on the field performances. Alongside his career at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, he holds a managerial position at Ellipse USA, which is the leading provider of safe and effective skin treatments. See their elevator pitch here on Slideshare. He is also actively involved in business groups within the Denver professional community.

About GoFundME
Over the years, GoFundMe has generated over $1 billion in proceeds for great causes. As one of the world’s premier fundraising websites, the company strives to provide the campaigner with many benefits including an easily accessible mobile application, responsive customer service team, and an innovative donation platform. GoFundMe also enables the user to share his profile through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email by employing the connection feature.

Steve Murray, a philanthropist and the former president of CCMP Capital

As a global private equity firm, CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC is a private equity company and since 1984, it has invested more than $16 billion in growth and buyout of equity transactions. CCMP Capital uses the strengths of its industry expertise and resources of proprietary operating in order to invest in four sectors that are targeted – industrial, energy, consumer/ retail and healthcare. The company’s team has gained a reputation of one of the best investment planners in the world through its competent management and strong model for value creation.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital specializes in growth and buyout of equity investments in Europe and North America in four of the targeted industries mentioned above. The name of the firm is an acronym that stands for its heritage organizations – Chemical ventures, Chase capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/ J.P. Morgan, Partners. CCMP Capital started to operate as an independent company in August 2006, and the team of investment experts continues with managing of J.P. Morgan Partners’ equity portfolio.

Steve Murray  on nypost who was the CEO and the former director of this firm has recently passed away, aged 52. He was a philanthropist and a private equity investor. Last month, he decided to leave CCMP because of, how the firm formulated it, health reasons. He had worked in CCMP and firms that preceded it ever since 1989. It was known at one point under the name Chase Capital Partners, and later it became JPMorgan Partners, as the J.P. Morgan bought Chase Capital. For some time after that, it became one of the biggest private equity firms in the whole world. The firm gained its independence in the year 2006 and, and the next year, 2007, Steve Murray became the CEO, taking the place of the founder of the firm, Jeff Walker.

Murray was also a philanthropist and was a supporter of New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he was a part of the chairman’s council, the Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank, Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum and Boston College, where he was the board of trustees’ vice chairman. His most recent involvement on board was on Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Octagon Credit Investors and Strongwood Insurance Holdings.

Greg Brenneman, the chairman of CCMP and the new CEO and president of the company, who took Steve Murray’s place, announced that the whole team is greatly saddened to know their former partner and friend passed away. He was one of the CCMP Capital’s founding partners and a great deal maker and an outstanding investor who spent most of his career as a private equity investor and the team is very grateful for his numerous contributions to the success of the firm.

Susan McGalla Is Redefining People’s Expectations

People usually look at the world with quite a few expectations. There’s a strong tendency to see people first and foremost by the labels popular media attaches to them. For example, consider the case of a high powered executive. Tell someone to imagine a person in that position and they’ll usually conjure up an image of an older man with grey hair and a stiff suit. But when people actually meet each other those expectations are often shattered. And this can be tremendously important when it comes to encouraging people to pursue their dreams.

This is one of the messages which Susan McGalla wants to spread to the world. McGalla is chief merchandising officer and president of the American Eagle Outfitters brand. And as such she’s carrying a lot of responsibilities. Quite a few are to the company itself. But there’s also a certain responsibility to show the world that one can do anything based on talent, not by labels.

When McGalla first began working with American Eagle Outfitters in 1994 the corporate atmosphere there was quite different. There were some women but it was still fairly rare. But Susan McGalla quickly rose in the ranks within that corporate structure. This has led a lot of people to wonder just how McGalla did it. In a world where so many people are talking about the glass ceiling, how did Susan McGalla make it when so many other women were finding it impossible.

When asked about it, McGalla usually answers by showing that it’s only an issue if one makes it so. To clarify, McGalla was raised in a very positive environment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was raised by a father who was a football coach, along with two brothers. One might expect that gender issues might come up fairly often in an environment like that. But it was actually the exact opposite. McGalla was raised in an environment where nobody was just a girl or just a boy. Rather she and her siblings were constantly shown that people were just that, people. This might not seem like such a revolutionary concept on . But it’s far more common in theory than in practice.

But that’s also the secret to her rise to the top. She pushed through the glass ceiling by refusing to admit it was even there. When she was being raised she wasn’t seen as a girl, and her brothers weren’t seen as boys. They were just kids, people, and a family. McGalla never tries to label herself as “just” anything. She’s a person and she knows it’s up to her to cultivate the tools and abilities which can push her to the top of the corporate ladder. And so far that attitude seems to be working out amazingly well for her. She’s not only shattering many people’s expectations based on the fact that she’s a woman and a high powered executive. She’s also surprising them by coming to a position of such power and authority at a fairly young age. One of the main lessons that McGalla teaches people is that they should never place limits on themselves. And it’s quite obvious from the success she’s found that she’s ensuring there’s no limits within her own life.

Leaders Of The City

The City Of Money
For well over a century the great city of Chicago has been a hub for the mid west and eastern seaboard markets.From here the trade between the two separate parts of the country can trade and thrive without delay.Without this city providing the connection of the entire country trade system in one place this city has all of the major business and with that in mind you must understand that it also has the best leaders in it to.

When you look at the need of the city you need to understand that a city of this size needs a group of hard line experts to workout the fine what kind of leaders are running this city?Well there are many types but today we will talk about one known as Majeed Ekbal, who has a pinterest accound and is a Chicago business and marketing executive.So sit back my friends because today you will read about this man and his wonderful service to the city of Chicago.

Man Of The Hour
With so many leaders running around it is hard to tell the bad from the good but please do not worry my friends because this one is far from bad.Along with other leaders Majeed has seen the need to grow the getting all you need without leaving your house even with the most simple task.The task I am talking about is online ordering for anything you can think of.Now anyone that has ever really looked at the growth of this service knows that it has not always been easy to order an item off the computer. But thanks to Majeed this has more then changed.So for those of you who are wondering how this man made his bones in the city well lets look at some of his earlier projects or work that gave him the tools needed to make his name.

Before anyone can really begin to grow they must prove that they have the ability to work around the clock before they can be given the chance to head out on their own.Majeed was able to prove his worth time again all over the city from small part time jobs to major 6 figure salaries.When the internet began to make its mark in the online service shopping Majeed along with other saw that they needed to make this system more easier for the average consumer.Over time this became true after several advancements with the tech.Today Majeed is one of the most know business leaders due to his time to polish the way that you shop online for any service you desire.

After all has been said when you are in Chicago thank majeed for the service.

Female Leadership In The 21st Century

There is no limit to ways in which being a woman in leadership is difficult. As far as we have come towards equality in the 21st Century, there is no doubt that there is still an enormously long road still to be traveled. Many of the obstacles for women are in fact external factors, such as male superiors who legitimately believe that women have no place in business and leadership, but perhaps the greatest number of obstacles are both internal and, sadly, from other women.

Women themselves are, at times, their own worst enemies. Women were often taught as girls that the most important quality they can possess is to be “nice” – which often means to not take any action that could potentially cause them to be thought of as “not nice” by someone else. This means that when placed in a situation where to accomplish or achieve something would require an action that may or may not be “nice” – such as having to fire an employee who was underperforming, women will often overwork themselves to pick up the slack from the underperforming employee, rather than take an action that would cause them to be viewed as “not nice.”

According to, our own internal mechanisms are also not the only problem. As every leader knows, leadership can be a hard, lonely business. Decisions have to made that are not always popular, and plans have to be executed that will sometimes cause discomfort and even outright distress to those involved, but it needs to be done. But not all women are always comfortable in this position, and in fact many women fear it. It is misguided to believe that leadership is in reality any more comfortable for men, but it is also often expected from them at a far younger age, so many men may not feel like leadership is a choice, where for many women it may seem like it is. And there are many women who many not want that particular status quo to change. Therefore, they may actually protest and hinder the advancement of other women as a means of ensuring they themselves are never called on to step into a public and very vulnerable leadership role.

One woman who understands these dynamics very well is Pennsylvania resident Susan McGalla. Susan is an executive consultant located in Pittsburgh that is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters and former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, she is the sister of two brothers and the daughter of a football coach whose expectations of her were not any less because she was a girl. She was brought up to work hard and encouraged to always present her ideas with confidence regardless of who she was speaking to. This gives her a rather rare and unique perspective that allows her to mentor women who don’t know how to break out of the box of being labelled as a “woman” to merely being viewed as a professional or peer.

Eric Pulier’s success in the technology industry: The story of ServiceMesh

Founded in 2008, ServiceMesh acts as a proficient, cloud-based platform for IT services. In situations where companies require an IT department but lack the infrastructure or desire for their company to govern and manage its performance, ServiceMesh provides an IT delivery model available at any time. This model covers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, internally and externally, as cloud providers that respond quickly and effectively while still dramatically cutting expenses. Thus, in a world where businesses function at their best by contracting infrastructure elsewhere, and therefore can focus on their original design, ServiceMesh demonstrates a vital position for companies everywhere.

Mr. Eric Pulier co-founded ServiceMesh and served as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for many years. Before that, however, he founded and chaired several companies such as Santa Monica Media Corporation, SOA Software, Interactive Video Technology, Desktone, and U.S Interactive, among many. He was also honored with creating the Presidential Technology Exhibition where it was presented for the Starbright Foundation. His work as an expert in software and digital industries for twenty years has made him known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in technology. It is no surprise, then, of ServiceMesh’s growth under his leadership before its acquisition by CSC and beyond.

In summary, ServiceMesh acts as a medium for IT services to expand across businesses through a cloud-based service. It has been quite successful alongside Mr. Pulier’s leadership and has since seen a great deal of growth upon acquisition by CSC and the years afterward. Mr. Pulier’s own history of entrepreneurial management has transferred nicely to ServiceMesh and is likely one of many reasons its seen success. Therefore, it is evident that the company should continue to expect unbridled growth even after Mr. Pulier leaves his position as Chief Executive Officer. Likewise, the growth seen in ServiceMesh represents an emerging tradition among the technology industry of uniform accomplishment and innovation.

Believe in Your Dreams and They Will Become You

The Queen of Unicorns aspires to help you look as luscious as you may feel within. Whats natural or even what may look appropriate doesn’t actually clarify beauty, it’s what captivates your mood at that very moment.

Once upon a time, in the far away land of Russia, there lived a beautiful young princess named Xenia Vorotova. At birth, her given name had captivated not only her unique grace, but represented the hospitable and mysterious woman she was destined to become. As a young girl she believed very much in the capacity of her vivid imagination. She longed to someday become a true mermaid and to fall in love with her very own handsome prince charming. Her upbringing was strong with values and culture and greatly encouraged her self-confidence, and as time passed her determination had evolved and her 3D imagination had advanced.
During the year of 1999, as a young woman at the age of 17, Xenia had moved to the great city of New York. In the vast Big Apple is where she had fallen in love with Mark, her true prince had swept her off her feet. She pursued the American dream and began her college studies of design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, her time had become occupied with college studies. Xenia decided to discontinue her classes and pursue her energized passion to start her own clothing line. Designing and making her clothes she chose the business name of Lime Crime. Her fairy tail dreams were beginning to become reality.
Her clothing business was just the first step of many, She then started making her own makeup for the photos posting to her clothing line. Her first attempt at business was launched online. The business still hadn’t met her destined fulfillment, she was determined and knew she was capable of much more creatively.
In 2002 her and her husband started a rock band named Sky Salt. Together they traveled the country performing at club venues with two other band members. Xenia and Mark were devoted to their rock star dreams for 4 years. Unfortunately, in 2006 the band had broken apart; it was bitter sweet.
Xenia, inspired and driven by her passion to pursue her path continued writing and recording music. She had adopted the name of Doe Deere and it suited her perfectly. Using the internet media, she tried her hardest to solely endorse her music career.
Miss Doe Deere always gives with all of her heart and energy, but unfortunately after a year she had to obtain an office job. For only about a year she worked to make ends meet at a bank in New York city.
Finally, in 2008 she pursued her daydream and embraced her genuine entity as the Queen of Unicorns. Inspired by her passion for fairy tails and story telling she created her original makeup line she had been making herself for the past years. Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s founded business of the past had bounced back and this time with no boundaries. Doe Deere graces her packaging with the mystical unicorn symbolizing freedom of creativity. Her cosmetic line is vegan as well, expressing her love and compassion for animals. Her products reflect Doe’s positive and magical energy, empowering the fantasy within those who wear it.
Doe Deere and her husband now live in Los Angeles. Her cosmetic line develops more and more everyday. Miss Doe speaks out and encourages others to, “Don’t quit your daydream. Being you is possibly the best business you can be in.”

Steps to being a Great Wikipedia Writer

The first step in writing the first Wikipedia article is to ensure that you register an account for which you only need to come up with a username and a password. Alternatively, if you do not want to register an account, you can decide to submit your work as an unregistered user to be reviewed and published by others at the articles for creation project. It is vital to note that before you start to write, go through Wikipedia first and search whether the article you want to write already exists. If it already exists, then you can always make constructive changes to improve it. Ensure that you find reliable sources that are stable and of high quality.

Editing Articles
In most cases, editing Wikipedia pages is a simple task. There are two methods of editing that are used by Wikipedia: Visual Editor (VE) and wiki markup (wikitext). When using the Wiki markup style of editing, you click on the edit tab that is at the top of the Wikipedia page. The Edit tab automatically leads you to a new page that contains the editable contents of the page. In most cases, wiki markup is used for tables, footnotes; hyperlinks, etc. Visual editor is more user-friendly and can only be used by registered users through a choice that is available through personal references

Get your Wiki
Whether you are an individual, business or any other notable entity, they will produce an article of your liking. They ensure that the pages they create are well formatted, supported by reliable references and are written following the recommended Wikipedia manual of style.

Citing sources
There are different types of citations: a full citation is one that recognizes a reliable source and where possible a place in the source where the information can be found. Am inline citation is any citation that is added adjacent to the material it is supporting. A general reference is a type of citation that although supports the content, it’s not linked to any piece of the article through an inline citation. This type of citation is in most cases found in a list in the reference section at the end of the article. It is paramount to note that citations are not recommended in the lead section of an article and should never be used on disambiguation pages.

Forbes 500 Company Computer Sciences Corporation and Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a global leader in professional information technology services and solutions, using only the best industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale to serve clients for over 50 years.

Started in April 16, 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, CSC began by providing programming tools such as Compiler and assembling software.

In the 60s, it provided software writing services for major computer manufacturers, of which included IBM and Honeywell, and secured contracts for the US public sector with NASA and other companies. By 1963, CSC had already become the largest software company in the US and was first to be listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Company headquarters remained at El Segundo, California up until 2008, where headquarters relocated to Annandale, Virginia. Eric Pulier joined Computer Sciences Corporation in order to manage its cloud-computing department as Vice President and General Manager in 2013.

Now, Computer Sciences Corporation reports $12.2 billion in revenue, has over 70,000 employees in over 70 countries, has remained in the Fortune 500 since 1995, ranking 162 in 2012, is in Forbes Global 2000 list, and was even ranked 8th in Software Magazine’s Software 500, which ranked the world’s largest software and service providers.

About Eric Pulier
Eric Pulier went to Harvard University, where he studied English and American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual and Environmental Studies. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988 with a Bachelors Degree. Nowadays, Pulier is a father of four and serves on the board of The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses, and the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.

Pulier is also founder of over 15 companies, some of which include Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform. Chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, he created and executed the Presidential Exhibition in 1997 – called “The Bridge to the 21st Century” – for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. As a result, he was asked by Morley Winograd, the Vice president’s Senior Domestic Policy Advisor, to join him on the board when he became Chairman of the Center for Telecommunications Management at the USC Marshal School, where Pulier served for 4 years. Currently, Pulier works as Founder and Executive Director for Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Chief Executive Officer and Co – Founder of ServiceMesh, Founder of Desktone, and Founder and Executive Chairman at Akana.